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Alle Playlists 2007

277. Sendung am 07.01./08.01.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, The Best of 2006

Grave Digger - Highland Tears (NEW)


THE VERY BEST OF 2006: (Frank & Dirk presents their Albums of the year)

PROG METAL: (D) Communic “Waves of Visual Decay”- Watching it all disappear

(F) Spock´s Beard “Same” - Is this Love

ROCK/HARD ROCK: (D) Jeff Walker & die Flüffers “Welcome to Carcass Cuntry” - The Man comes around

(F) Motörhead “Kiss of Death” - Trigger

POWER METAL: (F) Edguy “Rocket Ride” - Wasted Time

(D) Into Eternity “The Scattering of Ashes” - Timeless winter

FOLK/GOTHIC METAL: (D) Falconer “Northwind” - Himmel Sa Trind

DEATH/BLACK METAL: (D) Satyricon “Now, Diabolical” - A new Enemy

(F) Unleashed “Midvinterblot” - Blood of Lies

THRASH/SPEED METAL: (F) Slayer “Christ Illusion” - Consfearacy

(D) Celtic Frost “Monotheist” - Os Abysmi Vel Danath


LIVE CD: (D) Kamelot “One Cold Winters Night” - Abandoned

(F) Doro Pesch “20 Years a Warrior Soul” - Thunderspell

HEAVY METAL: (D) Iron Maiden “A Matter of Life and Death” - Out of the Shadows

(F) Jon Oliva´s Pain “Maniacal Renderings” - Timeless Flight

CD DES JAHRES: (F) Blind Guardian “A Twist in the Myth” - Turn the Page

(D) Disillusion “Gloria” - Too many broken cease fires


Destruction - Cracked Brain (NEW)

Norway - American Girl (NEW)

CD der Woche: Legion of the Damned “Sons of the Jackal” - Death´s March / Infernal Wrath (NEW)

Sinner - Badlands (NEW)

Tombthroat - In the Arms of the Lord (NEW)

The Poodles - Metal will stand tall (NEW)

Weltendämmerung - Die Elasaj (NEW)

Funeral - Vagrant God (NEW)

Delight - Divided (NEW)

278. Sendung am 14.01./15.01.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aus produktionstechnischen Gründen wurde die Sendung vom 07./08.01.07 wiederholt

279. Sendung am 21.01./22.01.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Holy Moses Re-Releases, Lez Zeppelin Preview

Rebellion - Miklagard (NEW)

Holy Moses - Taste my Blood (Re-Release /NEW)

Holy Moses - We are at War (Re-Release/NEW)

Heavenly - Blood on Fire (NEW)

Since the Flood - Everything to love (NEW)

Nostradameus - Wall of Anger (NEW)

Twisted into Form - Torrents (NEW)

Crescent Shield - Slaves to the Metal Horde (NEW)

Twisted Tower Dire - Killing Kind (NEW)

Fear my Thoughts - Culture of Fear (NEW)

Moorgate - In Silence we cry (NEW)

Grave Digger - Liberty or Death (NEW)

Vehementer Noz - Seuls (NEW)

Handful of Hate - Used to Disciple (NEW)

Sulphur - Two Thousand Years of Plague (NEW)

Led Zeppelin - Black Dog (+ Preview Lez Zeppelin 25.Januar 2007 MT Kassel)

Wizard - Black Worms (NEW)

Bokor - Best Trip (NEW)

Erik Norlander - Conquistador (NEW)

House of Lords - I wanna be loved (NEW)

Judas Priest - Desert Plains + REVIEW “The NWOBHM Encyclopedia” by Malc Macmillan

Masterplan - Lost and Gone (NEW)

Everything at Once - Hit the Deck (NEW)

280. Sendung am 28.01./29.01.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News

Slayer - Eyes of the Insane

Trail of Tears - Venom inside my Veins (NEW)

Richie Kotzen - Misunderstood (NEW)

The Poodles - Echoes from the Past (NEW)

He is Legend - Mushroom River (NEW)

Manning - Margaret Montgomery (NEW)

Rock Scientists - Better View (NEW)

System Shock - Engine Failure (NEW)

Iced Earth - I died for you

This Ending - Inside the Machine (NEW)

Anton feat. Knorkator - Ein Liebeslied (NEW)

Mnemic - Meaningless (NEW)

Max Midsun - The Pain (NEW)

Henning Pauly - No Tree to sit under (NEW)

Noumena - The Burning (NEW)

Burning Point - Dawn of the Ancient War (NEW)

Dead Poetic - Lioness (NEW)

Forest of Silence - Spirits of the Wind (NEW)

The Syre - Exist! (NEW)

Blind Ego - Obsession (NEW)

Lucas, White & Edsay - The Nightcap (NEW)

Rain - Get over it (NEW)

Faith and Fire - Everything (NEW)

