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Alle Playlists 2016

*Anmerkung: Ab 2014 gibt es eine neue Unterscheidung zwischen CD und Tip der Woche und “normalen” Neuvorstellungen:
CDs der Woche werden ab diesem Jahr mit mindestens drei (!!) Tracks vorgestellt, Tips der Woche weiterhin mit 2 Songs.
Mit beiden “Awards” wollen wir so die absoluten Highlights und die guten Scheiben neu gewichten und
von den normalen Neuvorstellungen trennen.

725. Sendung am 03.01./04.01.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde:  Fallen Heroes - A Tribute to the fallen Musicians

Pantera - Cemetary Gates (Dimebag Darrell)

Rainbow - Stargazer (Ronnie James Dio, Cozy Powell)

Motörhead - Born to raise Hell (Lemmy, Würzel)

Kiss - I love it loud (Eric Carr)

Slayer - Dittohead (Jeff Hanneman)

Twisted Sister - Burn in Hell (AJ Pero)

Survivor - Burning Heart (Jimi Jamison)

Holy Terror - Terror and Submission (Keith Deen)

Death - Lack of Comprehension (Chuck Schuldiner)

Metallica - Hit the Lights (Cliff Burton)

Bathory - The Lake (Quorthon)

Gary Moore & Phil Lynott - Out in the Fields (Gary Moore & Phil Lynott)

Deep Purple - Speed King (John Lord)

Carnivore - Carnivore (Peter Steele)

Iron Maiden - Killers (Clive Burr)

Pennywise - Unknown (Jason Thirsk)

Manowar - All Men play on 10 (Scott Columbus)

Johnny Cash - I walk the Line (Johnny Cash)

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Freddie Mercury)

726. Sendung am 10.01./11.01.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Konzertvorschau Persistence Tour & Tribulation 16.1. Kassel, Fallen Heroes

Motörhead - Ace of Spades

Fallen Heroes: Demolition Hammer - 44 Caliber Brain Surgery (Vinny Daze)

Fallen Heroes: Grip Inc. - Rusty Nail (Gus Chambers)

Witchwood - A Place for the Sun (NEW)


Preview Tribulation / Vampire Konzert 16.1. Kassel mit
Vampire - At Midnight I´ll possess your Corpse
Tribulation - In the Dreams of the Dead


My Dear Addiction - Kill the Silence (NEW)


Preview Persistence Tour 2016 mit
H20 - Don´t forget the Struggle...
Terror - Stick tight
Ignite - Let it burn


Audiotopsie - All we know (NEW)

CD der Woche: Borknagar “Winter Thrice” - The Rhymes of the Mountain / Winter Thrice / Erodent (NEW)

Subsignal - A Myth written on Water (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Ignite “A War against you” - Begin again / This is a War / You lie (NEW)

Swallow the Sun - 10 Silver Bullets / The Heart of a cold white Land (NEW)

Cryptex - Romper Stomper / New York Foxy (LP-Release/NEW)

727. Sendung am 17.01./18.01.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 03./04.01. wiederholt.

728. Sendung am 24.01./25.01.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Preview Casselfornian Sleaze Kassel Fiasko 30.1.

King Dude - Maria

Fallen Heroes: Rainbow - Star Struck (Jimmy Bain)

Tip der Woche: Körgull the Exterminator “Reborn from the Ashes” - The Stalker / Reborn from the Ashes (NEW)

Rhapsody of Fire - Into the Legend (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Master “An Epiphany of Hate” - Just take my right Arm / Subdue the Politician (NEW)

Ghost - Cirice

Preview Casselfornian Sleaze 30. Januar 2016 mit

Cinderella - Night Songs

Jon Bon Jovi - Blaze of Glory

Fallen Heroes: Mayhem - Freezing Moon (Euronymus)

Avantasi - Mystery of a Blood Red Rose (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Axel Rudi Pell “Game of Sins” - Game of Sins / Sons in the Night (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Cloudscape “Voice of Reason” - Futuristic Psycho / Needle in the Eye (NEW)

Primal Fear - Angels of Mercy (NEW)

Thirteen Stars - Beautifully Numb (NEW)

Chase the Ace - Set you on Fire (NEW)

Tip der Woche V: The Boyscout “My Route 66” - Juke Box Hero / Turn the Page (NEW)

729. Sendung am 31.01./01.02.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD+Tips der Woche

Warrant - Heaven

Our Souls - Time is up (NEW)

Eternal (of Sweden) - Ruins (NEW)

Last Days of Eden - Bring me the Night (NEW)

The Resistance - Felony (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Brainstorm “Scary Creatures” - The World to see / How much can you take (NEW)

CD der Woche: Megadeth “Dystopia” - The Threat is real / Fatal Illusion / Foreign Policy (NEW)

Hexvessel - When I´m dead (NEW)

Aborted - Vestal Disfigurement upon the Sacred Chants (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Prong “X (No Absolutes)” - Ultimate Authority / Cut and Dry (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Resurrection Kings “Same” - Distant Prayer / Livin  out loud (NEW)

Kosmokrator - Adoration of he who is upon the Blackest of Thrones (NEW)

Luna Rise - The Anthem of the Night (NEW)

Undiluted - Descending Winters (NEW)

Invivo - Hostage (NEW)

730. Sendung am 07.02./08.02.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD & Tips der Woche, Previews Ghost Herford 20.2. & Obscure Infinity 13.2. Goldgrube

Whitesnake - Now you´re gone

Krawallbrüder - Auf ein Wort (NEW)

Mourning Beloveth - The Mantle Tomb (NEW)

Darker Half - Blinded by Darkness (NEW)

CD der Woche: Dream Theater “The Astonishing” - The Gift of Music / A Life left behind / Astonishing (NEW)

Tip der Woche: The Shrine “Rare Breed” - Coming down quick / Rare Breed (NEW)


Ghost Preview Herford 20.2. X mit

Ghost - Elisabeth / Absolution


Tip der Woche II: Primal Fear “Rulebreaker” - The End is near / At War with the World (NEW)

Pristine - Bootie Call (NEW)

Preview Obscure Infinity, Arroganz u.a. Goldgrube 13.2. mit

Obscure Infinity - From Odium and Disease


Tip der Woche III: Refusal “We rot within” - Get insight / Cannibal Instinct (NEW)

Ted Kirkpatrick & Eric Wagner “A Tribute to Black Sabbath” - Electric Funeral (NEW)

A Tribute to Celtic Frost mit Municipal Waste - Nocturnal Fear / Child Bite+P. Anselmo - Usurper (NEW)

731. Sendung am 14.02./15.02.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 27.12./28.12.15 wiederholt.

732. Sendung am 21.02./22.02.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tip der Woche, Previews Volbeast 27.2. Fiasko & Nitrogods 26.2. Joes Garage
 & King Dude plus Dolch 24.2. Frankfurt Das Bett, Review Ghost Herford 20.2.

