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Alle Playlists 2017

*Anmerkung: Ab 2014 gibt es eine neue Unterscheidung zwischen CD und Tip der Woche und “normalen” Neuvorstellungen:
CDs der Woche werden ab diesem Jahr mit mindestens drei (!!) Tracks vorgestellt, Tips der Woche weiterhin mit 2 Songs.
Mit beiden “Awards” wollen wir so die absoluten Highlights und die guten Scheiben neu gewichten und
von den normalen Neuvorstellungen trennen.

777. Sendung am 01.01./02.01.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  Große Weihnachtsverlosung und Party San Review 2016

Motörhead - Bomber

Iced Earth - Highwaymen

Guns n Roses - Right next door to hell

Darl Tranquillity - Nightfall by a Shore of Time

Borknagar - Panorama

ZZ Top - Gimme all your lovin

Nightingale - Chasing the Storm away

Judas Priest - Painkiller

Life of Agony - Through and Through

Metallica - Hardwired


Party San Review 2016 mit

Arcturus - The Chaos Path

Paradise Lost - No Hope in Sight

Deströyer 666 - Hounds at your back

Exodus - Strike of the Beast

Carcass - Unfit for Human Consumption

Decembre Noir - Thorns

Sodom - Bellingerance

At the Gates - Blinded by Fear


Ghost - Square Hammer

778. Sendung am 08.01./09.01.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  BEST OF 2016

Die besten Scheiben des Jahres 2016 für die Redaktionsmitglieder Lars und Dirk in den folgenden Kategorien:

Ranger - Speed and Violence (NEW)

Power Metal: Running Wild “Rapid Foray” - Black Bart (Lars)
Avantasia “Ghostlights” - Mystery of a Blood red Rose (Dirk)

Modern Metal/Metalcore/Hardcore: Walls of Jericho “No one can save us...” - Relentless (L)
King 810 “La Petite Morte...” - Alpha & Omega (D)

Death Metal: Asphyx “Incoming Death” - Division Brandenburg (L)
Decembre Noir “Forsaken Earth” - Ghost Dirge (D)

Rock/Hard Rock: Axel Rudi Pell “Game of Sins” - Fire (L)
Castle “Welcome to the Graveyard” - Welcome to the Graveyard (D)

EP des Jahres: Ghost “Popestar” - Square Hammer (L und D)

Black Metal: Dark Funeral “Where Shadows forever reign” - As one we shall conquer (L)
Darkthrone “Arctic Thunder” - Burial Bliss (D)

Deutschsprachiger Metal: The Butcher Sisters “Respekt und Robustheit” - Schwanzvergleich (L)
JBO “Elf” - Panzerdance (D)

Shows 2016: Ghost - Live in Herford - If you have Ghosts (acoustic / L)
Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung - Live am Dechsendorfer Weiher - Morgen... (D)

CD des Jahres: Borknagar “Winter Thrice” - The Rhymes of the Mountain (L und D)

Heavy Metal: Metallica “Hardwired... to self destruct” - Here comes Revenge (L)
Megadeth “Dystopia” - The Threat is real (D)

Folk/Gothic/Dark Metal: King Dude “Sex” - Our live will carry on (L)
Myrath “Legacy” - Get your Freedom back (D)

Alternative Metal/Crossover: Alter Bridge “The Last Hero” - Show me a Leader (L)
Wolfmother “Victorious” - Baroness (D)

Thrash Metal: Heaven shall burn “Wanderer” - They shall not pass (L)
Sodom “Deceision Day” - Caligula (D)

Speed Metal: Flotsam & Jetsam “Same” - 7th Seal (L)
Anthrax “For all Kings” - We gotta believe (D)

Live CD/DVD: ZZ Top “Live Greatest Hits from around the World” - Sharp dressed Man (L)
Dirkschneider “Live back to the Roots” - I´m a Rebel (D)

Doom/Epic Metal:Oceans of Slumber “WInter” - Suffer the last Bridge (L)
Spiritual Beggars “Sunrise to sundown” - Sunrise to sundown (D)

Prog Rock/Metal: Fates Warning “Theories of Flight” - Seven Stars (L)
Ihsahn “Arktis” - My Heart is from the North” (D)

Coverversion 2016: Jorn Lande “Heavy Rock Radio” - Killer Queen (L und D)

779. Sendung am 15.01./16.01.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CD und Tips der Woche, Diverse Konzert- und Partyvorschauen (u.a. Persistence Tour)