281. Sendung am 04.02./05.02.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Buchvorstellung “Covermania”

13th Street: The Sound of Mystery Part 2 mit Theatre of Tragedy - Der Tanz der Schatten /

Dimmu Borgir - Progenies of the Great Apocalypse (NEW)

Hartmann - Coming home to you (NEW)

Machinae Supremacy - Rise (NEW)

Impious - Holy Murder Masquerade (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Therion “Gothic Kabbalah” - Sons of the Staves of Time / The Wand of Abarus (NEW)

Ancient Existence - Hate shall be the whole of the Law (NEW)

Silent Force - Walk the Earth (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Knorkator “Das nächste Album aller Zeiten” - Alter Mann / Für meine Fans (NEW)

Pain of Salvation - America (NEW)

Jorn - Hourglass (NEW)

Jorn - Perfect Strangers (NEW)

Killus - Rape your Dreams (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Paul Di Anno “The Maiden Years: The Classics” - Murders in the Rue Morgue / Strangeworld (NEW)

Dark Moor - The Chariot (NEW)

Nahema´s - Killing my Architect (NEW)

Calleion - Bitter macht Lustig (NEW)

Buchvorstellung “Covermania” aus der Rock Hard Serie

Tristania - Mercyside (NEW)

Sirenia - My Mind´s Eye (NEW)

Antiquus - Eleutheria (NEW)

Dreamland - Eye for an Eye (NEW)

282. Sendung am 11.02./12.02.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Review Lez Zeppelin

Masterplan - Lost and Gone (NEW)

Chimera - Resurrection (NEW)

Tarot - Ashes to Ashes (NEW)

Led Zeppelin - Whole lotta Love (+ Review Konzert Lez Zeppelin 25.1.2007)

Suckceed - Bitch Mobile (NEW)

CD der Woche: Aborted “Slaughter & Apparatus” - Avenious / Archetype (NEW)

Mad Max - Someone like you (NEW)

Glamour - The Warrior Waltz (NEW)

Saxon - If I was you (NEW)

Deftones - Mein (NEW)

Crazy Lixx - Heroes are forever (NEW)

Skid Row - 18 and Life

The Poodles - Night of Passion (NEW)

Skinny Puppy - Politikil (NEW)

Tribal - Higher (NEW)

Triosphere - Lament (NEW)

Birdflesh - After-Ski Obliteration (NEW)

Memfis - The Wind-up (NEW)

David Vaughn - Restless Blood (NEW)

Hearse - Intoxication (NEW)

Glorious Bankrobbing - Crazy Sioux (NEW)

Leichenwetter - Gesang der Geister über den Wassern (NEW)

Miscellany - Catch-22 (NEW)

283. Sendung am 18.02./19.02.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, DVD “Heavy Metal - Louder than Life” Review

Oomph feat. Marta Jardova - Träumst Du (NEW)

Echoes of Eternity - Expressions of Flesh (NEW)

Hacride - Strenght (NEW)

Blackfield - Miss U (NEW)

Dominici - Nowhere to hide (NEW)

Battlelore - Summon the Wolves (NEW)

Fu Manchu - Know it all along (NEW)

Psyopus - The Pig Keeperis Daughter (NEW)

Machine Men - No Talk without the Giant (NEW)

CD der Woche: Neal Morse “Sola Scriptura” - The Conflict (NEW)

Mors Principium Est - The Animal Within (NEW)

Furze - The Deeds that grasp to the Candle´s Shade (NEW)

Cryonic - Kings of the Hill (NEW)

Naglfar - The Darkest Road (NEW)

Goddess Shiva - Down on Luck (NEW)

Waltari - Big Sleep (NEW)

DVD-Review: “Heavy Metal - Louder than Life” von POLYBAND

Krypteria - The Promise (NEW)

Horrorscope - The Inner Pride (NEW)

Onslaught - Pain (NEW)

Violent Work of Art - As the sky comes falling down (NEW)

Pure Reason Revolution - Apprentice of the Universe (NEW)

284. Sendung am 25.02./26.02.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche

Machine Head - Davidian

Gary Moore - Wild Frontier

Rebellion - Aifur (NEW)

Lake of Tears - Boogie Bubble

Mc Queen - Neurotic (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Manowar “Gods of War” - Die for Metal / Sleipnir / Gods of War (NEW)

Biohazard - Punishment

Negura Bunget - Cunoasterea Täcutä (NEW)

Metallica - Whiplash (live Mexico)

CD der Woche II: Masterplan “MK II” - I´m gonna win / Keeps me burning (NEW)

Bruce Dickinson - Navigate the Seas of the Sun

Rebel meets Rebel - Rebel meets Rebel / Time (NEW)

Slayer - Postmortem

CD der Woche III: Symphorce “Become Death” - Darkness fills the Sky / In the Hopes of a Dream

Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown

Firehouse - Don´t tread me bad

Pride of Lions - Heaven on Earth (NEW)

Ensiferum - Blood is the Price of Glory (NEW)

285. Sendung am 04.03./05.03.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Trouble Re-Releases

Busta Rhymes - Iron Man (NEW)

Nightrage - Reconcile (NEW)

The Showdown - We die young (NEW)

Abscess - When Witches burn (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Volbeat “Rock the Rebel, Metal the Devil” - The Garden´s Tale / Sad Man´s Tongue (NEW)

Domine - I stand alone (after the Fall/NEW)

Longing for Dawn - Discidium (NEW)

Drone - Welcome to the Pit (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Saxon “The Inner Sanctum” - State of Grace / Attila the Hun (NEW)

Labyrinth - Low (NEW)

Lost Eden - Equation 999 (NEW)

Deathbound - A Fraction of Truth (NEW)

Sear - Fire & Death (NEW)

Cornerstone - One Man´s Hell (NEW)

Shadows Fall - Redemption (NEW)

Almah - Children of Lies (NEW)

Coverdale / Page - Shake my Tree

Trouble - The Tempter (re-release/NEW)

Trouble - Fear no Evil (re-release/NEW)

286. Sendung am 11.03./12.03.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, DVD Review Nirvana + Beastie Boys

Mayhem - Freezing Moon

Morgana Lefay - Over and over again (NEW)

Glamour - Take my Advice (NEW)

In Slumber - One Bullet for one Aeon (NEW)

Iced Earth - Last December

Disbelief - When Silence is broken (NEW)

CD der Woche: Debauchery “Back in Blood” - Lords of Battle / Butcher of Bitches (NEW)

April - First Blood (NEW)

Hyades - Disposable Planet (NEW)

Scream Silence - Harvest (NEW)

Queensryche - Empire

Sonata Arctica - My Land (2006/NEW)

Imperia - Broken Wings (NEW)

DVD-Review: Nirvana “Nevermind Kurt” - Smells like Teen Spirit (NEW)

Balboa Inn - Desert Road (NEW)

Dismember - Skinfather

Morbid Angel - Blessed are the Sick

Svartlraft - Dweller of the Twilight Void (NEW)

Mael Mordha - A Window of Madness (NEW)

DVD-Review: Beastie Boys “Awesome - I fuckin´ shot that” - Fight for your Right (NEW)

287. Sendung am 18.03./19.03.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Manowar Tour-Preview 24.3. Frankfurt

Axell Rudi Pell - Fly to the Moon

Vital Remains - Icons of Evil (NEW)

Blood Tsunami - Let Blood Rain (NEW)

Metallica - The Unforgiven


Preview Manowar / Rhapsody / Holy Hell 24.3. Frankfurt:

Holy Hell - Apocalypse (NEW)

Rhapsody - Holy Thunderforce

Manowar - Gods of War

Manowar - Sign of the Hammer


CD der Woche: Intense “As our Army grows” - Mirror shroud / Strange New World (NEW)

Cinderella - Long Cold Winter

Privateer - Children of the Dog Star (NEW)

Slavior - Swept away (NEW)

Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark (live)

Throne of Katarsis - Symbols of Winter (NEW)

Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace

Age of Agression - Hell´s Bastard (NEW)

Soulbreach - My Dividing Line (NEW)

Motörhead - 1916

Apocryphal Voice - Lifeless (NEW)

Soundgarden - Black Hole Sun

288. Sendung am 25.03./26.03.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Art of Darkness XII Preview 31.3.07, Manowar Review 24.3.

Dark Tranquillity - Nothing to no One (NEW)

Depressive Age - World in Veins


Preview Art of Darkness XII mit Studiogästen BURDEN OF GRIEF:

Desperados - Dust of History

Gutlock - Revulsion

Iron Maiden - Flight of Icarus (live)

CD der Woche I: Burden of Grief - The Killer in me / Passion of the Night (NEW)


Lake of Tears - Island Earth (NEW)

AC/DC - Kicked in the Teeth

CD der Woche II: Type O Negative “Dead again” - Dead again / Halloween in Heaven (NEW)

Dimmu Borgir - The Sinister Awakening (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Threshold “Dead Reckoning” - This is your Life / Safe to Fly (NEW)

MANOWAR KONZERTREVIEW 24.3.2007 Frankfurt:

Manowar - Each Dawn I die

Manowar - Mountain

Manowar - Gloves of Metal

289. Sendung am 01.04./02.04.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review Art of Darkness XII, Bang your Head DVD 2006 Review

Burden of Grief - Swallow the Sun (NEW)

Pro-Pain - Three Minute Hate (NEW)

Emerald Sun - Scream out loud (NEW)

Thunderstone - Death rides on the Highway (NEW)

Finntroll - Slagbröder (NEW)