Avantasia - Mystery of a Blood Red Rose (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Beseech “My Darkness, Darkness” - The Shimmering / My Darkness, Darkness (NEW)

Bombus - Eyes on the Price (NEW)

Painful - (Un)Holy Heresy (NEW)

CD der Woche: Avantasia “Ghostlights” - Ghostlights / Isle of Evermore / Seduction of Decay (NEW)

High Priest of Saturn - The Warming Moon (NEW)


Preview Volbeast / Red Stone Chapel 27.2. Kassel, Fiasko mit

Volbeat - Still Counting / Seven Shots (live)

Preview Nitrogods 26.2. Kassel, Joes Garage mit

Nitrogods - At least I´m drunk


Shakra - Around the World (NEW)


Review Ghost Herford 20.2. X mit

Ghost - Spirit / If you have Ghosts


Preview King Dude / Dolch 24.2. Frankfurt Das Bett mit

King Dude - Fear is all you know / Death won´t take me


Elizium - Dark Defiant (NEW)

Zanthropya Ex - Neuer Gott (NEW)

733. Sendung am 28.02./29.02.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tips der Woche, Reviews Volbeast & King Dude/Dolch, Previews Saturnalia Temple &
5. Full Metal Osthessen Niederjossa

Volbeat - Fallen / Sad Man´s Tongue (+ Review Volbeast 27.2. Fiasko)

Ostfront - Afrika (NEW)

CD der Woche: Anvil “Anvil is Anvil” - Daggers and Rum / Fire on the Highway / Runaway Train (NEW)

Demon - Remembrance Day (A Song for Peace / Re-Issue/NEW)

Review King Dude / Dolch 24.2. Frankfurt Das Bett mit

Dolch - Bahrelied

King Dude - Black Butterfly

Tip der Woche: Last in Line “Heavy Crown” - Devil in me / Blame it on me (NEW)


Preview 5. Full Metal Osthessen 4.-6. März mit

Odium - Who I am

Ostrogoth - Clouds

Alpha Tiger - We won´t take it anymore

Stallion - Wild Stallion

Tip der Woche II: Magnum “Sacred Blood Divine Lies” - Sacred Blood Divine Lies / Quiet Rhapsody (NEW)

Preview Saturnalia Temple 3.3. Goldgrube mit

Saturnalia Temple - Snow of Reason

734 Sendung am 06.03./07.03.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Preview Metal Diver 12.3. Marsberg

Elvenpath - Queen Millennia

Sir Donkeys Revenge - Hamster (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Entombed a.D. “Dead Dawn” - Midas in Revenge / Dead Dawn (NEW)

Nameless Day Ritual - Birth (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Sarke “Bogefod” - Barrow of Torolv / Evil heir (NEW)

Fleshcrawl / Skinned Alive Split mit Fleshcrawl - Kingdom of Skulls / Skinned Alive - The Beauty and the Pest (NEW)

Ozzy feat. Lita Ford - Close my Eyes forever

Tip der Woche III: Deströyer 666 “Wildfire” - Wildfire / Hounds at your Back (NEW)


Preview Metal Diver Festival mit

Burden of Grief - My Beauty´s Embrace / Black Evolution 666

Brainstorm - Blind Suffering / Doorway to Survive / All those Words

Tip der Woche IV: Path of Samsara “Black Lotos” - Queen of Skulls / A Flame Rising (Re-Issue/NEW)

Goitzsche Front - Schweinepriester (NEW)

Code Red - Troops (NEW)

Egg Bites Chicken - Minor drinking (NEW)

735 Sendung am 13.03./14.03.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tip der Woche, Rock Hard Festival Preview 2016, Suffocation Preview 14.3. Kassel

Borknagar - Panorama (NEW)

Napalm Death - Nazi Punks fuck off

Almyrkvi - Shrouded in blinding Light (NEW)

Cliteater - Nuke em all / Caliphate (NEW)


Preview Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation 14.3. Kassel K-19 mit

Suffocation - Mass obliteration / Breeding the Spawn


CD der Woche: Anthrax “For all Kings” - You gotta believe / Zero Tolerance / For all Kings (NEW)

Mob rules - My Kingdom come (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Obscura “Akroasis” - Ten Sepiroth / Perpetual Infinity (NEW)


Rock Hard Festival Preview 2016 mit

Sulphur Aeon - Devotion to the Cosmic Chaos

Tankard - Always them

Sodom - Ausgebombt

Sorcerer - Sumerian Script

The Exploited - Fuck the System

Metal Church - No Tomorrow

Nightingale - Chasing the Storm away

Edge of Sanity - Lost

Grand Magus - Hammer of the North

Cannibal Corpse - Meat hook Sodomy

Blind Guardian - Majesty

736 Sendung am 20.03./21.03.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 07./08.02. wiederholt.

737 Sendung am 27.03./28.03.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD & Tips der Woche, Preview Avantasia 2.4. Fulda + Night Viper 14.4. Kassel,
Review Suffocation 14.3. Kassel

System of a Down - Attack

Voivod - Post Society (NEW)

Gorefest - Erase

CD der Woche: Spiritual Beggars “Sunrise to Sundown” - Hard Road / Sunrise to Sundown / Diamond under Pressure (NEW)

Stratovarius - Against the Wind

Green Jelly - Three little Pigs

Tip der Woche: Night Viper “Same” - Night Viper / Curse of a thousand Deaths (NEW)


Konzertvorschau Night Viper 14.4. Kassel mit

Night Viper - Run for Cover (NEW)


Borknagar - Cold runs the River (NEW)


Konzertvorschau Avantasia 2.4. Fulda mit

Avantasia - The Haunting / Farewell


Tip der Woche II: Striker “Stand in the Fire” - Out for Blood / Too late (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Kamikaze Kings “Royal Renegades” - Heavy on my Heart / Infernal Bloodbound (NEW)

Grip Inc. - Hostage to Heaven

Review Suffocation Konzert 14.3. Kassel mit

Infernal Tenebra - The Seventh Seal

Suffocaton - Infecting the Crypts

738 Sendung am 03.04./04.04.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

  Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 27./28.03. wiederholt.