Preview Casselfornian Sleaze 21.1. mit

Skid Row - Youth gone Wild

Guns n Roses - You could be mine


Hermann Frank - Shout (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Ranger “Speed and Violence” - Lethal Force / Satanic Panic (NEW)

Vulgar Devil - For the Kill (NEW)

Preview Eckis Metal Eck NWOBHM Special 20.1. mit

Iron Maiden - Stranger in a Strange Land

Saxon - Motorcycle Man


CD der Woche: Dropkick Murphys “11 Short Storys of Pain and Glory” - Forst Class Loser / You´ll never walk alone / Paying my Way (NEW)

Hydra - Witniss of Arbitrament (NEW)

Persistence Tour Preview 28.12. mit

Municipal Waste - Upside Down Church

Agnostic Front - Old New York

Walls of Jericho - Forever millitant

Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized


Preview Graveyard Ghoul Tour Göttingen 17.1. mit

Morbid Panzer - Serpents of Fire

Graveyard Ghoul - Born without Bones


Tip der Woche II: Magnum “The Valley of Tears” - Back in your Arms again / The Valley of Tears (NEW)

Preview Mittelalter Mensa 21.1. Göttingen mit

Harpyie - Das Zweigesicht


Naked Hazelbeard - Tall i´ve stood (NEW)

780. Sendung am 22.01./23.01.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CD und Tip der Woche, Preview Ghost Popestar Tour 2017, Stratovarius Re-Issues

Brutality - Screams of Anguish

Sallow - Nocturnal Reprieve (NEW)

Heavens Guardian - Fantasy (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Helheim “LandawarijaR” - Ymr / LandawarijaR (NEW)

Sunterra - Lord of Lies (NEW)

Kreator - Gods of Violence (NEW/+ Preview Casselfornication 4.12.)


Re-Releases von Stratovarius:

Stratovarius - SOS (live) / Playing with Fire (NEW)

Stratovarius - KIss of Judas / Black Diamond (beide live/NEW)


CD der Woche: Annihilator “Triple Treat” - King of the Kill / Phantasmagoria / In the Blood (NEW)


Preview Ghost “Popestar” Tour 2017 u.a. 9.4. Wiesbaden mit

Ghost - Square Hammer / Ritual / Spirit / I believe

781. Sendung am 29.01./30.01.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, Tips der Woche, Previews Metal Diver & Weser Metal Meeting

Review Eckis Metal Ecke NWOBHM Special mit

Holocaust - Heavy Metal Mania

Samson - Vice Versa


Habitual Sins - Far beyond Hades (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Sisters of Suffocation “Brutal Queen” - Brutal Queen / Host of a Dead Fetus (NEW)

Mystic Prophecy - Dark Side of the Moon (NEW)

Apron - Gefällt mir nicht mehr (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Firewind “Immortals” - Ode to Leonidas / Live and die by the Sword (NEW)

Irreverance - War was won (live/NEW)

Kreator - From Flood into Fire (live)

Tip der Woche III: Krokus “Big Rocks” - Rockin in the Free World / Born to be wild (NEW)


Preview Metal Diver 18.3. mit

In Sanity - Ocean of Black

Battle Beast - King for a Day


Aborym - Decadence in a Nutshell (NEW)

Frontback - All the Way for Fame (NEW)

Deserted Fear - Open their Gates (NEW)

Warpath - Reborn (NEW)


Preview Weser Metal Meeting 29.4. mit

Nitro Gods - Rats and Rumors

782. Sendung am 05.02./06.02.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CDs und Tips der Woche, Preview Gorgoroth Tour 13.3. und Morfin 16.5. Kassel,
Review Persistence Tour plus Interview Walls of Jericho

Preview Gorgoroth 25th Anniversary Tour 13.3. Kassel mit

Melechesh - Multiple Truths

Gorgoroth - Possessed (by Satan)


Pretty Maids - Kingmaker (NEW)

CD der Woche: Kreator “Gods of Violence” - Satan is real / Totaliterean Terror / Death becomes my Light (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Graham Bonnet Band “The Book” - Into the Light / Lost in Hollywood (NEW)

Preview Californian Death Tour 16.5. Kassel mit

Morfin - The Evil within


Bölzer - Chlorophylia (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Warpath “Bullets for a Desert Session” - I don´t care / Unseen Enemy / God is dead (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Night Ranger “35 years and a Night in Chicago” - Penny / High Road (NEW)

Powerwolf - Sanctified with Dynamite (live/NEW)

Preview Persistence Tour 28.12. plus Interview Walls of Jericho

Walls of Jericho - The American Dream (+ Interview mit Drummer Dustin)

Agnostic Front - My Life, my Way

Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal

783. Sendung am 12.02./13.02.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 8./9.1. wiederholt.

784. Sendung am 19.02./26.02.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 5./6.2. wiederholt.

785. Sendung am 26.02./27.02.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CD und Tips der Woche, Preview FMO 3./4.3. und Napalm Death 6.5.

