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Alle Playlists 2011

486. Sendung am 02.01./03.01.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: The Best of 2010 (CDs, DVDs, Shows)

Cinderella - Heartbreak Station (Sweden Rock 2010)


Die besten Scheiben 2010 für die Redaktion - the best Releases 2010:

Kategorie FOLK/GOTHIC/DARK METAL: The Foreshadowing “Oionos” - Russians (Lars)

Triptykon “Eparistera Daimones” - Abyss within my Soul (Dirk)

DOOM METAL: Undertow “Don´t pray to the Ashes” - The Art of Falling (L)

BLACK METAL: Dark Throne “Circle the Wagons” - Circle the Wagons (D)

DEATH METAL: God Dethroned “Under the Sign of the Iron Cross” - Under the Sign of the Iron Cross (L)

Fear Factory “Mechanize” (D)

PROG METAL: Kamelot “Poetry for the Poisoned” - Hunter´s Season (D)

LIVE CD: Down “Diary of a Mad Band” - Stone the Crow (L)

Life of Agony “20 Years Strong” - River runs red (D)

POWER METAL: Sons of Liberty “Brush-Fires of the Mind” - Tree of Liberty (L)

Firewind “Days of Defiance” - Chariot (D)


Steel Panther - Death to all but Metal (Sweden Rock 2010, London + München 2010)

Agnostic Front - For my Family (Kassel 2010)


ALTERNATIVE/HARDCORE/X-OVER/METALCORE: Pro Pain “Abolute Power” - Destroy the Enemy (L)

Alter Bridge “III” - Isolation (D)

THRASH/SPEED METAL: Forbidden “Omega Wave” - Forsaken at the Gates (L)

Overkill “Ironbound” - The Green and the Black (D)

DVD DES JAHRES: The Big 4 - Live at Sonisphere Festivals 2010: Anthrax - Indians (L)

Behemoth “Evangelika Heretica” - Wolves guard my Coffin (D)

ROCK/HARD ROCK: Stone Sour “Audio Secrecy” - Say you´ll haunt me (L)

Scorpions “Sting in the Tail” - The Best is yet to come (D)

HEAVY METAL: Armored Saint “La Raza” - Bandit Country (L)

Accept “Blood of the Nations” - Blood of the Nations (D)

CD DES JAHRES: Iron Maiden “The Final Frontier” - Coming home (L)

Sons of Liberty “Brush - Fires of the Mind” - Indentured Servitude (D)

487. Sendung am 09.01./10.01.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: MEGA SPECIAL SHOW Accept Konzert am 15.01. in Bad Arolsen / Eddie´s Revenge Show 7.1. Review

Accept - Princess of the Dawn

Accept - Rolling Thunder (NEW)

Iron Maiden - Rime of the Ancient Mariner (+ Review Iron Maiden Coverband Eddie´s Revenge, 7.1. Fiasko, Kassel)

Hammerfall - Head over Heels

Therion - Seawinds

Accept - Shades of Death (NEW)

Accept - Protectors of Terror

Accept - Teutonic Terror (NEW)

Dimmu Borgir - Metal Heart

Accept - Fast as a Shark

Accept - Blood of the Nations (NEW)

Slayer - Divine Intervention

Primal Fear - Breaker

UDO - Balls to the Wall (acoustic)

Accept - No Shelter (NEW)

Accept - Metal Heart (live)

Steelwing - Headhunter (NEW)

Accept - The Abyss (NEW)

Guns n Roses - The Garden

488. Sendung am 16.01./17.01.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Show vom 02./03.01.11 wiederholt

A489. Sendung am 23.01./24.01.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Preview Terror Show 24.1. Kassel / 2.2. Neckbreakers Ball Bad Arolsen

Panzer X - Panzer Attack

My Grain - Dust Devils and Cosmic Storms (NEW)

Preview Terror Konzert 24.01. Kassel-MT mit Terror - Your Enemies are mine / Keepers of the Faith

Magnum - The Visitation (NEW)

Crushing Caspars - Jokers Jumping (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Times of Grace “Hymns of a Broken Man” - Fight for Life / Fall from Grace (NEW)

Quintessence Mystica - Triumph of Cold Steel (NEW)


Preview Neckbreakers Ball 2.2. Bad Arolsen mit:

Kataklysm - To reign again

Legion of the Damned - Legion of the Damned


Dreamshade - As Serenity falls (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Stratovarius “Elysium” - Infernal Maze / Lifetime in a Moment (NEW)

Mother Misery - Dirty little Secrets (NEW)

Pushking - Troubled Love (NEW)

Lonely Camel - A Tale of a Madman (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Desultory “Counting our Scars” - In a Cage / This broken Hole (NEW)

Stonewall Noise Orchestra - A Song for the Fool (NEW)

NYMF - Step inside (NEW)

490. Sendung am 30.01./31.01.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Preview Neckbreakers Ball 2.2. / Axel Rudi Pell 6.2. Bad Arolsen

Deicide - To Hell with God (NEW)

Devil Driver - Dead to Rights (NEW)

Glamour of the Kill - Feeling alive (NEW)

Mr. Big - Once upon a Time (NEW)

Deus Inversus - Mastery over the World (NEW)

Artas - The Day the Books will burn again (NEW)


Neckbreaker Ball Preview 2.2. Bad Arolsen:

Milking the Goatmachine - Surf Goataragua

Equilibrium - Die Affeninsel

Legion of the Damned - Pray and Suffer

Kataklysm - The Orb of Uncreation / Taking the World by Storm


Dark Design - The Awakening (NEW)

Architects - Learn to live (NEW)

Blut aus Nord - The Fall: Chapter 7 (III/NEW)

Crucifyre - Witch Hammer (NEW)


Axel Rudi Pell Konzertpreview 6.2. Bad Arolsen:

Powerworld - Cleansed by Fire

Axel Rudi Pell - Burning Rain

Axel Rudi Pell - Between the Walls


Skanners - Thunder in my Hand (NEW)

Overdrive - Angelmaker (NEW)

Wooden Stake - In the Godless Moonlight (NEW)

Druid Lord - Black Candle Seance (NEW)

491. Sendung am 06.02./07.02.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 25.4./26.4.2010 wiederholt.

492. Sendung am 13.02./14.02.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Gedenken zum Tod von Gary Moore, Preview Tankard 26.2. Bad Arolsen, Ehrung Cliff Burton 49. Geburtstag

Crowbar - All I had (I gave)

Final Depravity - As the crow flies (NEW)

The Crystal Caravan - We always lose (NEW)


Gedenken zum Tod von Gary Moore am 6.2.2011 und Erinerung an einen der weltbesten Gitarristen mit

Gary Moore - Over the HIlls and far away / Out in the Fields (NEW)


CD der Woche: Falkenbach “Tiurida” - Where his ravens fly / Time between Dog and Wolf (NEW)

Maxxwell - Heads or tails (NEW)


Preview Tankard Show 26.02. Bad Arolsen:

Mortal Terror - We don´t care

Toxin - Destructive Ways

Tankard - Empty Tankard


CD der Woche II: Crowbar “Sever the Wicked Hand” - Let me mourn / The Cementary Angels (NEW)

Presto Ballet - One perfect Moment (NEW)

Benedictum - At the Gates (NEW)

Purgatory - Glorification of the Lightbearer (NEW)

Sparzanza - Temple of the Red-Eyed Pigs (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Deicide “To Hell with God” - Save your / How can you call yourself a God (NEW)

Liquid Horizon - Crown of Creation (NEW)

Metallica - Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)

493. Sendung am 20.02./21.02.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review Axel Rudi Pell 6.2., Preview Tankard 26.2.