739 Sendung am 10.04./11.04.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Preview DTA Aschaffenburg 18.4.

Death - The Philosopher / Overactive Imagination (+ Preview DTA 18.4.)

M.I.C. - Take me to the Stars (NEW)

Convulse - Into the Void (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Surgikill “Sanguinary Revelations” - Sanguiniac / Black Angel Assassin (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Van Canto “Voices of Fire” - Clashing on Armour Plates / The Bardcall (NEW)

Groove Venom - Generation Porn (NEW)

Mortal Terror - Speed Demon (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Funeral Whore “Phantasm” - Phantasm / When Life turns to Ashes (NEW)

Night Viper - The Hammer (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Oceans of Slumber “Blue” - Winter / Suffer the Last Bridge (NEW)

Universe 217 - Counting Hours (NEW)

Delain - Suckerpunch (NEW)

Tip der Woche V: Novembre “Ursa” - Oceans of Afternoons / Bremen (NEW)

Death - Trapped in a Corner

740 Sendung am 17.04./18.04.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Preview Rockavaria Festival, Preview Mortal Terror 23.4. Kassel &
Walls of Jericho 28.4. Göttingen

AC/DC - Hard Times

Black Stone Cherry - In our Dreams (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Hellish “Theurgist´s Spell” - Total Darkness / Silent Night (NEW)


Preview Bang / Mortal Terror Konzert 23.4. Kassel mit

Pandemic - Stand as one

Mortal Terror - Mortal Terror

Bang - Father´s Son


Tip der Woche II: Mortal Terror “Creating Destruction” - Too old to die young / Violent Years (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Walls of Jericho “No one can save...” - Fight the good Fight / No one can save you from yourself (NEW/
+ Preview 28.4. Göttingen, Lumière)

Tip der Woche IV: Amon Amarth “Jomsviking” - First Kill / At Dawn´s first Light (NEW)


Preview Rockavaria 2016 im Olypiapark München mit

JBO - Rock Muzik

Suicidal Tendencies - You cant bring me down

In Extremo - Erdbeermund

Nightwish - Wishmaster

Ghost - He is

Anthrax - Monster at the End

Slayer - You against you

Iron Maiden - Wasted Years

741 Sendung am 24.04./25.04.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Preview Gothic meets Metal Vol.2 29.4. Kassel

Disturbed - The Brave and the Bold

Orphaned Land - My Own Messiah (+ Preview GMM Vol. II 29.4. Kassel)

My Temple - Remnants (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Crematory “Monument” - Misunderstood / Ravens calling (NEW)

Ragnarok - Dominance in Submission (NEW)

Dante - Rearrangement of the Gods (NEW)

Purgatory - Nemesis Enigma (NEW)

Metallica - Fade to black (Re-Mastered Issue/NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Metallica “Kill em all” - Whiplash / Metal Militia (Re-Mastered Issue/NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Vredehammer “Violator” - Light the fucking sky / Ursus (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Hämatom “Wir sind Gott” - I have a Dream / Ikarus Erben (NEW)

Infernal Majesty - Overlord (Demo Release/NEW)

Moonsorrow - Suden Tunti (NEW)

ASP - OdeM (NEW)

742 Sendung am 01.05./02.05.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CDs & Tip der Woche, Graspop Metal Meeting Preview, Interview Stefan Hepe (Gandalfs Fist)

Ghost - Deus in Absentia

Monolith - Moonshine Medication (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Slaughterday “Laws of the Occult” - Church of Dread / Beyond Body, Beyond Life (NEW)

CD der Woche: Black Stone Cherry “Kentucky” - Soul Machine / Long Ride / Cheaper to drink alone (NEW)

CD der Woche: Gandalfs Fist “The Clockwork Fable” plus Interview mit

Gandalfs Fist - Victims of the Light (NEW)

Interview mit Stefan Hepe (Gandalfs Fist) Part1

Gandalfs Fist - Eve´s Song (NEW)

Interview mit Stefan Hepe (Gandalfs Fist) Part2

Gandalfs Fist - At the Sign of the Aperture (NEW)


Preview Graspop Metal Meeting 2016 mit

Disturbed - The Vengeful One

Twisted Sister - I wanna rock

Sacred Reich - Crimes against Humanity

Satyricon - Necrohaven

Foreigner - Cold as Ice

Slayer - Black Magic

Black Sabbath - God is dead

Volbeat - Fallen

Iron Maiden - Wrathchild

743 Sendung am 08.05./09.05.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD & Tips der Woche, Preview Valley of the Sun 11.5. Kassel, Noise Re-Issues Part I

Ace Frehley - Wild Thing / Fire & Water (NEW)

Evil Riot - For your own Way (NEW)

Tip der Woche I: Wolfmother “Victorious” - Victorious / Baroness (NEW)

Noise Records Best of 2CD Re-Releases mit

Kreator - Flag of Hate / Toxic Trace / People of the Lie / Winter Martyrium (NEW)

CD der Woche: Sixx AM “Prayers of the Damned” - Rise / Belly of the Beast / You have come to the Right Place (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Myrath “Legacy” - Got your Freedom back / The Needle (NEW)

Noise Records Best of 2CD Re-Release mit

Helloween - Oernst of Life / Judas / Kids of the Century / Power (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Joe Bonamassa “Blues of Desperation” - Mountain Climbing / Drive (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Gamma Ray “Lust for Life” - Tribute to the Past / Helloween-Mix (NEW)

Valley of the Sun - Riding the Dunes (+ Preview 11.5. Goldgrube Kassel)

You Mind is my Puppet - Apathy (NEW)