Bodycount - No Live matters (NEW)

Tip der Woche I: Striker “Same” - Former Glory / Shadows in the Light (NEW)

My Dynamite - Other Side (NEW)

Unlight - Create & Annihilate (NEW)

CD der Woche: Overkill “The Grinding Wheel” - Mean Green Killing Machine / Our finest Hour / The Long Road (NEW)

Chrome Molly - Some Kind of Voodoo (NEW)

The Exploited - Sex & Violence / Hitlers in the Charts again / Fuck the USA (Re-Release/NEW)


Preview Konzert Napalm Death 6.5. Kassel mit

Brujeria - Marijuana

Napalm Death - Metaphorically screw you


Tip der Woche II: Midnight “Shox of Violence” - Who gives a Fuck / In League with Satan (NEW)

Craving - By Storm (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Grave Digger “Healed by Metal” -Lawbreaker / Call for War (NEW)


Preview Full Metal Osthessen mit:

Macbeth - So weit die Füsse tragen

Masters of Disguise - Heavens fall

Screamer - Demon Rider


Sticky Boys - Better Days (NEW)

786. Sendung am 05.03./06.03.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CD und Tips der Woche, Preview Deutschrock Party 10.3., Ghoul Konzert 6.3., Gorgoroth Konzert 13.3.

Night Demon - Welcome to the Night (NEW)

Tip der Woche I: Thunder “Rip it up” - No One gets out alve / Right for the Stars (NEW)

Serious Black - Castor Skies (NEW)

The Profane - Nonstop (NEW)

CD der Woche: Wretch “The Hunt” - Throne of Poseidon / Straight to hell / The Hunt (NEW)

Abomination -Reformation / Blood for Oil (Re-Release/NEW)


Preview Deutschrock Party 10.3. mit

Rammstein - Benzin

Böhse Onkelz - Die Firma


Bestial Warlust - Heathens / Beerz & Blood (live/NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Chickenfoot “Best +Live” - Divine Termination / Highway Star / My Kinda Girl (NEW)

Deep Purple - All I got is you (NEW)

Ghoul - As your casked closes (+ Preview Show 6.3. Goldgrube)

Tip der Woche III: Eternal Idol “The Unrevealed Secret” - Another Night comes / Desidia (NEW)

Gorgoroth - Ad Omnipotens Aeterne Diablos (+ Preview 13.3. K19)

787. Sendung am 12.03./13.03.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, Tips der Woche

Midnight - Death Scream (NEW)

Tip der Woche I: Ancestral “Master of Fate” - Seven Months of Siege / Savage (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Hardline “Human Nature” - Where will you go from here / Human Nature (NEW)

20 Dark Seven - Shotgun Heart (NEW)


Preview Gorgoroth Konzert 13.3. K19:

Earth Rot - Waves of the Blackest Mire

Incite - Fallen

Melechesh - The Pendulum speaks

Gorgoroth - Cleansing Fire


Tip der Woche III: Sanctuary “Inception” - Dreams of the Incubus / Die for my Sins (NEW)

Place Vendome - Close to the Sun (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Horisont “About Time” - Electrical / About Time (NEW)

Tip der Woche V: Crystal Viper “Queen of the Witches” - Do or die / Flames & Blood (NEW)

Voodoo Vegas - Backstabber (NEW)

Battle Beast - Bringer of Pain (+ Preview Metal Diver 18.3. Marsberg)

Tip der Woche VI: Xandria “Theater of Dimensions” - Dark Night of the Soul / Forsaken Love (NEW)

John Garcia - Green Machine (NEW)

788. Sendung am 19.03./20.03.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CD und Tips der Woche, Previews Gold 22.3. Göttingen, Tribute Night Fiasko 25.3.,
Eckis Metal Ecke 24.3.