Der W - Der Hafen

Scorngrain - Dead Man´s March (NEW)

Battlelore - Kärmessurma (NEW)

In Extremo - Zigeunerskat (NEW)

And you will know us by the Trail of Dead - Summer of all dead Souls (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Reflection “Advertising Violence” - Flesh and Bones / Apocalyptic Chaos (NEW)

Devil Driver - Talons out (teeth sharpened/NEW)

Guano Apes - Oh what a Night (NEW)

Puteraeon - Coma (NEW)


Preview Tankard 26.2. Bad Arolsen:

Tankard - Ich brauch meinen Suff / We are us


Assassin - Judas (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Scheepers “Same” - Remissions of Sin / The Fall (NEW)

Retaliatory Measures - Existence (NEW)

40 Watt Suns - Between Times (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Macabre “Grim Scary Tales” - Dracula / Nero´s Inferno (NEW)

No Turning Back - Remain (NEW)

Before the Dawn - Painless (NEW)

Urfaust - Das Kind mit dem Spiegel (NEW)


Review Axel Rudi Pell Show 6.2.2011 Bad Arolsen mit:

Axel Rudi Pell - Carousel / Temple of the King

494. Sendung am 27.02./28.02.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Preview Drowning Sun Metal Night 4.3. Kassel

Helloween - Judas

Necrophobic - The Nocturnal Silence (re-issues/NEW)

Turisas - Take the Day (NEW)

Moonsorrow - Kuolleiden Maa (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Ten “Stormwarning” - Endless Symphony / Stormwarning (NEW)

Preview DSMN mit “Bonecrusher Fest” Warm-up: Dying Fetus - Raping the System

CD der Woche II: Bullet “Highway Pirates” - Highway Pirates / Heavy Metal Dynamite

Repuked - Standing by the Roadside ... fucking something dead (NEW)

Abysmal Dawn - Pixilated Ignorance (NEW)

Brocken Moon - Regen (NEW)

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Through our Scars (NEW)

Elffor - The Forgotten Dying Moon (NEW)

Deadlock - Virus Jones (NEW)

Evergrey - Wrong (NEW)

Aperion - Light (NEW)

Defeated Sanity - Coerced into Idolatry (NEW)

Long Distance Calling - Arecibo (NEW)

495. Sendung am 06.03./07.03.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Preview Bonecrusher Fest 11.3. Kassel, Reviews Tankard, Neckbreakers Ball

Carcass - Heartwork

Malm - Screams of the Mutilated (NEW)

Corpse Molester Cult - Nefaustus Inamis (NEW)

Cavalera Conspiracy - Kiling Peace (NEW)

Maruta - Strain (NEW)

CD der Woche: Jag Panzer “Scourge of the Light” - Call to Arms / The Book of Kells (NEW)


Preview Bonecrusher Fest 11.03.2011 Kulturfabrik Salzmann, Kassel

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Blinded by Fear (NEW)

Keep of Kalessin - Vengeance rising

Dying Fetus - Homicidal Retribute


Cycle of Pain - Dead Man Walking (NEW)

Mono Inc. - Symphony of Pain (NEW)


Review Neckbreakers Ball 2.2.11 Bad Arolsen mit

Milking the Goatmachine - Dingo Dong

Legion of the Damned - Killzone

Kataklysm - Let them burn


Grave Digger - The Ballad of Mary (2010/NEW)

Infinity Overture - Angels (NEW)


Review Tankard/Toxin 26.02.11 Bad Arolsen mit

Toxin - Two-Sided Existence

Tankard - Freibier


Omnium Gatherum - Everfields (NEW)

496. Sendung am 13.03./14.03.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Preview Power of Metal / Transsiberian Orchestra Touren, Review Bonecrusher Fest, Death Re-Issue

Sons of Liberty - Our dying Republic

Airbourne - Raise the Flag (NEW)

CD der Woche: Whitesnake “Forevermore” - Steal your Heart away / Easier said than done”


Preview Power of Metal Tour 19.3. Geiselwind, Music Hall

Psychotic Waltz - Morbid

Symphony X - Serpent´s Kiss

Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy


Children of Bodom - Relentless reckless forever (NEW)

The Haunted - No Ghost (NEW)


Review Bonecrusher Fest 11.3.11 in Kassel mit

Fleshgod Apocalypse - Thru our Scars

Dying Fetus - Nocturnal Crucifixion


Morbid Angel - Blessed are the Sick

Ulcerate - The Hollow Idols (NEW)

Napoleon Skullfuck - Facefuck with a Hammer (NEW)

Grave Desecrator - Stared to Hell (NEW)


Re-Issue der Woche:

Death “The Sound of Perseverance” - Bite the Pain (demo 1998) / A Moment of Clarity (demo 1997/NEW)


Preview Transsiberian Orchestra 20.3. Mainz, Phoenixhalle:

Transsiberian Orchestra - Midnight / The Dreams of Candlelight


Von Hertzen Brothers - Angels Eyes (NEW)

Monsters of Liedermaching - Sabine hat auf Horst gebaut (live/NEW)

Vanderlinde - The Difference (NEW)

497. Sendung am 20.03./21.03.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Preview Die Apokalyptischen Reiter/Turisas 14.4. Kassel MT

Morgoth - Travel

Darkest Hour - Beyond the Life you know (NEW)

Michael Monroe - ´78 (NEW)

CD der Woche: In Extremo “Sterneneisen” - Hol die Sterne / Zauberspruch No. VII (NEW)

Sudakra - Battlecairns (NEW)

Curse - Infernal Visions (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Funeral for a Friend “Welcome home Armageddon” - Damned if you do, Dead if you don´t / Broken Foundation (NEW)

Skin Diary - Heart of Glass (NEW)

Dead Shaped Figure - Face on the Nails (NEW)

Godslave - Thrashed (NEW)

Alter Bridge - I know it hurts (NEW)


Preview Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Konzert 14.4. Kassel, MT mit

CD der Woche III: Die Apokalyptischen Reiter “Moral und Wahnsinn” - Die Boten / Dr. Pest (NEW)

Turisas - Stand up and fight (NEW)

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Nach der Ebbe


Schock - Wach auf (NEW)

Live-CD der Woche: Uriah Heep “The Bootleg Series Vol.3” - Rainbow Demon / Lady in Black (NEW)

498. Sendung am 27.03./28.03.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Reviews Power of Metal / Transsiberian Orchestra Shows, Preview Der W Göttingen 18.4.