744 Sendung am 15.05./16.05.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Preview Wacken Open Air 2016, Noise Re-Issues Part II

Noise Records Best of 2CD Re-Release mit

Kamelot - Nights of Arabia / Call of the Sea / Karma (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Blood Ceremony “Lord of Misrule” - Lord of Misrule / Loreley (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Rainbow “Monsters of Rock: Donnington 1980” - Since you´ve been gone / Cath the Rainbow (NEW)

Burden of Life - Kafkaesque (NEW)

Gamma Ray - Gamma Ray (Re-Issue/NEW)

Lita Ford - Rotten to the Core (NEW)

Massive Wagons - Shit Sweat Death (NEW)

The Golden Grass - Get it together (NEW)

Sulphur - Plague & Pestilence (NEW)


Preview Wacken Open Air 2016 mit

Arch Enemy - My Apocalypse

Twisted Sister - I wanna rock

Foreigner - Juke Box Hero

Saxon - Battering Ram

Axel Rudi Pell - Tower of Lies

Dragonforce - Three Hammers

Borknagar - Cold runs the River

Ministry - Jesus built my Hotrod

Iron Maiden - The Evil that Men do

Whitesnake - Here I go again

745 Sendung am 22.05./23.05.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tips der Woche, Noise Re-Issues Part III

Moonspell - Vampiria

Lee Aaron - Tomboy (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Assassin “Combat Cathedral” - Back from the Dead / Servant of Fear (NEW)

Human Zoo - Love Train (NEW)

Lords of Black - Everything you´re not (NEW)

Redeemed to Pain - Empty Assault (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Aborted “Retrogore” - Cadaverous Collection / Bit by Bit (NEW)

CD der Woche: Ihsahn “Arktis” - Mass Darkness / Celestial Violence / Disassembled (NEW)

Noise Records Best of 2CD Re-Release mit

Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger / Whirlwind / Walpurgis Night / Little Big Horn (NEW)

Noise Records Best of 2CD Re-Release mit

Sinner - Born to rock / Dangerous Charme (NEW)

Noise Records Best of 2CD Re-Release mit

Tankard - Chemical Invasion / Space Beer / Empty Tankard / Nation over Nation (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Graveyard (Esp) “for thine is the Darkness” - To Earth and Death / Defy and Conquer (NEW)

Buffalo Summer - As high as the Pines (NEW)

Don´t try this - My Burden (NEW)

746 Sendung am 29.05./30.05.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tip der Woche, Noise Re-Issues Part IV, Preview Underground Remains 4.6.,
Rainbow Germany Shows & Lik-Konzert 30.5. Kassel

Volbeat - The Devils bleeding Crown (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Red Stone Chapel “The Damagecreek Sessions” - Progress in Work / Starknuckle (NEW)

Noise Records Best of 2CD Re-Release mit

Skyclad -Emeralds / A Bellyfull of Emptyness / The Widdershins Jig / Artnazi (NEW)

CD der Woche: Kvelertak “Nattesferd” - Nattesferd / Berserker / Bronsegud (NEW)

Sindrome - Cathedral of Ice (NEW)


Preview Underground Remains Festival in Göttingen mit

Path of Samsara - The Fiery Hand

Obscure Infinity - Sorcery of the Black Souls

Necronomicon - We are the League


Noise Records Best of 2CD Re-Release mit

Grave Digger - Headbanging Man / Let your Heads roll / Shoot her down / Stand up and Rock (NEW)

Lik - Dead Orgasmic (+ Preview Show 30.5. Kassel)

Dennis Hornes - Heart to squeeze (NEW)


Preview Rainbow Germany Shows mit

Manfred Manns Earth Band - Blinded by the Light

Thin Lizzy - Angel of Death

Rainbow - Man on a Silver Mountain / Kill the King / Street of Dreams


Tiles - Stonewall (NEW)

747 Sendung am 05.06./06.06.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tip der Woche, Party San Open Air Preview 2016

Volbeat - For evigt (NEW)

Steelmade - Stay (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Dehuman Reign “Ascending from below” - Recipients of the Abominate / Gardens of Decay (NEW)

Diamond Head - Bones (NEW)

Gamma Ray - Heaven can wait / The Silence (beides live/re-issue/NEW)

Orden Ogan - Ravenhead (live) / Ethereal Ocean (NEW)

CD der Woche: Valley of the Sun “Volume Rock” - Eternal forever / I breathe the Earth / The Hunt (NEW)

Stonewall Noise Orchestra - Superior #1 (NEW)


Party San Open Air Preview 2016 mit

Obituary - Chopped in Half

Exodus . War is my Shepherd

Nifelheim - Gates of Damnation

Deströyer 666 - Hounds at your Back

Paradise Lost - Terminal

Sodom - The Saw is the Law

Carcass - Zochrot

At the Gates - Blinded by Fear


Virgin Steele - Through the Ring of Fire / Wings of Vengeance (re-issue/NEW)

748 Sendung am 12.06./13.06.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 05./06.06. wiederholt.

749 Sendung am 19.06./20.06.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CDs und Tips der Woche, Preview Municipal Waste Konzert 23.6. Kassel

Night Demon - Screams in the Night

Glorior Belli - Upheaval in Chaos Waters (NEW)

Mähthrasher - Bones (NEW)

Brymir - The Black Hammer (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Motörhead “Clean your Clock” - The Chase is better than the Catch / Overkill (NEW)

Omen - Hellas (NEW)

CD der Woche: Zakk Wylde “Book of Shadows II” - Tears of December / Last Prayer / Eyes of Burden (NEW)

Satyricon - Forhekset (re-issue/NEW)

CD der Woche II: Jorn Lande “Heavy Rock Radio” - You´re the Voice / The Final Frontier / Killer Queen (NEW)

Vampyra Morpha - Deliver us from Good (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Hammercult “Legends never die” - Fast as a Shark / Rise of the Hammer (NEW)

Municipal Waste - Mech-Cannibal (+ Preview Show Kassel 23.6.)

Logical Terror - The World was mine (NEW)

Rideau - The Bull & the Dove (NEW)

750 Sendung am 26.06./27.06.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tip der Woche, Preview Night Demon Konzert 2.7. Kassel,
JBO Interview Part 1, Konzertvorschau EAV am Dechsendorfer Weiher 25.7.