Excalion - Losing Time (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Machine Head “The Blackening” - Clenching the Fists of Dissent / Now I lay thee down (NEW)

Moonlight Agony - Through the Desert Storm (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Magnum “Princess Alice and the Broken Arrow” - When we were younger / Eyes wide open (NEW)

Review Bang your Head 2006 DVD: Flotsam & Jetsam “Escape from within” / Unleashed “Into Glory Ride” (NEW)

Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet (NEW)

Sonic Reign - Decent Doctrine (NEW)

Dying Fetus - Raping the System (NEW)

Demiurg - Flesh Festival (NEW)

Revolting Cocks - Fire Engine (NEW)

Keen of the Crow - Left for the Wolves (NEW)

Gutbucket - Ain´t got Time (NEW)

Oysterband - When the World divides (NEW)

290. Sendung am 08.04./09.04.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News

Hate Squad - IQ Zero

Breed 77 - Zombie (NEW)

Nine Inch Nails - Survivalism (NEW)

All Out War - Into the Arms of Annhilation (NEW)

Machine Head - Davidian

Serenity - Engraved within (NEW)

Inhume - Plague Injected (NEW)

Entombed - Out of Hand

Requiem - Isolated (NEW)

Puppet Show - God´s Angry Man (NEW)

Freedom Call - Innocent World (NEW)

Nine - Bird of Prey (NEW)

Shining - Besvikelsens Dystra Monotoni (NEW)

Saratoga - A New World (NEW)

Black Rain - Winterwind (NEW)

Nevermore - Enemies of Reality

El Caco - Crash and Burn (NEW)

Somniac Status - Selling Souls (NEW)

DSK - The Beast they bred (NEW)

Mary´s Creek - I can feel it (NEW)

Stratovarius - Hunting High and Low

Antimatter - Ghosts (NEW)

Scelerata - Eminence (NEW)

Elend - A World in their Screams (NEW)

Dorrn - Oversexed and underfucked (NEW)

291. Sendung am 15.04./16.04.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Preview 1. True Metal Night 21.4.2007 Kassel

Edge of Sanity - Jesus cries

Blind Guardian - Script for my Requiem

Redemption - The Death of Faith and Reason (NEW)

Kill the Romance - Ghost White (NEW)

Annhilator - Chasing the High (NEW)

Paradise Lost - The Enemy (NEW)

Freedom Call - Heart of the Brave


Prview 1. True Metal Night Kassel 21.4.2007:

Ivory Night - Chain of Thorns

Reaper - Shelter from the Storm

Mesmerized - Lost Dreams


Pink Cream 69 - Children of the Dawn (NEW)

CD der Woche: Dark Tranquillity “Fiction” - Misery´s Crown / Inside the Particle Storm (NEW)

Chris Caffery - Sixty-Six (NEW)

Master - Slaves to Society (NEW)

Thought Chamber - A Legend´s Avalon (NEW)

Dimmu Borgir - The Serpent´s Offering (NEW)

Zuul FX - Fight for the Cause (NEW)

Kotipeto - Sleep well (NEW)

292. Sendung am 22.04./23.04.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Annhilator/Trivium Konzertpreview, True Metal Night 21.4. Konzertreview

Bruce Dickinson - Starchildren

Dark Funeral - Open the Gates

Warcry -Tu recreado me bastera (NEW)

Communic - Watching it all disappear

CD der Woche I: Lake of Tears “Moons and Mushrooms” - Planet of the Penguins / Like a Leaf (NEW)

Cannibal Corpse - A Skull full of Maggots (live)

Shadows Fall - Failure of Devout (NEW)

Grip Inc. - The Summoning

CD der Woche II: Six Feet Under “Commandment” - Bled to death / Resurrection of the Rotten (NEW)

Das letzte Einhorn & Vince - Spielmann

Iron Maiden - The Evil that Men do

Trivium - The Rising (NEW) / Annihilator - Couple Suicide (NEW) + Konzertpreview 30.4. Herford

At the Gates - Blinded by Fear

Samael - Valkyrie´s New Ride (NEW)

Helloween - Eagle fly free

Marduk - Accuser / Opposer (NEW)

Sanctity - Beloved Killer (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Black Stone Cherry “Same” - Hell and high Water / Lonely Train (NEW)


Konzertreview 1. True Metal Night 21.4. Kassel:

King Leoric - Stranded in Time

Reaper - Wonders in the Dark

Mesmerized - Stranger

293. Sendung am 29.04./30.04.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Buchreview, Preview Mesmerized Gig 5.5. MT Kassel

Saxon - Wheels of Steel

Megadeth feat. C.Scabbia - A Tout le Monde (NEW)

Monstrosity - Firestorm (NEW)

Holy Martyr - Vis et Honor (NEW)

Hatesphere - The Slain (NEW)

Vintersorg - Spirar och gros (NEW)

CD der Woche: WASP “Dominator” - Long long Way to go / Heavens hung in Black (NEW)

Marylin Manson - Heart-Shaped Glass (NEW)

Buchreview “Maximum Rock´n Roll” von Murray Eagleheart & Areneud Durieux: AC/DC - It´s a long way to the Top...