Kreator - To the Afterborn

M.I.C. - My Baby´s going (NEW)

Tenside - Armed and Dangerous (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Vicious Rumors “Razorback Killers” - Murderball / Black (NEW)

Sideblast - Barbarians (NEW)

Der W - Was ist denn hier nicht los (NEW/+ Preview 18.4. Göttingen)

Protest the Hero - C´est la vie (NEW)

Kingdom Come - Blue Trees (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Havok “Time is up” - Fatal Intervention / DOA (NEW)

Mike Tramp & Rock´n Roll Circus - Don´t let them put it on you (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Cavalera Conspiracy “Blunt Force Trauma” - Warlord / Blunt Force Trauma (NEW)

Pat Travers Band - Snortin´ Whiskey (live/NEW)


Review Transsiberian Orchestra Liveshow 20.3. Mainz mit:

Transsiberian Orchestra - Mephistopheles

Savatage - Chance


CD der Woche IV: Symfonia “In Paradisum” - Santiago / Pilgrim Road (NEW)


Review Power of Metal Tour Geiselwind 19.3. mit:

Psychotic Waltz - I of the Storm

Nevermore - The Heart Collector

499. Sendung am 03./04.04.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Buchreviews, Vorschau Cassel Moshfest, Interview Scott Philips (Alter Bridge)

Entombed - Hollowman (+ Preview Cassel Moshfest 16.4. Kultufabrik Salzmann)

Debauchery - Animal Holocaust (NEW)

Brian Robertsen - Diamonds and Dirt (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Obscura “Omnivium” - Ocean Gateways / Prismal Dawn (NEW)

Crimfall - Frost upon their Graves (NEW)

Lake of Tears - U.N.S.A.N.E. (NEW)

Dirty Passion - 1.000.000 Voices (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Within Temptation “The Unforgiving” - Where is the Edge / Shot in the Dark (NEW)

Blut aus Nord - Epitome 01 (NEW)

My Inner Burning - Masquerade (NEW)

Yggdrasil - Gryningstid (re-issue/NEW)

Leaves Eyes - To France (NEW)

Black Stone Cherry - White Trash Millionaire (NEW)


Interview mit Scott Philips (Alter Bridge) Part 1

Alter Bridge - Ghost of Days gone by

Interview mit Scott Philips (Alter Bridge) Part 2


Buchreview Joel McIver “Metallica´s Cliff Burton: To live is to die” (NEW)

Metallica - Damage Inc.

Buchreview Till Burgwächter “Juhr Gait tu Hewi Mettäl & Schmerztöter + Bonus Zeuchs” (NEW)

500. Sendung am 10./11.04.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: Jubiläums-Show, Buchreviews, Preview Moshfest 16.4. / Die Reiter 14.4. / Der W 18.4., Demo Drive, Nur die Erste, A Return into the History of, Interview Jeff Loomis (Geiselwind) 19.03.

Manowar - Bridge of Death

Preview Die Reiter, MT, Kassel 14.04. mit

Die Apo Reiter - Heut ist der Tag... / Dir gehört nichts


Preview Moshfest, Salzmann Factory, Kassel 16.04. mit

Macabre - The Black Knight

Entombed - When in Sodom


Preview Der W, Stadthalle Göttingen 18.4.

Der W - Gewinnen kann jeder / Nein Nein Nein


Till Burgwächter - Von Rockern und Kickern

Nur die Erste: Machine Head - Davidian

Nur die Erste: Deicide - Lunatic of Gods Creation


Interview Jeff Loomis (Nevermore) Teil 1

Nevermore - Your Poison Throne

Interview Teil 2


Buchreview Kreator “Violent Evolution” mit

Kreator - Lost

Buchreview Brian Johnsen “Rock auf der Überholspur” mit

AC/DC - Back in Black


A Return into the History of Heavy Metal: Jahr 2010 mit

Dio - Egypt

Type O Negative - Halloween in Heaven


Demo Drive: Miscarriage “Architect of Pain”

501. Sendung am 17./18.04.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Preview Voivod 23.4.Immenhausen, Oster Metal Meeting 24.4. Kassel

Tokyo Blade - Night of the Blade (2011/NEW)

CD der Woche: Tokyo Blade “Thousand Men Strong” - Forged in Hell´s Fire / Condemned to fire (NEW)

Suatr - World of Doom - Part1 (NEW)

Pathology - Abduction (NEW)


Preview Voivod Show 23.4. Immenhausen mit

Voivod - The Nile Song / Nuclear War (live)


Gamma Ray - Hold your Ground (2011/NEW)

Houston - Hold on (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Rise against “Endgame” - Help is on the Way / Survivor Guilt (NEW)

Dibukim - Oyfn veg shteyt a boym (NEW)

The Bronx Casket Co. - Antihero (NEW)

Ohrenfeindt - Sie hat Ihr Herz an St. Pauli verlorn (NEW)

Yggdrasil - Vedergällning (NEW)


Preview Oster Metal Meeting 24.4. Fiasko Kassel mit

Reaper - The Age of Hunger

Mesmerized - Day X


CD der Woche III: Pathfinder “Beyond the Space, beyond the Time” - All the Mornings of the World / Undiscovered Dreams (NEW)

Duff McKagan´s Loaded - Lords of Abaddon (NEW)

502. Sendung am 24./25.04.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Preview H2O Immenhausen 1.5.11, DVD Corner

Black Sabbath - I / TV-Crimes (live/re-issued/NEW)

Ohrenfeindt - St. Pauli, Du rockst (NEW)

Zoroaster - Ancient Ones (NEW)

Atrium Noctis - Spuren eines Wolfs (NEW)

Japanische Kampfhörspiele - Die Krone der Schöpfung (NEW)

Cruachan - I am the Warrior (NEW)

Beautiful Beast - Do you want it (NEW)

Dr. Acula - Cocaine Avalanche (NEW)

Mother of Mercy - Soul burns slow (NEW)

Sum 41 - Screaming bloody Murder (NEW)

Deva - Fading from here (NEW)

The Kordz - Last Call (NEW)

Yggdrasil - Höstmörkrets Natt (NEW)

Giftdwarf - Ipott (NEW)

Khoma - The Tide (NEW)


Preview H2O Immenhausen 01.05. mit

H2O - Sacred Heart / Friend


Dying Signals - Minus Two (NEW)

Supercharger - Redemption Song (NEW)

Perkele - Punkrock Army (NEW)

DVD Corner: Pat Travers Band “Boom Boom: Live at the Diamond” - Getting betta (NEW)

503. Sendung am 01./02.05.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review Voivod 23.4.

Voivod - Voivod (+ Review Voivod Immenhausen 23.4.)

Grand Massive - Monster (NEW)

Slaves to Gravity - Good Advice (NEW)

Subliritum - Cease to be (NEW)

Katana - Livin without Fear (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Wolf “Legions of Bastards” - Full Moon Possession / Jekyll and Hyde (NEW)

Wolfhead - Sons of Asgard (NEW)

Amaranthe - 1 000 000 Lightyears (NEW)

Harm - Svartsynt (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Pendragon “Passion” - Passion / It´s just a matter of not getting caught (NEW)

Nomad - Identity with Personification (NEW)

Chaos beyond - Crawling in the Dark (NEW)

Iperyt - Nuclear Mornings (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Stomper 98 “4 the Die Hards” - Stadiongeflüster / Von Göttingen to New York (NEW)

Ravenscry - Redemption III: Far away (NEW)

Earthride - Supernatural Illusion (NEW)

Saxon - Hammer of the Gods (NEW)

504. Sendung am 08./09.05.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Rock Hard Festival Preview 2011

Massacra - Madness remains

Jurojin - The Liar (NEW)

King Kobra - Live forever (NEW)

Total Annihilation - Circle Mosh (NEW)

Uriah Heep - Kiss of Freedom (NEW)