Jorn - Hotel California (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Lucifers Hammer “Beyond the Omens” - The Hammer of the Gods / Beyond the Omens (NEW)


Preview Night Demon Konzert 2.7. Kassel mit

Vile - Vile (NEW)

Furious Anger - Vikings Revenge

Night Demon - Heavy Metal Heat / Screams in the Night


CD der Woche: In Extremo “Quid pro Quo” - Störtebecker / Sternhagelvoll / Roter Stern (NEW)


JBO - Wacken ist nur einmal im Jahr (NEW)

JBO Interview mit Hannes Teil 1

JBO - Panzer Dance (NEW)


Pro-Pain - Pound for Pound / Take it back (Re-Issue/NEW)

Pro-Pain - Make War not love / Bad Blood (Re-Issue/NEW)


Konzertpreview EAV am Dechsendorfer Weiher mit

Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung - Küss die Hand Herr Kerkermeister / Wir marschieren / Der Tod / Morgen / Märchenprinz

751 Sendung am 03.07./04.07.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

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752 Sendung am 10.07./11.07.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tips der Woche, JBO Interview Teil 2, Fest Evil Manrode Vorschau

Avantasia - Draconian Love (NEW)

Nekrarchon - Chrism (NEW)

Lacuna Coil - Delirium (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Gojira “Magma” - Stranded / Silvera (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Flotsam & Jetsam “Same” - Time to go / Iron Maiden (NEW)


Preview Fest Evil Open Air Manrode mit

Pandemic - Parasites

Burden of Grief - Awaken the Nightmare

Xandria - Valentine


Mistur - Distant Peaks (NEW)

CD der Woche: Katatonia “The Fall of Hearts” - Takeover / Sanction / Shifts (NEW)

JBO - Metaller (NEW)

JBO Interview mit Hannes Part 2

JBO - Söderla! (NEW)

Rain - Hellfire (NEW)

Sparzana - Underneath my Shirt (NEW)

Sons of Sounds - Rock´n Roll Monster (NEW)

Demob Happy - Sucubus (NEW)

753.Sendung am 17.07./18.07.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Vorschau Zissel Metal-Freitag 29.7. & Misery Index Konzert 24.7.

Vorschau auf den Metal Zissel 29.7. mit

Kamikaze Kings - Powerbreaker

Reaper - Hail the New Age


Suidakra - Lion of Darcania (NEW)

Temtris - Nightstalker (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Dark Funeral “Where Shadows forever reign” - Unchain my Soul / Temple of Ahriman (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Whitechapel “Mark of the Blade” - Mark of the Blade / Bring me home (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Michael Schenkers Temple of Rock “On a Mission - Live Madrid” - Vigilante Man /
Rock you like a Huirricane (NEW)

In Mourning - The Lighthouse Keeper (NEW)

Preview Misery Index / Skeletal Remains Konzert 24.7. mit

Skeletal Remains - Obscured Velitation

Misery Index - Angst isst die Seele

Reactory - Shrine of the forgotten Gods (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: The Amorettes “White Hot Heat” - Let the Neighbors call the Cops / Eyes on the Prize (NEW)

Gamma Ray - The Spirit / One with the World (live/re-issue/NEW)

Candlemass - Death thy Lover (NEW)

Hämatom, - Made in Germany

Burning Hellmet - Burning Hellmezt

Orden Ogan - We are Pirates

754  Sendung am 24.07./25.07.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tips der Woche, Preview Metal Zissel 29.7., Preview Testament Aschaffenburg 3.8.

Ghost - Year Zero

Harm - Devastator (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Kissin Dynamite “Generation Goodbye” - Hashtag your Life / Flying Colours (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Stuck Mojo “Here come the Infidels” - Here come the Infidels / Charles Bronson (NEW)


Preview Metal Zissel 29.7. mit

Mesmerized - Lost Dreams

Code Red - Combat

Kamikaze Kings - Steel on Steel

Reaper - Ship of Fools


CD der Woche: Fates Warning “The Flight of Theories” - From the Rooftops / Seven Stars / The Ghosts of Here (NEW)

Ignis Fatuu - Ritter, Tod und Teufel 1513 (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Infestdead “Satanic Serenades” - Undead Screaming Sins / In the Spell of Satan / Heaven denied (NEW)

Elysian Gates - Crossroads (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Attica Rage “Warheads” - Warheads Ltd. / Haunted (NEW)

Beartooth - Loser (NEW)

Testament - Native Blood (+ Preview Konzert Aschaffenburg 3.8.)

755 Sendung am 31.07./01.08.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

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756 Sendung am 07.08./08.08.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Wacken Open Air Review 2016

Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace

Sodom - Caligula (NEW)

Machine Head - Is there anybody out there (NEW)


Wacken Open Air Review mit

Foreigner - Cold as Ice / I wanna know what Love is

Whitesnake - Here I go again

Iron Maiden - Tears of a Clown

Motörhead - Ace of Spades / Burner

Helloween - Victim of Fate

Ihsahn - Frozen Lakes on Mars

Borknagar - Oceans rise / Winter Thrice

Steel Panther - Gloryhole / Girl from Oklahoma

Triptykon - Goetia

Twisted Sister - I wanna rock

757 Sendung am 14.08./15.08.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Preview Agnostic Front 16.8. Kassel 130bpm

Arcturus - The Chaos Path

Timor et Tremor - Fen Fire (NEW)

Vivaldi Metal Project - The Illusions of Eternity (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Iron Savior “Titancraft” - Titancraft / Rebellious (NEW)

Arktis - Schwarz / Auf uns (NEW)

Running Wilfd - Black Bart (NEW)

Bury my Regrets - Towards the Sun (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Decembre Noir “Forsaken Earth” - In this Greenhouse of Loneliness & Clouds / The Vast Darkness (NEW)

Sodom - Vaginal Born Evil (NEW)

TXL - Mir geht´s nicht so Herr Doktor (NEW)


Preview Agnostic Front Show 16.8. im 130bpm/Kassel mit

H2O - Skate!