Kreator - Totalitarian Terror / In Extremo - Sternhagelvoll / Reaper - Ship of Fools (+ Preview Eckis Metal Ecke 24.3.)

Unherz - Das Volk stellt die Leichen (NEW)

Tip der Woche I: Edenbridge “The Great Momentum” - Shiantara / The Moment is now (NEW)

Satan Worship - Black Death (NEW)

CD der Woche: Gold “Optimist” - You too must die / I do my own stunts / Tear (NEW)

Gold - No shadow (+ Preview Gold Konzert 22.3. Göttingen)

Tip der Woche II: Danko Jones “Wild Cat” - My little Rockn Roll / Lets start dancing (NEW)

Black Sabbath - After forever / Volbeat - Pool of Booze, booze / Fallen (+ Preview Tribute Night 25.3.)

Tip der Woche III: Sisters Doll “All dolled up” - All dolled up / Good Day to be alive (NEW)

Arstidir Lifsins - Heljarkviða II: Helgrindr brotnar (NEW)

789. Sendung am 26.03./27.03.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 8./9.1. wiederholt.

790. Sendung am 02.04./03.04.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CDs und Tip der Woche, Preview Tribute Night Fiasko 8.4.

Bodycount - Black Hoodie (NEW)

Emerald - Horns up (NEW)

Svart Crown - The Pact to the Devil his due (NEW)

CD der Woche: Memoriam “For the Fallen” - War rages on / Flatline / Surrounded by Death (NEW)

Asia - Holy War / Heat of the Moment (live/NEW)

Skullwinx - Karolus Magnus (NEW)

Ghost - Missionary Man (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Ravager “Eradicate...Annihilate...Exterminate... ” - Burn the Cross / The Walking Dead (NEW)

Heavy Temple - In the Court of the Bastard King (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Havok “Conformicide” - FPC / Hang em high / Masterplan (NEW)

Pantera - 5 Minutes alone / System of a Down - Soldier Side (+ Preview Tribute Night 8.4.)

The Blues Band - Hallelujah (I love you so) / So lonely (live/NEW)

791. Sendung am 09.04./10.04.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CDs und Tip der Woche, Preview Wound Konzert 11.4.

Bodycount - Raining Blood / Postmortem (NEW)

Savatage - Handful of Rain / Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Toccata (zu Ehren des verstorbenen Paul O´Neill)

Emmure - Natural Born Killer (NEW)

Viovod - Körgull the Exterminator / Overreaction / Technocratic Manipulators (Best of/NEW)

CD der Woche: Bodycount “Bloodlust” - Civil War / This is why we ride / Bloodlust (NEW)

The Ghost Train Rebellion - The Delta Kings (NEW)

Arch Enemy - Yesterday is dead and gone / We will rise (live/NEW)

CD der Woche II: Deep Purple “Infinite” - Time for Bedlam / The Surprising / Hip Boots (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Devil “To the Gallows” - To the Gallows / Peasants & Pitchforks (NEW)

Wound - Thy Wrath & Fire (+ Preview Konzert Kassel 11.4.)

Bonafide - Smoke & Fire (NEW)

Regulus - Last Chance to die young (NEW)

Third Love - Out of the Blue (NEW)

792. Sendung am 16.04./17.04.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CD und Tip der Woche, Tape Reviews (Tapes by Unholy Fire Records), Rock Hard
Festival Preview 2017

Bodycount - The Ski Mask Way (NEW)

Tormentor - Morbid Realization (NEW)

Blizzard - Fire the Guns (NEW/Tape-Review)

Aldaria - Another Life (NEW)

Thrashbombz - Black Steel (NEW/Tape Review)

Tygers of Pan Tang - Only the Brave (NEW)

Mayburn - Surrendering (NEW)

CD der Woche: Night Demon “Darkness remains” - Stranger in the Room / Dawn Rider / Darkness remains (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Pyogenesis “A Kingdom to disappear” - Every Man for Himself & God against all / I have seen my Soul (NEW)


Rock Hard Festival Preview 2017 mit

The Dead Dasies - Make some Noise

Candlemass - Bearer of Pain

Blues Pills - Little Boy Preacher

Exodus - Shudder to think

Behemoth - Ov Fire and the Void

Skyclad - Thinking allowed

Demon - Night of the Demon

Manowar - Wheels of Fire

Fates Warning - Eye to Eye

Dirkschneider - TV War / Midnight Mover (live)

Opeth - Cusp of Eternity

793. Sendung am 23.04./24.04.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, Tips der Woche, Special: Voivod Re-Releases, Preview Napalm Death 6.5., Eckis Metal Ecke 28.4., Weser Metal Meeting 29.4.