In Flames - Deliver us (NEW)

Black Haven - Lazarus (NEW)

Werner Nadolnys Jane - Space Waters (NEW)


Preview RH Festival 2011 Gelsenkirchen:

Primordial - Empire falls

Enslaved - Raidho

Triptykon - A Thousand Lies

Epica - Reign to Surrender

Morgoth - Body Count

Amorphis - Black Winter Day

Iced Earth - Last December

Enforcer - Midnight Vice

Atlantean Kodex - The Atlantean Kodex

Vicious Rumors - Murderball

Overkil - Bring me the Night

Down - On March the Saints


Rotten Sound - Hollow (NEW)

Zero Illusions - Follow the Sign (NEW)

Tremescum - Immortal Soldier (NEW)

Suicide Kings - Crucify the Saints (NEW)

505. Sendung am 15./16.05.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Festivalpreview Rock in Concert Open Air 17./18.6. Lichtenfels

Morbid Angel - Rapture

UDO - Leatherhead (NEW)

Houston - Truth slips (NEW)

CD der Woche: Lake of Tears “Illwill” - Floating the Darkness / House of the Setting Sun (NEW)

Neal Morse - Supernatural (NEW)


Festivalpreview Rock in Concert Open Air 17./18.6. Lichtenfels/Waldstadion Weismain

Andy Brings - Tut mir leid

Misfits - Who killed Marylin?

Danko Jones - Tonight is fine

Alice Cooper - Feed my Frankenstein

Motörhead - Bomber

Suidakra - Isle of Skye

Van Canto - I am Human

Ensiferum - Raised by the Sword

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Nach der Ebbe

Sabaton - Angels Calling

Subway to Sally - Sieben

In Extremo - Vollmond


Control denied - Breaking the Broken / Cut down (97´Demo/Re-Issue/NEW)

Joyless - De Profundis Domine (NEW)

Sonne Adam - I sing his Words (NEW)

Rev 16:8 - Blackline Sundown (NEW)

Rooga - Take me away (NEW)

Kellermensch - Army Ants (NEW)

506. Sendung am 22./23.05.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Festivalpreview Deathfeast 2011,
Konzertvorschau Iron Maiden 28.5. Frankfurt, Pro Pain 24.5. Kassel, Burn the Dorf 27.5. Dissen

Metallica - Creeping Death (+ Preview “Burn the Dorf” Event 27.5. Gudensberg/Dissen)

Shining - Förtvivlan min arvedel (NEW)

Izegrim - Psychopathic Mind (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Hell “Human Remains” - Overture+On Earth ans it is in Hell / Let the Battle commence (NEW)

Castle - Slaves of the Pharao (NEW)

Freedom Call - Tears of Babylon / Freedom Call (live/NEW)


Festivalpreview DEATHFEAST ( 23.-25.6.11 Hünxe mit

Malevolent Creation -Supremacy through Annihilation

Dismember - Trendkiller

Facebreaker -Cannibalistic

Vomitory - Terrorize, Brutalize, Sodomize

Pestilence - Sinister

Grave - Into the Grave

Krisiun - Soul Devourer

Vader - Reign forever World

Morgoth - Soul Baptism


Konzertpreview IRON MAIDEN Frankfurt 28.5. mit Iron Maiden - El Dorado (NEW)

Konzertpreview PRO-PAIN Kassel, MT 24.5. mit Pro Pain - F**kit

CD der Woche II: Black Stone Cherry “Between the Devil and the Deep blue Sea” - Such a Shame / Like I roll (NEW)

Vogelfrei - Ein Platz für uns (NEW)

507. Sendung am 29./30.05.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Preview Shout it out loud Festival, Review Iron Maiden 28.5.,
Preview Sick of it all 4.6.

Hell - The Oppressors (NEW)

In Legend - Stardust (NEW)

Spearhead - Herald the Lightning (NEW)

Kneipenterroristen - Holstenfetischisten (NEW)

Preview SOIA Friedewald 4.6.: Sick of it all - Take the Night off (NEW)

Pagans Mind - Walk away in Silence (NEW)

CD der Woche: Michael Monroe “Sensory Overdrive” - Trick of the Wrist / Debauchery as a fine Art (NEW)

Euphoria Nostalgica - Firewoman (NEW)


Preview Shout it out loud Festival 18.06.2011 Mülheim/Ruhr mit

Kissin Dynamite - In the Name of the Iron Fist

Bonfire - But we still rock

Crazy Lixx - 21 til i die

Cinderella - Long Cold Winter / The More things change


Molly Hatchet - Tatanka / The Creeper (live/NEW)

The Band apart - Miss Bitch (NEW)

Crimson Falls - Omen of Catastrophe (NEW)

Medeia - Abandon all (NEW)


Review Iron Maiden 28.5. Frankfurt mit Iron Maiden - Coming home / Fear of the Dark (live/NEW)

508. Sendung am 05./06.06.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Buchreview “Kompendium der dunklen Künste”, DVD Corner

In Extremo - Siehst Du das Licht (NEW)

Nervecell - Psychogenocide (NEW)

The Poodles - Cuts like a Knife (NEW)

Norther - The Hate i bear (NEW)

A Pale Horse named Death - Heroin Train (NEW)

Mastiphal - Man strikes God falls (NEW)


DVD Corner: Bloodbath “Bloodbath over Bloodstock” mit

Bloodbath - Mock the Cross / Breeding Death (NEW)


Vanderlinde - Spending it all Jack (NEW)

Arstillus - Exit Evolve (NEW)


Buchreview “Das Kompendium der dunklen Künste” von Gavin Baddeley & Dani Filth mit

Cradle of Filth - Her Ghost in the Fog / Nymphetamine


Mother Army - Darkside (93) / Way of the World (98/NEW/Re-Issue)

The Von Hertzen Brothers - Voices in our Head (NEW)

Elizium - Relief by the Sun (NEW)

Gjenferdsel - Deathbound (NEW)

My Dying Bride - In your dark Pavillon (NEW)

Grober Knüppel - Sukkubus (NEW)

Feine Herren - Grausames Tun (NEW)

Forgotten Tomb - Downlift (NEW)

Mina Harker - Bittersüß (NEW)

Compact Space - Push Push (NEW)

509. Sendung am 12./13.06.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche

Hell - Plague and Fyre (NEW)

Traditionals - Problem with Authority (NEW)

Autopsy - Seeds of the Doomed (NEW)

Victory - Rockstar (NEW)

Kilmara - The Dark Inside / Don´t fear the Wolf (NEW)

Black Crucifixion - Flowing Downwards (NEW)

CD der Woche: Saxon “Call to Arms” - Mists of Avalon / Call to Arms (NEW)

Tenside - One Bullet left (NEW)

Death Wolf - Ironwood (NEW)

Symbolic - Bittersweet (NEW)

Helheim - Dualitet og ulver (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Argus “Boldly stride the Doomed” - 42-7-29 / Fading Silverlight (NEW)

81db - Won´t follow you (NEW)

Infestus - Down Spiral Depersonification (NEW)

Aosoth - II (NEW)

Buried in Black - 7405926 (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Kottak “Attack” - Teenage Kix / Perfect Defects (NEW)

Straight Line Stitch - Conversion (NEW)

510. Sendung am 19./20.06.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Wacken Preview 2011

Corrosion of Conformity - Vote with a Bullet

Raygun Rebels - Let me go (NEW)

Necros Christos - Necromantique Nun (NEW)

CD der Woche: Arch Enemy “Khaos Legions” - Bloodstained Cross / Through the Eyes of a Raven (NEW)

Black Crucifixion - Blood Soaked Snow (NEW)


Wacken 2011 Preview:

Onkel Tom - Johnny Walker

Helloween - Are you Metal?