Porcupine Tree - Way out of here (NEW)

Maze of Torment - Hidden Cruelty (NEW)

Cradle of Filth - Mr.Crowley

Eisregen - Im Dornenwall (NEW)

Preview Mesmerized Gig 5.5. MT Kassel: Mesmerized - Too many Times (NEW)

Cage - Hell Destroyer (NEW)

Manegarm - En fallen fader (NEW)

Vomitory - Terrorize, Sodomize, Brutalize (NEW)

Naildown - Silent Fall (NEW)

Kamelot - Ghost Opera (NEW)

294. Sendung am 06.05./07.05.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche

Megadeth - Sleepwalker (NEW)

Sabaton - Thundergods (re-release/NEW)

Holy Hell - Apocalypse (NEW)

Autumn - Blue Wine (NEW)

Daath - Festival Mass Soulform (NEW)

CD der Woche: Ensiferum “Victory Songs” - Blood is the Price of Glory / Wanderer (NEW)

Scarve - Senseless (NEW)

Skyward - Travel in Time (NEW)

Sonic Syndicate - Denied (NEW)

Manpoint - Fatherland (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Powerwolf “Lupus Dei” - Prayer in the Dark / Vampire´s don´t die (NEW)

Starcastle - Song of Times (NEW)

Heartbreak Motel - Black Widow (NEW)

Vainglory - Face of Death (NEW)

Deadlock - We shall all bleed (NEW)

Omnium Gatherum - Into Sea (NEW)

Kruger - The Graveyard Party (NEW)

Human Bloodfeast - Body Dismorphic Disorder (NEW)

Ellipsis - A Box in Ocean (NEW)

Susperia - Life Deprived (NEW)

Arkhan - Bloodbath (NEW)

Bloodbound - Book of the Dead (NEW)

295. Sendung am 13.05./14.05.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Fields of Rock 2007 + Rock Hard Festival 2007 Preview

Shadows Fall - Venomous (NEW)

Rush - Armor and Sword (NEW)

Pain - Zombie Slam (NEW)


Fields of Rock 2007 Biddinghuizen Preview:

Velvet Revolver - Sucker Train Blues

Kamelot - Wander

Megadeth - Kick the Chair

Black Sabbath/Heaven and Hell - Heaven and Hell

Dream Theater - Another Day

Dragonforce - Storming the Burning Fields

Type O Negative - Halloween in Heaven

Life of Agony - Love to let you down

Slayer - Flesh Storm

Ozzy Osbourne - I don´t wanna change the World (live)

Iron Maiden - Paschendale (live)


WASP - Take me up (NEW)


Rock Hard Festival 2007 Gelsenkirchen Preview:

Hammerfall - Hammerfall

Death Angel - Devil´s Metal

Axel Rudi Pell - Flyin´ high

296. Sendung am 20.05./21.05.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Demo Drive, Buchreviews Depeche Mode, Metallica, Queen, The Beatles

Iced Earth - The Coming Curse (re-recorded/NEW)

Shakra - Vertigo (NEW)

Demo Drive: Mandatory - Obsane Mortification (NEW)

Trimonium - The Wisdom of the Crying Stones (NEW)

Twilightning - Pimes, Witches, Thieves and Bitches (NEW)

Buchreview: Depeche Mode “Enthüllt” von Jonathan Miller (NEW)

Herman Rarebell & Band - Your Love is hurting (NEW)

Rise to Addiction - Moth to a Flame (NEW)

Face Down Hero - Inside thought Walls (NEW)

UDO - Mastercutor (NEW)

Saga - See them smile (NEW)

Collarbone - Nightlight (NEW)

Hanging Garden - Paper Doves (NEW)

Eldritch - The Deep Sleep (NEW)

Buchreviews: 3 Bücher aus der Buchreihe “Story & Songs” von Metallica / Queen / The Beatles (NEW): Queen - Tie your Mother down

Tesla - We can work it out

Raintime - Flies and Lies (NEW)

Schizo - Lacrima Khristi (NEW)

Obscurity - Bergische Löwen (NEW)

Brother Firetribe - I´m on Fire (NEW)

Mustasch - Falling Down (NEW)

Illnath - Virgin Soil (NEW)

Daryl Stürmer - Greenlight (NEW)

297. Sendung am 27.05./28.05.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Solstice Re-Releases

Dream Theater - Constant Motion (NEW)

Nanowar - Fight the Dragon (for the Village/NEW)

CD der Woche I: Megadeth “United Abominations” - Amerikhastan / United Abominations (NEW)

Iced Earth - Ten Thousand Strong (NEW)