Agnostic Front - Old New York

Tip der Woche III: Demon Incarnate “Darvaza” - Darvaza / The Hunter (NEW)

Los Bier holen - Los Bier holen (NEW)

Crystal Palace - Sky without Stars (NEW)

Rich Robinson - Everything´s alright (NEW)

758 Sendung am 21.08./22.08.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CDs und Tips der Woche

Ministry - Just one Fix

GBH - Sick Boy (re-issue/NEW)

CD der Woche: The Dead Dasies “Make some Noise” - Make some Noise / Long Way to go / Freedom (NEW)

ADX - L´Irlandaise (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Crematory Stench “Same” - Fermented Remains / Resurrection (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Running Wild “Rapid Foray” - Last of the Mohicans / Black Skies Red Flag (NEW)

Billy Talent - Red Flag

CD der Woche II: Sodom “Deceision Day” - In Retribution / Who is God? / Belligerance (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Treat “Ghost of Graceland” - Ghost of Graceland / Do your own Stunts (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Blues Pills “Lady in Gold” - Little Boy Preacher / Wont go back / You gotta try (NEW)

Zar - Blood means War (NEW)

Faith no More - We care a lot (2016 Remix /re-issue/NEW)

759 Sendung am 28.08/29.08.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Studiogäste Mesmerized mit Preview zur neuen CD,
Preview Schlachtnacht 2./3.9. Göttingen

Iced Earth - A Charge to keep

CD der Woche: Mesmerized - Darkness / My Love / Skyfall (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Vicious Rumors “Concussion Protocol” - Chasing the Priest / Take it or leave it / Last of our Kind (NEW)

Mesmerized - Haze of you (NEW)

Nevermore - This Godless Endeavor

Helloween - March of Time

Kamelot - Torn


Preview Schlachtnacht Göttingen 2./3.9. Göttingen mit

Victim - Blood will follow Blood

Mortal Terror - Too old to die young

Atomwinter - Mother of War

Dawn of Disease - Through Nameless Ages

760 Sendung am 04.09./05.09.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Vorschau Drowning Sun 16.9.,
Preview Mesmerized CD-Releasekonzert 10.9., Matthias Herrs Heavy Metal Lexikon Serie

Vader - Prayer to the God of War (NEW)

Sabaton - Sparta (NEW)

Feuerschwanz - Ein Schelm wer böses dabei denkt (NEW)

Wederganger - Klaroenen van de Dood (NEW) / Laster - Vederlicht Verraad (NEW)

CD der Woche: High Spirits “Motivator” - Flyin High / Haunted by Love / Down the Endless Road (NEW)

Preview Mesmerized CD-Releasekonzert 10.9. mit

Red Stone Chapel - Starknuckle

Blizzen - Strike the Hammer

Mesmerized - Face of the World

Preview Drowning Sun Metal Night am 16.9. mit

Vicious Rumors - Concussion Protocol (NEW)

Sodom - Strange Lost World (NEW)


Grim Reaper - From Hell (NEW)

CD der Woche II: ZZ Top “Live-Greatest Hits from around the World” - Sharp Dressed Man / Sixteen Tons / La Grange (NEW)

Seek Irony - Tech n Roll (NEW)

Neue Serie: Matthias Herrs Heavy Metal Lexikon mit Tyrant (USA) - Beyond the Grave

Caronte - Invocation to Paimon (NEW)

761 Sendung am 11.09./12.09.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tips der Woche, Preview Cassel Moshfest Vol. 4 & Drowning Sun &
Preview Warrel Dane Europa Tour “Dead Heart in a Dead World”

Emperor - Curse you all Men (live)

Running Wild - Warmongers (NEW/+ Preview Drowning Sun 16.9.)

Periphery - Marigold (NEW)

Blizzen - Strike the Hammer (NEW)


Preview Cassel Moshfest Vol. 4 mit

Revel in Flesh - Revel in Flesh

Khthonic Cerviiks - The Grand Sidereal Swindle

Disavowed - Biased Existence

Sulphur Aeon - Titans

Exumer - Distructive Solution


Kamelot - Falling like the Fahrenheit

Tip der Woche: The End “The Age of Apocalypse” - Silent Screams of Death / Age of Apocalypse (NEW)

GGULL - Het smerige kleed va de Ziel (NEW)

CD der Woche: Castle “Welcome to the Graveyard” - Black Widow / Veil of Death / Down in the Cauldron Bog (NEW)

Preview Warrel Dane Europa Tour “Dead Heart in a dead World” mit

Nevermore - Dead Heart in a Dead World / The River dragon has come

Not above Evil - When the Day comes (NEW)

762.Sendung am 18.09./19.09.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Vorschau Casselfornian Sleaze 24.9. Fiasko

Ghost - Square Hammer (NEW)

The Legion Ghost - Cries in Vain (NEW)

Iron Fire - Hammer of the Gods (NEW)

Monster Truck - For the People (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Heretic “Underdogs of the Underworld” - Black Metal Punks / Hellbound Doomsluts (NEW)

DGM - The Secret Pt. 1 (NEW)

Asphyx - Division Brandenburg (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: New Model Army “Winter” - Burn the Castle / Winter (NEW)


Preview Casselfornian Sleaze mit

Guns n Roses - Patience

Twisted Sister - The Price


Witherscape - The Examiner (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Tesla “Mechanical Resonance live” - Ez come Ez go / Save that Goodness (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Demonbreed “Where Gods come to die” - A Thousan Suns will rise / Red Countess (NEW)

Tip der Woche V: Powerwolf “The Metal Mass live” - Let there be Night / Werewolves of Armenia (NEW)

Oddland - Penumbra (NEW)

Sweet Pain - Thieves of Rock (NEW)

Radiostorm - Consequences (NEW)

763.Sendung am 25.09./26.09.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CDs & Tips der Woche, Konzertpreview Steel Panther 1.10., Drone 1.10., Ugly Earthlings 2.10.