Ozzy Osbourne - Let me hear you scream

Suicidal Tendencies - Tap into Power

Morbid Angel - 10 More Dead (NEW)

Morgoth - Isolated

Iced Earth - The Hunter

Subway to Sally - Auf Kiel

Cradle of Filth - The 13th Caesar

Sodom - Die Stumme Ursel

Van Canto - Speed of Light

Hail of Bullets - General Winter

Knorkator - Alter Mann


CD der Woche II: Running Wild “The Final Jolly Roger” - Riding the Storm / Whirlwind (NEW)

Kleveland - Do it big (NEW)

Die Vorboten - Vaterland (NEW)

511. Sendung am 26./27.06.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Party San & Serengeti Previews, Preview Deicide/Belphegor Show 2.7. Kassel

Belphegor - Bluhtsturm Erotika

Deicide - Serpents of the Light

CD der Woche: Nervecell “Psychogenocide” - Upon an epidemic Scheme / Shunq (NEW)


Preview Party San Open Air Schlotheim 2011:

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Beneath the Moon Scars above

Triptykon - A Thousand Lies

Desultory - Counting our Scars

Absu - Amy

Morbid Angel - I am Morbid (NEW)

Cliteater - Your Mouth, my seed

Morgoth - Travel

At the Gates - Nausea


Preview Serengeti Festival Schloß Holte 2011:

Creepshow - Creatures of the Night

Pennywise - My God

In Extremo - Raue See

Mad Sin - To walk the Night

Agnostic Front - My Life, my Way

Bullet for my Valentine - A Place where you belong

Bad Religion - Fields of Mars


Morbid Angel - Radikult (NEW)

512. Sendung am 03./04.07.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Ragnarock Open Air 2011 Preview, RE-ISSUE TIP

In Flames - Enter Tragedy (NEW)

A Pale Horse named Death - Die alone (NEW)

Guns of Moropolis - Whorehouse Event (NEW)

The Answer - Rock´n Roll Outlaw (NEW)

George Lynch - Son of Scary (NEW)

CD der Woche: Anvil “Juggernaut of Justice” - This Ride / NEw Orleans Voodoo (NEW)

Headshot - Hell remains (NEW)


Preview Ragnarock Open Air Wohratal/Langendorf 2011:

Burden of Grief - Follow the Flames

Dew-Scented - Unconditional

Grand Magus - Ravens guide out Way

Asphyx - Eisenbahnmörser


Better Tomorrow - Astronauts (NEW)

RE-ISSUE der Woche: Assassin “Chronicles of Resistance” - Nemesis / A.G.D. (NEW)

Broilers - Tanzt Du noch einmal mit mir (NEW)

Razorblade - Drogen (NEW)

Fullforce - Rain (NEW)

David M. Pearce - Strange Angels (NEW)

513. Sendung am 10./11.07.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Show vom 3./4.7.11 wiederholt.

514. Sendung am 17./18.07.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review ROA Festival

Asphyx - MS Bismarck (+ Ragnarock Open Air Festival Review)

Book of Black Earth - Weight of the World (NEW)

Leaves Eyes - Etain (NEW)

Chthonic - Broken Jade (NEW)

CD der Woche I: In Flames “Sounds of a Playground fading” - Sounds of a Playground fading / A New Dawn (NEW)

Bai Bang - Rock it (NEW)

Roxxcalibur - Heads will roll (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Journey “Eclipse” - City of Hope / Tantra (NEW)

Caliban - My Girlfriends Girlfriend (NEW)

Trivium - In Waves (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Whitesnake “Live at Donington 90” - Still of the Night / Is this Love (NEW)

Rise to remain - Nothing left (NEW)

Through your Silence - Worthless (NEW)

Fozzy - Don´t you wish you were ... / Let the Madness begins (NEW)

CD der Woche IV: Black Water Rising “Same” - No Halos / The River (NEW)

515. Sendung am 24./25.07.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Shout it out loud Festival Review 2011, Savatage Re-Issues, DVD der Woche

Nanowar of Steel - Stormlord of Power

My Dying Bride - Of Sorry Eyes in March (NEW)

Brymir - A Free Man´s Path (NEW)


Review Shout it out loud Festival 2011

Hollywood Burnouts - Tonight (NEW)

Crazy Lixx - Rock and a Hard Place (NEW)

Cinderella - Long Cold Winter


The Human Abstract - Faust (NEW)

DVD der Woche: Running Wild “The Final Jolly Roger” - Port Royal / Raise your Fist (NEW)

Barons Ball - Rising Higher (NEW)

Re-Issue der Woche: Megadeth “Peace sells... but who´s buying - Wake up dead / Peace sells (live/NEW)

Warrant - Dusty´s Revenge (NEW)

Lyriel - The Feather in the Wind (NEW)

Dead Guitars - Mesmerized (NEW)


Savatage Re-Issues Special (Fight for the Rock, Dead Winter Dead, Gutter Ballet, Power of the Night/NEW):

Savatage - When the Crowds are gone

Savatage - Of Rage and War

Savatage - Power of the Night

Savatage - In the Dream

Savatage - Out on the Streets

Savatage - Fight for the Rock

Savatage - Dead Winter Dead

Savatage - Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24)

516. Sendung am 31.07./01.08.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs + DVD der Woche, Savatage Re-Issue, Soundtrack Special

Nanowar of Steel - Nanowar

Manraze - Dreamland (NEW)

Communic - A Wayward Soul / The Bottom Deep (NEW)

CD der Woche I:Theory of a Deadman “The Truth is...” - Out of my Head / We were Men (NEW)

JBO - Jenseits (NEW)

Morbid Angel - Destructors vs. the Earth / Attack (NEW)

Re-Issue Special Nachtrag: Savatage “Streets” - Jesus saves / Believe (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Jasta “Jasta” - Walk the Patch alone / Anthem of the Freedom Fighter (NEW)

Fair to Midland - Amarillo sleeps on my Pillow (NEW)

Hell - Macbeth (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Outloud “Love Catastrophe” - Falling Rain / The Night that never ends (NEW)


Soundtrack Transformers III mit:

Linkin Park - Iridescent (NEW)

Beatsteaks - House on Fire (NEW)


DVD der Woche: The Answer “412 Days of Rock´n Roll” - On and on / Demon Eyes (NEW)

517. Sendung am 07.08./08.08.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Show vom 31.7./1.8.11 wiederholt.

518. Sendung am 14.08./15.08.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Neue Serie “Meilensteine” - Die besten Alben aller Zeiten

Watain - Black Salvation

Earth Crisis - One Thousand Kilo Ton Blast (NEW)

Onkel Tom - Auf nach Wacken (NEW)

Suicide Silence - Human Violence (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Trivium “In Waves” - Watch the World Burn / Black (NEW)

MEILENSTEINE: Massacre “From beyond” - Corpsegrinder

Dream Theater - On the Backs of Angels (NEW)