Beyond the Sixth Seal - Revelry (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Kamelot “Ghost Opera” - The Human Stain / Love you to Death (NEW)

Visions of Atlantis - The Secret (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Evocation “Tales from the Tomb” - Greed / From Menace to Mayhem (NEW)

Ozzy Osbourne - Here for you (NEW)

Job for a Cowboy - Reduced to mere the Filth (NEW)

Graveworm - Touch of Hate (NEW)

Angelcorpse - Hexensabbat (NEW)

CD der Woche IV: Cage “Hell Destroyer” - I am the King / Beyond the Apocalypse (NEW)

Lord Belial - Death as Solution (NEW)

CD der Woche V: Allen/Lande “The Revenge” - The Revenge / Her Spell (NEW)

3 Solstice Re-Releases:

Solstice - The Sleeping Tyrant (NEW)

Solstice - Neither Time nor Tide (NEW)

Solstice - To Ride with Tyr (NEW)

298. Sendung am 03.06./04.06.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Rock Harz 2007 Preview

Kamelot - Mourning Star (NEW)

Caliban - I will never let you down (NEW)

Behemoth - Inner Sanctum (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Xandria “Salomé - The Seventh Veil” - Firestorm / Salome (NEW)

Entombed - Masters of Death (NEW)


Rock Harz 2007 Preview:

Mambo Kurt - South of Heaven (NEW)

Slayer - Dittohead

Oomph - Träumst Du

AOK - Volkxmusik ist für´n Arsch

WASP - Long long way to go (NEW)

Lake of  Tears - Boogie Bubble

Rage - Ghosts

Kreator - Enemy of God

In Extremo - Vollmond


CD der Woche II: Dream Theater “Systematic Chaos” - In the Presence of Enemies Pt. I / Prophets of War / Forsaken (NEW)

Manowar - Mountains

299. Sendung am 10.06./11.06.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Interview mit Mike Portnoy / James La Brie (Dream Theater), Buchreview

Paradox - Path of Denial

Devin Townsend - Ziltoidia attaxx (NEW)

At Vance - Cold as Ice (NEW)

Nerlich - Mask for the Faceless (NEW)

Iron Savior - Running Riot (NEW)

Candlemass - Embracing the Styx (NEW)

Scariot - Nothing is forever (NEW)

CD der Woche: Halford “Metal God Essentials Vol.1” - Forgotten Generation / War of Words (NEW)

Hell within - Shadows of Vanity (NEW)

Black Majesty - Forever damned (NEW)

Buchreview: “Fargo Rock City” von Chuck Klostermann (NEW)

Mötley Crüe - Kickstart my Heart

Pantheon I - Shedim (NEW)

Mithras - To Fall from the Heavens (NEW)

Demonical - Unholy Desecration (NEW)

Fate - Lovers (re-release/NEW)

FAte - Fallen Angel (re-release/NEW)

Dream Theater Interview mit Mike Portnoy und James La Brie

Breed - Bleed in Grey (NEW)

300. Sendung am 17.06./18.06.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Rock Hard Hörbuch

Venom - Black Metal

Katatonia - July (NEW)

Anterior - Dead Divine (NEW)

Haemorrhage - Festerfeast / Worm-infested Cavities (NEW)

Carnal Forge - Burning Eden (NEW)

CD der Woche: King Diamond “Give me your Soul... please” - Never ending Hill / Black of Night (NEW)

Razor Ball - Temptation (walks in /NEW)

DGM - Unkept Promises (NEW)

Becoming the Archetype - Autopsy (NEW)

Evidence One - The Luxury of Losing Hope (NEW)

Two of a Kind - The Longest Night (NEW)

Killswitch Engage - The Arms of Sorrow (NEW)

Forever in Terror - In the Face of the Faceless (NEW)

Kaipa - Liquid Holes in the Sky (NEW)

Winds of Torment - The Unspoken Pact (NEW)

Amatris - Broken Chains (NEW)

Deathchain - Serpent of the Deep (NEW)

Detonation - Modulate (NEW)

Army of Robots - The Heaviest Cure (NEW)

Obsidian - Fuel for my Hatred (NEW)

Rock Hard Hörbuch Metallica Pt. 1: In sieben Tagen durch die Hölle (NEW)

Rock Hard Hörbuch Metallica Pt. 2: Vier Lemmys & ein brennender Roadie (NEW)

Meldrum - Scar (NEW)

301. Sendung am 24.06./25.06.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche,

Nightwish - Eva (NEW)

Lions Share - The Arsonist (NEW)

Hirax - Lucifer´s Inferno (NEW)

In this Moment - Beautiful Tragedy (NEW)

Lumsk - Hostnat (NEW)

CD der Woche: Hellfueled “Memories in Black” - Monster / Right now (NEW)

Insense - The Worst is yet to come (NEW)

Doro Pesch - All we are (new version /NEW)