Preview Eckis Metal Ecke 28.4. mit

Night Demon - Hallowed Ground (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Axel Rudi Pell “The Ballads V” - Love´s holding on / Mistreated (live/NEW)


Tip der Woche II: Toxpack “Schall & Rausch” - Kommerz (die Geier kreisen wieder) / Reden, lästern, lügen (NEW)

Fire Razor - Internal Flame (NEW)


Preview Weser Metal Meeting 29.4. Reinhardshagen mit

Victim - The Endless Source of Hate (live)

Gun Barrel - Judgement Day

Nitrogods - Roadkill BBQ (NEW)


Tip der Woche III: Warbringer “Woe to the Vanquished” - Silhouettes / Woe to the Vanquished (NEW)


Preview Napalm Death Konzert 6.5. Kassel mit

Napalm Death - How the Years condemn

Brujeria - Angel de la Frontera


Tip der Woche IV: Blaze Bayley “Endure & Survive” - Eating lies / Fight back (NEW)

Laser Dracul - Dying at Sunrise (NEW)


Großes Voivod Re-Release Special: Re-Issues auf 3erCD und LP (Rrröööaaarrr, Killing Technology, Dimension Hätröss) mit

Voivod - Fuck off and die / War and Pain (live 1986) / Horror (NEW)

Voivod - Tornado / Voivod (live 1987) / Forgotten in Space (NEW)

Voivod - Chaosmonger / Order of the Blackguards (live 1988) / Brain Scan (NEW)

794. Sendung am 30.04./01.05.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 23./24.4. wiederholt.

795. Sendung am 07.05/08.05.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CD und Tips der Woche, 12´´ Vinyl Reviews Van Records, Preview Oranssi Pazuzu 10.5. Kassel

Brujeria - Satongo (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Sunless Sky “Doppelgänger” - Starfall / Lake of Lost Souls (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Invidia “As the Sun sleeps” - Feed the Fire / Rotten (NEW)

Kjeld - Keningsein / Wederganger - De Galgenberg (Split 12´´/NEW)

Asphalt Horseman - Wicked Woman (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Deez Nuts “Binge & Purgatory” - Antidote / Lessons learned (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Resurgency “No Worlds... nor Gods Beyond”  Progenitors of Suffering / Through the Gate inside not (NEW)

CD der Woche: Life of Agony “A Place where there´s no more Pain” - Meet my Maker / A Place... / Bag of Bones (NEW)

The Ruins of Beverast - Takitum Tootem! (12´´ Vinylrelease/NEW)

Morfin - Slowly Dismembered (NEW)

Tip der Woche V: Dread Sovereign “For Doom the Bell tolls“ - Twelve Bells toll in Salem / This World is doomed (NEW)

Orassi Pazuzu - Korppi (+ Konzertpreview 10.5. Kassel)

796. Sendung am 14.05./15.05.17 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

1./2. Stunde:  News, CD und Tips der Woche, Bang your Head Festival Preview, Previews auf Slattnakt 20.5.
Göttingen, Morfin & Rude 16.5. Kassel

Deceased - The Premonition

Dautha - Benandanti (NEW)

Tip der Woche: The Unity “Same” - Rise and Fall / The Wishing Well (NEW)


Preview Morfin & Rude Tour Kassel 16.5. mit

Hellforce - Lock up

Rude - Torrent to the Past

Morfin - Slowly Dismembered / Inoculation


Tip der Woche II: Morfin “Consumed by Evil” - Reincarnated / Consorted Triuths (NEW)


Preview Slattnakt 20.5. Göttingen mit

Pagan Rites - Antichrist Reborn

David Lee Rot - Glory of Devil Stain

Tyranex - Death Roll


CD der Woche: Dragonforce “Reaching into Infinity” - Ashes of the Dawn / Judgement Day / Silence (NEW)


Bang your Head Festival Preview 2017 mit

Sepultura - Dead Embryonic Cells

Venom - Welcome to Hell

Satyricon - Black Crow on a Tombstone

Entombed A.D. - Midas in Reverse

Magnum - Crying in the Rain

Vince Neil - Tattoos and Tequila

Evil Invaders - Fast, loud and Rude

Dokken - Dream Warriors

Hammerfall - The Metal Age (live)