Braindeadz - War, Hate, Greed (NEW)

Queensryche - Around the World (NEW)

MEILENSTEINE: WASP “WASP (Winged Assassins)” - I wanna be somebody

CD der Woche II: Zebrahead “Get nice!” - The Joke´s on you / She dont wanna rock (NEW)

Concept Insomnia - Tetrachromacy (NEW)

Opeth - The Devil´s Orchid (NEW)

MEILENSTEINE: Helloween “Keeper of the 7 Keys Part II” - Keeper of the Seven Keys

Reece Kromlund - Samurai (NEW)

519. Sendung am 21.08./22.08.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, “Meilensteine”, Review Rock Hard & Serengeti Festivals 2011

MEILENSTEINE: Tiamat “Clouds” - In a Dream

Black September - The Forbidden Gates beyond (NEW)

Live-CD der Woche: Europe “Live at Shepherd´s Bush” - Supersticious / New Love in Town (NEW)

Darkmoon - Rise up (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Wisdom “Judas” - Heaven and Hell / At the Gates (NEW)

Beyond the Labyrinth - Oceans apart (NEW)

Mecalimb - Rise (Hail the King/NEW)

CD der Woche II: JBO “Killeralbum” - Drei Akkorde / Dadadidadadadei (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Skullfist “Head öf the Pack” - Get fisted / No false Metal (NEW)


Review Rock Hard Festival 2011 mit

Triptykon - A Thousand Lies

Morgoth - Body Count

Iced Earth - Burning Times

Overkill - Fuck you (live)

Down - New Orleans is a dying Whore


Review Serengeti Festival 2011 mit

The Creepshow - The Garden

Pennywise - Fight till you die

In Extremo - Zigeunerskat

Bullet for my Valentine - Waking the Demon

Bad Religion - Against the Grain

520. Sendung am 28.08./29.08.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Review Wacken Open Air 2011

Steel Panther - The Shocker

Skindred - Living a Lie (NEW)

The Konsortium - Knokkeklang (NEW)

Jonathan Davis & the SFA - Falling away from me (live/NEW)

Onkel Tom - In Junkers Kneipe / Bier (NEW)

Azarath - Firebreath of Blasphemy and Scorn (NEW)

Saltatio Mortis - Eulenspiegel (NEW)

Lechery - Heart of a Metal Virgin (NEW)

Wolves like us... - Burns like a Paper Rose (NEW)

Serpentine - Cry (NEW)

Fanthrash - Duality of Things (NEW)


Review Wacken Open Air 2011:

Kvelertak - Fossegrim

Blind Guardian - Majesty

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon

Morbid Angel - Existo Vulgore

Judas Priest - Nightcrawler

Iced Earth - I died for you

Avantasia - Reach out for the Light

Tokyo Blade - Night of the Blade

Ghost - Ritual


Wacken 2010 CD/Blu-Ray Review mit Grave Digger - Balled of Mary / Skyline - We are the Metalheads (NEW)

521. Sendung am 04./05.09.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Review Deathfeast & Party San 2011, JBO Gewinnspiel, Demo Drive, Buchreview Dave Mustaine

Pro Pain - Make War (not Love) / Someday bloody Someday (NEW)

Demo Drive: Blackmoon - Vampiros (NEW)

ICS Vortex - Aces (NEW)

Review Buch “Mein wahres Ich” von Dave Mustaine mit Megadeth - Train of Consequences (NEW)

Wolfpakk - The Crow (NEW)

Chimaira - Born in Blood (NEW)


Review Deathfeast 2011 mit

Malevolent Creation - The Will to kill

Dismember - Casket Garden

Facebreaker - Creeping Flesh

Vomitory - The Burning Black

Pestilence - Doctrine


Year of the Goat - Of Darkness (NEW)

J.B.O. - Dr. Met (NEW/inkl. Gewinnspiel, siehe hier)

Arkona - Arkaim (NEW)


Party San Open Air Review 2011 mit

Triptykon -

Truppensturm - Burning Depths

Morbid Angel - Pain Divine

Nachtmystium - Nightfall

Watain - I am the Earth

522. Sendung am 11./12.09.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Preview Long Heavy Night 17.9. Eschwege, Buchreview “Kumpels in Kutten”

JBO - Kalaschnikow (NEW/+ Gewinnspielauflösung)

Rote Mare - In Dooms Name (NEW)

Rise to remain - The Day is mine (NEW)

Face Down Hero - Reality (Division of Life/NEW)

CD der Woche I: Dream Theater “A Dramatic Turn of Events” - Build me up, break me down / Beneath the Surface (NEW)

In Cold Blood - Coils of Addiction (NEW)


Preview Long Heavy Night 17.9. in Eschwege mit

Ivory Night - Cash flow

Lane - All for Life


White Dwarf - White Dwarf: Evolution (NEW)

Fake Idyll - Therapist (gets all the Girls/NEW)


Buchreview “Kumpels in Kutten” (NEW) mit

Kreator - People of the Lie

Sodom - Stumme Ursel


Need - Lie before you sleep (NEW)

Thy Bleeding Skies - Autumn Souls (NEW)

Machine Head - Locust (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Sinner “One Bullet left” - Back on Trail / One Bullet left (NEW)

Iced Earth - Days of Rage (NEW)

Asphyx - The Krusher

523. Sendung am 18./19.09.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Studiogäste White Dwarf, CDs der Woche, Preview Asphyx Show 24.9. Kassel

Toxin - Dread (NEW)


Studiogäste von White Dwarf ( plus Demo-CD Vorstellung mit

White Dwarf - Metal Sacrifice

White Dwarf - Solar Storm

Helloween - We burn

White Dwarf - The House on the Edge of Time


Preview Asphyx Konzert 24.9. Kassel mit

Burden of Grief - Reborn

Asphyx - Asphyx (forgotten War)


Night Ranger - Growin´ up in California (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Opeth “Heritage” - Slither / Folklore (NEW) + Interview Mikael Akerfeldt

Def Leppard - Rocket (live) / Undefeated (NEW)

Black Tide - Bury me (NEW)

CD der Woche II: House of Lords “Big Money” - One Man Down / Seven (NEW)

Iced Earth - Anthem (NEW)

Fyrnask - Ein Eld i djupna (NEW)

524. Sendung am 25./26.09.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Studiogäste TOXIN, CDs der Woche, Review Asphyx Show

Megadeth - Public Enemy No.1 (NEW)


Studiogäste von TOXIN ( plus Demo-CD Vorstellung mit

Toxin - Act of Contrition (NEW)

Toxin - Disparity of Views (NEW)

Toxin - Dread (live at Masters of Cassel 2009)

Toxin - Heretic (NEW)

Nevermore - Inside four Walls


Iced Earth - Dystopia (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Machine Head “Into the Locust” - This is the End / Darkness within (NEW)

Van Canto - The Seller of Souls (NEW)

Stillbirth - Addiction to Abortion (NEW)

Grabak - Greed (NEW)

The Treatment - Drink, fuck, fart (NEW)

Warrant - Cocaine Fright (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Mastodon “The Hunter” - Black Tongue / Dry Bone Valley (NEW)

Draconian - Deadlight (NEW)

Asphyx - The Sickening Dwell (+ Review Show 24.9.)