Nocturnal Rites - Not the Only (NEW)

Joe Lynn Turner - Blood Red Sky (NEW)

Night Ranger - You´re gonna hear from me (NEW)

Korpiklaani - Running with the Wolves / Let´s drink (NEW)

Planet X - Matrix Gate (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Candlemass “Kimg of the Grey Islands” - Destroyer / Emperor of the Void (NEW)

MZ - Last of a Long Line (NEW)

Emigrate - My World (NEW)

Amphitryon - Theocracy (NEW)

Mothernight - Resurrect me (NEW)

Stan Bush - In this Life (NEW)

Iron Fire - Follow the Sign (NEW)

302. Sendung am 01.07./02.07.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Metalcamp 2007 + Magic Circle Festival 2007 Preview, DVD der Woche

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - We will never die (+ Rock Harz 2007 Kurzpreview)


Preview Magic Circle Festival 2007 Bad Arolsen:

Manowar - Fighting the World

Gamma Ray - Dethrony Tyranny

Manowar - Loki, God of Fire

Lions Share - Clones of Fate (NEW)


CD der Woche: Entombed “Serpent Saints” - Thy Kingdom Koma / The Dead, the Dying and the Dying to be dead (NEW)


Preview Metalcamp 2007 Slowenien + Gewinnspiel

Sadist - Tribe

Sepultura - Convicted in Life

Disillusion - Don´t go any further

Dismember - I wish you hell

Unleashed - In the Name of God

Satyricon - The Pentagram burns

Threshold - This is your life

Motörhead - Burner

Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror

Burden of Grief - Vita Reducta


Review DVD der Woche: Brainstorm “Honey from the B´s” (NEW)

Brainstorm “Live in Budapest” - All those Words

Brainstorm “Live in Budapest” - Highs without Lows

Brainstorm “Live in Wacken” - Doorway to Survive

Brainstorm “Live in Wacken” - Blind Suffering


Doomsword - Days of High Adventure (NEW)

303. Sendung am 08.07./09.07.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Magic Circle Festival Review, Wacken Open Air Preview 2007

Deicide - Satan´s Spawn the Caco-Demon

Magic Circle Festival 2007 Bad Arolsen Review mit

Manowar - Kings of Metal

Lion´s Share - Clones of Fate

Holy Hell - Apocalypse

Gamma Ray - Man on a Mission

CD der Woche: Manowar “Gods of War - live”: Gloves of Metal / Warriors of the World United (NEW)

Jan Oidium - Die Wahrheit über Wacken - Campground (NEW)

Wacken Open Air 2007 Preview mit

Subway to Sally - Falscher Heiland

Grave Digger - Desert Rose

Cannibal Corpse - Staring through the Eyes of the Dead

Iced Earth - Declaration Day

JBO - Im Verkehr

Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua

Therion - Three Treasures

Belphegor - March of the Dead

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - Vier Reiter stehen bereit

Immortal - Eternal Years on the Path to the Cemetary Gates

Blind Guardian - Another Stranger me

In Flames - Reflect the Storm

Moonspell - Full Moon Madness

304. Sendung am 15.07./16.07.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche,

Megadeth - Angry again

Lillian Axe - Water rising (NEW)

Abandoned - Die in Dignity (NEW)

Tesla - Space Truckin´ (NEW)

Paragon - Hammer of the Gods (NEW)

Hollywood Roses - Turbosheen (NEW)

Clawfinger - Life will kill you (NEW)

Eyefear - Breathe again (NEW)

Evergreen Terrace - High Tide or No Tide (NEW)

CD der Woche: Seventh Calling “Monuments” - Dark Angel / Mercyless (NEW)

Helmet and House of Pain - Just another Victim

Soul Takers - Icon (NEW)

Violence Unleashed - Burn (NEW)

Morkriket - Hell in all it´s Glory (NEW)

Ai Muro - The Stand (NEW)

Insania Stockholm - Fight for your Life (NEW)

Manitou - Dread of the Freaks (NEW)

Olympos Mons - The Price (NEW)

Hardcore Superstar - Bastards (NEW)

Three - Battle Cry (NEW)

Nanowar (of Steel) - TKTDYNS / Power of the Power of the Power of the Great Sword (live/NEW)

Frederiksen / Devander - Right here, wrong Time (NEW)

305. Sendung am 22.07./23.07.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Hörerwünsche

Rhapsody - Power of the Dragonflame

Silver Fist - Tears of Blood (NEW)

Nanowar (of Steel) - The Number of the Bitch (live/NEW)

Delain - Shattered (NEW)

Mac Blagick - Murder (NEW)

Life of Agony - River runs red

Spheric Universe Experience - The Inner Quest (NEW)

Smashing Pumpkins - Tarantula (NEW)

The Agonist - Take a bow (NEW)

Metallica - Battery

El Gordo - Black Diamond (NEW)