Into Eternity - Tides of Blood

Piledriver - Good Times (NEW)

CD der Woche: Fatalist “The Bitter End” - Aberration / Devoured / A Hollow Shell of the Body (NEW)

Garden of Delight - Gonna burn you down (NEW)

Bloody Hammers - Shadow out of Time (NEW)

Vola - The Same War (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Ghoul ”Dungeon Bastards” - Bringer of War / Ghoulunatics (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: New Hate Rising “Burn the Night” - Whenever I want / We own the Night (NEW)

Poltergeist - Back to Haunt (NEW)


Preview The Ugly Earthlings Konzert 2.10. Bad Hersfeld mit

Billy Talent - Worker Bees

Black Sabbath - Sabbath bloody Sabbath


CD der Woche II: Asphyx “Incoming Death” - Candiru / Wardroid / The Feeder (NEW)

Cornerstone - Nothing to lose (NEW)


Preview Drone Konzert 1.10. Kassel K-19 mit

Drone - Into Darkness

Tip der Woche III: Schandmaul “Leuchtfeuer” - Heute bin ich König/ Zu zweit allein (NEW)


Preview Steel Panther 1.10. Berlin mit

Steel Panther - Party like tomorrow is the End of the World / 17 Girls in a Row / Gloryhole

764.Sendung am 02.10./03.10.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 07./08.08.2016 wiederholt.

765.Sendung am 09.10./10.10.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde:

766.Sendung am 16.10./17.10.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 27./28.12.2015 wiederholt.

767.Sendung am 23.10./24.10.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tips der Woche, Preview Castle 25.10. Göttingen, Review GNR Sonderheft Rock Classics

Ghost - Bible (NEW)

Skiltron - The Taste of Victory (NEW)

CD der Woche: Alter Bridge “The Last Hero” - Show me a Leader / The Writing on the Wall / You will be remembered (NEW)


Preview Castle Konzert 25.10. Göttingen Freihafen mit

Castle - Hammer & the Cross / Black Widow


Tip der Woche: Heaven shall burn “Wanderer” - Bring the War home / They shall not pass (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Wyruz “Judge & Jury” - Cripple the Slaves / Not the Enemy (NEW)

Iron Curtain - Wild & Rebel (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: King 810 “La Petite Mort...” - Alpha & Omega / Black Swan (NEW)

Cry of Dawn - Tell it to my Heart (NEW)


Review von Rock Classics “Guns n Roses” - Das Sonderheft mit

Hollywood Rose - Anything goes (NEW)


Tip der Woche IV: Kryptos “Burn up the Night” - Blackstar Horizon / Waverider (NEW)

Tip der Woche V: Saxon “Let me feel your Power” - Crusader / Solid Ball of Rock (NEW)

768.Sendung am 30.10./31.10.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Preview Dead Congregation 3.11. Göttingen, Review Warrel Dane Show,
Preview Casselfornication 4.11. Kassel, Weinkirche

Warrant - Heaven

Preview Casselfornication 4.11. Kassel,Weinkirche mit

System of a Down - Holy Mountains

Manowar - Warriors of the World united

Nihilism - Beyond Redemption (NEW)

Fair Warning - Out on the Run (NEW)

Usurpress - Beneath the Starless Skies (NEW)

CD der Woche: Darkthrone “Arctic Thunder” - Tundra Leech / Borreal Fields / Burial Bliss (NEW)

The Agonist - The Hunt / Take me to Church (NEW)


Konzertpreview Dead Congregation 3.11. Göttingen Freihafen mit

Dead Congregation - Quintessence Maligned / From a Wretched Womb


Almah - Speranza (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Airbourne “Breakin´ outta Hell” - Breakin´ outta Hell / It´s all for Rockn Roll / Thin the Blood (NEW)

Madder Mortem - Fallow Season (NEW)


Review Warrel Dane Konzert Bochum “Dead Heart...” Tour 21.9. mit

Nevermore - Evolution 169

Warrel Dane - Brother


Stop Stop ! - Wont hold me back (NEW)

5th Avenue - Love... Hate (NEW)

769.Sendung am 06.11./07.11.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Vorschau Angerfest Vol. III & Full Metal Osthessen Warm-up

Ghost - Missionary Man (NEW)

Dope - 1999 (NEW)

Incarceration - Chaos & Blasphemy (NEW)

Dark Sun - The Legacy (NEW)

Dawn of Disease - Worship the Grave (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Hammerfall “Built to last” - Bring it / Hammer high (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Crowbar “The Serpent only lies” - Falling while Rising / The Serpent only lies (NEW)

Crosson - All about the Music (NEW)


Preview Angerfest Vol. III Kassel K-19 12.11. mit

Vile - Vile

Furious Anger - Bloodsword

Endseeker - Attention War


Tip der Woche III: Dark Tranquillity “Atoma” - Atoma / Force of Hand (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Brainstorm “Memorial Roots (re-rooted)” - Shiver / Nailed down Dreams (NEW)

Tip der Woche V: Trans-Siberian Orchestra “The Ghost of Christmas Eve” - Music Box Blues / This Christmas Day (NEW)

Preview Full Metal Osthessen Warm-up 11.11. mit Theocracy - Ghost Ship (NEW)

770.Sendung am 13.11./14.11.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD & Tips der Woche, Preview Wolfmother Shows, The Skull 15.11. & Full Metal Mensa 19.11.

Preview Wolfmother Germany Shows mit

Wolfmother - Baroness / Victorious

ASP - Strom (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Keitzer “Ascension” - Peace was not an Option / Vengeance (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Angerhead “Fueled by Rage” - Face the Fear / Take me as i am (NEW)

Amaranthe - That Song (NEW)

CD der Woche: King Dude “Sex” - Who told you how to love / Shine your Light / Sex Dungeon (NEW)

Kosmokrator - Initiate Decimation (NEW)

Preview Full Metal Mensa III 19.11. Göttingen mit

Mortal Terror - Mortal Terror

Elvenpath - Battlefield of Heaven

Grave - Into the Grave

In Flames - The Truth (NEW)

Preview The Skull 15.11. Kassel Schlachthof mit

The Skull - The Longing

Rock Wolves - Rock for the Nations (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Hansen & Friends “XXX” - Follow the Sun / Fire and Ice (NEW)

Celtica - Full Steam Ahead (NEW)

771.Sendung am 20.11./21.11.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Konzertvorschauen Entombed A.D. & Voivod 26.11. Kassel, Headbangers Ball
Tour 10.12. Giessen, Dirkschneider 7.12. Vacha, Life of Agony 4.12. & Amorphis 29.11. Herford

Vile - Descent into Chaos (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Theocracy “Ghost Ship” - A Call to Arms / The Wonder of it all (NEW)

Preview Amorphis Konzert 29.11. Herford X mit

Amorphis - The Wanderer / Black Winter Day


Preview Entombed A.D./Voivod Tour 26.11. Kassel K-19 mit

Voivod - Forever Mountain

Entombed A.D. - Midas in Reverse


Tip der Woche II: In Flames “Battles” - The End / Through my Eyes (NEW)

Preview “Die Deutschrock Party” 25.11. Kassel-Calden Joy mit

Rammstein - Ich tu Dir weh

Böhse Onkelz - Gott hat ein Problem (NEW)


Evil Invaders - Raising Hell (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Dirkschneider “Live back to the Roots” - Breaker / Fast as a Shark (NEW/+Preview Show Vacha 7.12.)