525. Sendung am 02./03.10.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Meilensteine, CDs der Woche

CD der Woche I: JBO “Happy Metal Thunder” - A Perfect Day to die / Long live Metallica (NEW)

Taake - Myr (NEW)

Subsignal - The Size of Light on Earth (NEW)

Sebastian Bach - My Own Worst Enemy (NEW)

Profane Omen - A Force to be reckoned with (NEW)

Unantastbar - Ich hasse Dich! (NEW)

Iced Earth - Dark City (NEW)

Hörerwunsch: A Pale Horse Named Death - Heroin Train

Xorigin - Cant keep on running (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Garage Days “Dark and Cold” - Lord of Darkness / Conscience (NEW)

Uriah Heep - Easy livin´(live in Armenia/NEW)

Uriah Heep - Rainbow Demon (live in Brisbane/NEW)

Meilenstein - die besten Alben der Redaktion: Satyricon “Nemesis Divina” - Mother North

Meilenstein - die besten Alben der Redaktion: Solitude Aeturnus “Into the Depths of Sorrow” - Destiny falls to Ruin

The Answer - Vida (I want you/NEW)

Mr. Irish Bastard - God save the Queen (NEW)

Kadavrik - Above the Weak / In Nothing you believe (NEW)

526. Sendung am 09./10.10.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Meilensteine, CDs der Woche

Urgehal - Goatcraft Torment

Insomnium - Through the Shadows (NEW)

Doom Dogs - Save me (NEW)

Chickenfoot - Alright Alright (NEW)

Corroded - Age of Rage (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Iced Earth “Dystopia” - V / Anguish of Youth (NEW)

Meilenstein - die besten Alben der Redaktion: Megadeth “Peace sells...” - Devils Island

Meilenstein - die besten Alben der Redaktion: Running Wild “Death or Glory” - Riding the Storm

9mm - Party Rock´n Bier (NEW)

Messenger - Falconlord (NEW)

One Morning Left - I wrestled with my Hair once / Fintro (NEW)

Placenta - All things runnable (NEW)

CD der Woche II: The Treatment “This might hurt” - Departed / Nothing to lose but our minds (NEW)

Homerun - Black World (NEW)

Japanese Voyeurs - Cry Baby (NEW)

Newman - Under Southern Skies (NEW)

Hörerwunsch: Type O Negative - The Dream is dead

Cardiac Caspers - About withered Love confessions (NEW)

527. Sendung am 16./17.10.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Meilensteine, CDs der Woche, Preview Alter Bridge 29.10. Dortmund

P.Kaminski / J. Kapellev - RIding the Storm

Stagewar - Shell Shock (NEW)

Brainstorm - When your Actions lead you to life (NEW)

Taste of Tears - Once Human (Pinnacle and Pit/NEW)

Steel Panther - Don´t stop believin´

Palace - Dreamevilizer (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Tommy Reinxeed “Swedish Hits goes Metal” - The Look / The Winner takes it all (NEW)

The Flaw - All you have (NEW)

Meilenstein: Danzig “II” - Her black Wings

Dark Tranquillity - Zero Distance (NEW)

Meilenstein - die besten Alben der Redaktion: Nevermore “This Godless Endeavor” - This Godless Endeavor

White Widow - Serenade (NEW)

Bush - The Sound of Winter (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Warbringer “Worlds torn asunder” - Living Weapon / Future Ages gone (NEW)


Preview Alter Bridge / Black Stone Cherry Show 29.10. Dortmund Westfalenhalle 3a mit

Black Stone Cherry - In my Blood

Alter Bridge - Wonderful Life


Venom - Hail Sathanas (NEW)

Metrum - Broken (NEW)

528. Sendung am 23./24.10.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, Meilenstein, CDs der Woche, Preview Black Stone Cherry 29.10. Dortmund

Black Stone Cherry - Ghost of Floyd Collins (+Preview 29.10. Dortmund)

Devil - Blood is boiling (NEW)

Krisiun - Extincao en Massa (NEW)

Immortal Souls - Nuclear Winter (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Sick of it all “Nonstop” - Us vs. them / Relentless (NEW)

The Devils Blood - Fire Burning (NEW)

Svarttjern - Breathing Soil (NEW)

Mr. Death - The Final Demise (NEW)

Under that Spell - I set the Fire (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Axel Rudi Pell “Ballads IV” - Where the wild water flows / Holy Diver (NEW)

Dreamcatcher - Take hold (NEW)

Entombed - Left Hand Path

Motherlode - Wild Dog (NEW)

CD der Woche III: The Answer “Revival” - Northern Freeway / Caught on the Riverbed (NEW)

Meilenstein - die besten Alben der Redaktion: Morbid Angel “Covenant” - Sworn to the Black

Five Finger Death Punch - Under and over it (NEW)

Airbag - The Bridge (NEW)

529. Sendung am 30./31.10.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, DVD der Woche

Alter Bridge - Ghost of Days gone by (live Dortmund/NEW)

Alter Bridge - Never born to follow (AB 3.5/NEW)

Manilla Road - Fire of Ashurbanipal (NEW)

JR Blackmore - Guardian Angel (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Vallenfyre “A Fragile King” - Ravenous Whore / The Grintory (NEW)

Obrero - Charles the Hammer (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Steel Panther “Balls out” - Tomorrow Night / It won´t suck itself (NEW)

Absu - Song for Ea (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Van Canto “Break the Silence” - If i die in Battle / Primo Victoria (NEW)

CD der Woche IV: Dr. Living Dead! “Same” - My Brain is for Sale / Kindergarten Cop (NEW)

Mooncry - Grief and Hope (NEW)

The Rotted - The House of Bedlam (NEW)

DVD der Woche: Party San Open Air 2010 mit Asphyx - Death the Brutal Way / Napalm Death - Suffer the Children (NEW)

CD der Woche V: Riot “Immortal Souls” - Wings are for Angels / Fall before me (NEW)

Grand Design - Get on with the Action (NEW)

530. Sendung am 06./07.11.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review Alter Bridge/BSC 29.10. Dortmund, Review Whitesnake Box

Steel Panther - Supersonic Sex Machine (+Preview DSMN Metalnight 11.11./NEW)

Throne of Katarsis - Masterens tilbakekomst (NEW)

Nunfuckritual - Komodo Dragon, Mother Queen (NEW)

From the Depths - The Will to be the Flame (NEW)

The Fucking Wrath - Swan Song of a Mad Man (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Megadeth “Thirteen” - Sudden Death / Black Swan (NEW)

Denial Fiend - Flesh Coffin (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Knorkator “Es werde nicht” - Du nich / Arschgesicht (NEW)

Bush - The Mirror of the Signs (NEW)

Revocation - Reprogrammed (NEW)


Review Alter Bridge/Black Stone Cherry 29.10. Dortmund mit

Black Stone Cherry - Killing Floor (NEW)

Alter Bridge - All Hope is gone (live/NEW)


Raate - Tulen Laulu (NEW)


Review Whitesnake “Box o´ Snakes” mit

Whitesnake - Blood Mary

Whitesnake - Ain´t no love in the Heart of the City (live 1979)

Whitesnake - Fool for your loving (live 1980)


Army Rising - Lost Generation (NEW)

Archgoat - Blessed Vulva (NEW)

Lahannya - Save me (NEW)

531. Sendung am 13./14.11.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Show vom 6./7.11. wiederholt.

532. Sendung am 20./22.11.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Bonustip der Woche, Preview Iced Earth Tour 2011

Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King (Re-Release/NEW)

Magnum - Do you know who you are? (Best of/NEW)

Brutal Truth - End Time / Fuck Cancer (NEW)

Bloodspot - Bullets (NEW)

Rock Rotten 9mm - Kain vs Abel (NEW)

Antichrist - Victims of the Blade (NEW)

Bonustip der Woche: Disturbed “The Lost Children” - Hell / Mine (NEW)

Metsatöll - Kivine maa (NEW)

Lou Reed and Metallica - Cheat on me (NEW)

 CD der Woche I: Widow “Life´s Blood” - Take hold of the Night / Embrace it (NEW)


Preview Iced Earth “Dystopia World Tour 2011” - Herford 6.12. mit

Fury UK - Saviour

Iced Earth - Dark City (NEW)


CD der Woche II: Leningrad Cowboys “Buena Vodka Social Club” - Machine Gun Blood / Buena Vodka Social Club (NEW)

Ski King - Don´t stop believin´ (NEW)

CD der Woche III: High Spirits “Another Night” - Another Night in the City / Demons at the Door (NEW)

Zantropya Ex - Kranker Wichser (NEW)

533. Sendung am 27./28.11.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review Sick of it all 26.10., Buchvorstellung “New York Hardcore Vol.2”, Preview Morbid Angel 14.12. Bochum, Heavy Metal Covernight 2.12. Kassel, Volbeer (Volbeat Cover) 3.12. Kassel

Volbeat - The Mirror and the Ripper (+Preview Volbeer 3.12. Fiasko, Kassel)

Fastway - Deliver me (NEW)

Sick of it all - Long as she´s standing (+Review Show Salzmann Factory 26.10. Kassel)


Preview Heavy Metal Covernight 2.12. Panoptikum, Kassel u.a. Reflector/Smashers mit

Alter Bridge - Metalingus

Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss


CD der Woche I: Warbeast “Krush the Enemy” - Unleashed / We are the Vultures (NEW)

D.A.D. - The Place of our Heart (NEW)

Do or die - Breathe at last (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Alcatraz “Smile now, cry later” - Some still believe / Fuck off and die (NEW)

Savatage - Damien / Handful of Rain (live/Re-Release/NEW)

Venom - Pedal to the Metal (NEW)


Preview Morbid Angel 14.12. Europa Tour Bochum, Matrix mit

Necrophobic - Spawned by Evil

Morbid Angel - I am Morbid


Buchvorstellung “New York Hardcore Vol.2 - The Sound of the Big Apple” (NEW) mit

Biohazard - Blue Blood

Cro-Mags - Street Justice


CD der Woche III: The Devil´s Blood “The Thousandfold Epicentre” - Die the Death / The Thousandfold Epicentre (NEW)

Live-CD der Woche: Rush “Time Machine - Live in Cleveland” - Limelight /Caravan (NEW)

534. Sendung am 04./05.12.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Previews Sodom 17.12., J.B.O. 15.12., Broilers 14.12. & Die Fremden 10.12. Kassel, Review Volbeer 3.12.

Volbeat - Evelyn (+ Review Volbeer 3.12.)

Eternal Flight - Firedancer (NEW)

Herratik - Bottom Feeder (NEW)

Eloy - The Tides return forever (Re-Issue/NEW)

Kill Chambers - Together we fade (NEW)


Preview SODOM + Supports 17.12. Kassel, Hotspot

Hellforce - Forces of Hell

Toxin - Lust for Life

Sodom - City of God / Outbreak of Evil


CD der Woche: Root “Heritage of Satan” - In Nomine Satanas / Fiery Message (NEW)


Preview Broilers Show 14.12. Kassel, MT

Broilers - Harter Weg


CD der Woche II: Accuser “Dependant Domination” - Beneath your Dignity / Dependant Domination (NEW)

Vlad in Tears - Here comes the Rain (NEW)

Thornium - Emperor of the Carpathians (Re-Issue/NEW)


Preview J.B.O. 15.12. Kassel, MT

J.B.O. - Könige

J.B.O. - Kalaschnikow


Bionic Ghost Kids - This Girl is a Vampire (NEW)

Blowsight - The Sun behind the Rain (NEW)

Fate - Children of the Night (NEW)

Grand Illusion - Prince of Paupers (NEW)

Tri State Corner - Katastrophy (NEW)


Preview Die Fremden 10.12. Kassel, K-19

Die Fremden - Im Untergrund

535. Sendung am 11./12.12.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 02./03.01.2011 wiederholt.

536. Sendung am 18./19.12.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CD/DVD der Woche, Savatage Re-Issues, Special Metal Assault II 14.01.12 Würzburg, Rubrik Meilenstein

Nightwish - Storytime (NEW)

Trash Amigos - Divided (NEW)

Iron Savior - Starlight (NEW)

Rammstein - Mein Land (Best of/NEW)

Oz - Turn the Cross upside down (NEW)

CD/DVD der Woche:Volbeat “Live beyond Hell/Above Heaven” - 7 Shots / I only wanna be with you (NEW)

Alfonzetti - Losing you (NEW)


Savatage Re-Issues (Handful of Rain, Poets and Madman, Ghost in the Ruins)

Savatage - Comissar (NEW)

Savatage - Stare into the Sun (NEW)

Savatage - Devastation (live/NEW)

Savatage - Gutter Ballet (live/NEW)


Meilenstein - die besten Alben der Redaktion: Mercyful Fate “Don´t break the Oath” - A Dangerous Meeting


Special: Preview Metal Assault II Festival 14.01.2012 Würzburg, Posthalle mit

Antichrist - Sign of the Beast

Satan - Trial by Fire

Heir Apparent - Tear down the Walls

Sanctuary - Battle Angels


Stormzone - Last Man Fighting (NEW)

Rwake - It was beautiful but now it´s sour (NEW)

537. Sendung am 25./26.12.11 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1./2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Reviews Iced Earth / Morbid Angel / Broilers / J.B.O., Review “Wild at Heart - Metal Ballads” Sampler

Review Iced Earth 6.12. Herford, X mit

Iced Earth - When the Night falls

Fury UK - I see red


Vanderbuyst - Where´s that devil (NEW)

Xiom - Slave of Desire (NEW)

Night in Gales - The Tides of November (NEW)

Haemoth - Slaying the Blind (NEW)

CD der Woche: Cage “Supremacy of Steel” - Bloodsteel / Metal Empire (NEW)

Uneven Structure - Frost (NEW)

Iron Mask - Feel the Fire (NEW)


Review Morbid Angel + Supports 14.12. Bochum, Matrix mit

Morbid Angel - Fall from Grace

Morbid Angel - God of Emptiness


Review Broilers 14.12. Kassel, MT

Broilers - Alles geht weiter


Trillium - Scream it (NEW)


Review “Wild at Heart - The Metal Ballads” Sampler (NEW) mit:

Journey - After all these Years

Scheepers - Before the Dawn


Jim Jeffries - Headin´ on out west (NEW)


Review J.B.O. 15.12. Kassel, MT

J.B.O. - Ällabätsch

J.B.O. - Killer


Gonorreas - Chasing the Dragon (NEW)