Metallica - Moth into the Flame (NEW)

Preview Life of Agony Konzert 4.12. Herford X mit

Life of Agony - River runs red / Underground


Preview MTVs Headbangers Ball Tour Konzert 10.12. Giessen mit

Ensiferum - Deathbringer from the Sky

Kataklysm - Let them burn

Iced Earth - The End?


The Disaster Area - Open Wounds (NEW)

772.Sendung am 27.11./28.11.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, CD und Tips der Woche, Preview Eddies Revenge 3.12. Fiasko Kassel, Masters of Cassel 17.12.

Dark Funeral - Open the Gates

Tip der Woche: Freedom Call “Master of Light” - Metal is for everyone / Kings rise and fall (NEW)

Hobbs Angel of Death - Drawn and Quartered (NEW)

Urfaust - Meditatum V (NEW)

Annisokay - Blind Lane (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Witchery “In His Infernal Majestys Service” - Lavey-Athan / Escape from Dunwich Valley (NEW)

Slegest - Du (NEW)

Iron Maiden - Prowler (+ Preview Eddies Revenge 3.12. Kassel)

CD der Woche II: Sixx AM “Prayers for the Blessed Vol. II” - Barbarians / Maybe its time / Without you (NEW)

Heldmaschine - Sexschuss (NEW)

Hartmann - When your Mama was a Hippie (NEW)

Masters of Cassel 17.12. Preview mit

Pantera - Fucking Hostile

Speed Queen - Kids of Rockn Roll


Disillusion - Alea (NEW)

Kansas - Rhythm in the Spirit (NEW)

773.Sendung am 04./05.12.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Preview Masters of Cassel, Metal Lounge, Wucan Konzert

AOK- Röschenhof

To the Rats and Wolves - Starting all over (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Bloodsucking Zombies from outer Space “Bloody Unholy Xmas” - Merry X-mas everybody / Don´t stop me now (NEW)

Arkon - Nour (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Iron Bastards “Fast and Dangerous” - The Code is red / The Wise Man (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Sick of it all ”When the Smoke clears” - Black Venom / Doomed Campaign (NEW)

Preview Metal Lounge 9.12. mit

Kreator - Winter Martyrium

Morbid Angel - Sworn to the Black


Tip der Woche IV: Attic Demons “Lets raise hell” - The Circle of Light / Let´s raise hell (NEW)

Preview Masters of Cassel 17.12. mit

Hellforce - Forces of Hell

Mesmerized - Face of the World

Warpath - Massive


Operation Mindcrime - Healing my Wounds (NEW)

Hardbone - Cannonball (NEW)

Tip der Woche V: The Answer “Solas” - Solas / Beautiful World (NEW)

Whores - Mental Illness as mating Ritual (NEW)

Wucan - Franis Vikarna (+Preview Wucan 8.12. Goldgrube)

AOK - Luftaufsichtsbaracke

774.Sendung am 11./12.12.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Review Life of Agony Herford, Preview Masters of Cassel

    Review Life of Agony / Pyogenesis 4.12. Herford mit

    Life of Agony - Other Side of the River / Method of Groove

    Pyogenesis - This won´t last forever

  • AC Angry - 4tw (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Soulburn “Earthless Pagan Spirit” - Where splendid corpses are towering... / Howling at the Heart of Death (NEW)

Masters of Cassel Preview 17.12. mit

Atomwinter - Mörser

Metal Avenger - Unleash the Fires of Hell

Stallion - Wild Stallions

Warpath - Thoughts begin to bite


Sonic Syndicate - Confessions (NEW)

7 Weeks - King in the Mud (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: Poltergeist “Back to Haunt” - Patterns in the Sky / When the Ships arrive (NEW)

Enbound - Give me Light (NEW)

Wovenwar - Honor is dead (NEW)

Walking Dead on Broadway - Death Pilgrim (NEW)

Dark Sarah - Ashgrove (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Pestilence “Presence of the Past” - Out of the Body / The Process of Suffocation” (NEW)

Groovevenom - Pussydance (NEW)

  • 775.Sendung am 18./19.12.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

 1./2. Stunde: News, Tips der Woche, Review Rock Hard Festival 2016, Preview Belphegor Erfurt 20.12.

Black Sabbath - Isolated Man (NEW)

Tip der Woche: Minotaurus “Insolubilis” - Preacher show me the Way / Davy Jones Locker (NEW)

Tip der Woche II: UGF “Asebeia Ataraxis” - Death Wish / Vast and Hollow (NEW)

Tip der Woche III: Helmet “Dead to the World” - Life or Death / Dead to the World (NEW)

Hail Spirit Noir - Mayhem in Blue (NEW)

Tip der Woche IV: Dark Millennium “Midnight in the Void” - Strigoi Moon / Slaves to the Void / The Failure (NEW)


Rock Hard Festival Review 2016 mit

Tankard - Space Beer

Sodom - Outbreak of Evil

Grand Magus - Hammer of the North

The Exploited - Beat the Bastards

Nightingale - Atlantis rising

Moonspiell - Opium

Blind Guardian - Journey through the Dark


Preview Belphegior / Possessed 20.12. Erfurt mit

Absu - Highland Tyrant Attack

Belphegor - Der Geistertreiber

Possessed - The Exorcist


Ra Al Dee Experience - Diatessaron (NEW)

776.Sendung am 25./26.12.16 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/NEU: Montag 14-16 Uhr)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 18.12. wiederholt.