Metsatöll & Nationalmännerchor Estland - Merepojad (NEW)

Dominia - Burial of Reasons (NEW)

Edguy - King of Fools

Oceans of Sadness - Sleeping Dogs (NEW)

Edge of Sanity - Jesus cries

Nonexistence - Twilight Inferno (NEW)

Cannibal Corpse - I cum blood

Stone Sour - Made of Scars (NEW)

TRW - Gonna be some Changes (NEW)

306. Sendung am 29.07./30.07.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: Drowning Sun Metalnight ( Special

Slayer - Divine Intervention

AC/DC - Hells bells

Alice Cooper - Poison

Angel Dust - Bleed

Audioslave - Show me how to live

Billy Talent - Red Flag

Biohazard - My Life, my Way

Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell

Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror

Bruce Dickinson - Tattooed Millionaire

Böhse Onkelz - Kirche

Cannibal Corpse - Fucked with a Knife

Carcass - Heartwork

Cradle of Filth - Gilded Cunt

Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists

Dream Theater - The Spirit carries on (live)

Grave Digger - Rebellion

Iced Earth - Prophecy

Immortal - Tyrants

Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark (live)

Korpiklaani - Happy little Boozer

Manowar- Holy War (live)Opeth - Circle of the Tyrants

System of a Down - Attack

Avantasia - No Return

WASP - Arena of Pleasure

307. Sendung am 05.08./06.08.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, “The Dirt” Buchreview, Vendetta Re-Releases

Winters Bane - Heart of a Killer

Beyond Fallen - Mindfire (NEW)

40 Below Summer - It´s about Time (NEW)

Hanoi Rocks - Fashion (NEW)

Katatonia - July (NEW)

The Cursed - One Time (NEW)

Vision Divine - Out of a Distand Night (Voices/NEW)

CD der Woche: Gorefest “Rise to ruin” - Revolt / A Grim Charade (NEW)

The Red Chord - Dread Prevailed (NEW)

Martriden - The Art of Death Infernal (NEW)

Blood Stain Child - Energy Blast (NEW)

Fjoergyn - Das Leid des Einhorn (NEW)

Mötley Crüe - SOS (Same ol´ Situation) + Buchvorstellung “The Dirt”/Heyne Verlag (NEW)

Consortium Project IV - Neverland (NEW)

Circus Maximus - Abyss (NEW)

Darkthrone - Canadian Metal (NEW)

Blitzkrieg - The Phantom (NEW)

Vendetta - On the Road (NEW/re-release)

Vendetta - War (NEW/re-release)

Alcast - Souvenirs d´un autre Monde (NEW)

308. Sendung am 12.08./13.08.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News

Green Jelly - Three little Pigs

Epica - Never enough (NEW)

Fueled by Fire - Thrash is back (NEW)

Maeder - Another Thing comin´ (NEW)

Sign - Dies Irae / Masters Malice (NEW)

Emigrate - New York City (NEW)

The Absence - The Murder (NEW)

Killswitch Engage - Holy Diver (NEW)

Manos - Path of Sorrow (NEW)

Profanation - Praise my Avantgardistic Cooking Art (NEW)

Carcass - Corporal Jigsore Quandary

Arkhon Infaustus - Behind the Husk of Faith (NEW)

Voices of Rock - Phoenix Rising (NEW)

Ministry - Lies Lies Lies (dub/NEW)

Still remains - Stay captive (NEW)

Before the Dawn - Morning Sun (NEW)

Asteroid - Strange Trip (NEW)

Spellbound - The shark´s Voracity (NEW)

Grabak - Judas Iscariot as Wolf among Sheeps (NEW)

Out of the Dark Various Artists - My Name is Fear (m. Death Angel Sänger/NEW)

Dream Theater - The spirit carries on (live)

Last Winter - A Pacific Romance (NEW)

309. Sendung am 19.08./20.08.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: New, CDs der Woche

Avantasia - Farewell

Anubis Gate - This White Storm through my Mind (NEW)

Machine Made God - Voices (NEW)

Arsonists get all the Girls - Save the Castle, screw the Princess (NEW)

Le Grand Guignol - Dimension: Canvas (NEW)

CD der Woche: Obituary “Xecutioner´s Return”: Face your God / Contrast the Dead (NEW)

Primal Fear - New religion (NEW)

Meliah Rage - God and Man (NEW)

Arch Enemy - Blood on your Hands (NEW)

Eden´s Curse - Stronger than the Flame (NEW)

Crionics - New Thron Aeon (NEW)

Obsidian - Time (NEW)

Terhen - Six Months (NEW)

Astral Doors - Freedom War (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Neara “Armamentarium”: Spearheading the Spawn / Armamentarium (NEW)

Morian - Away from the Sun (NEW)

Marylin Manson - Putting Holes in Happiness (NEW)

Great White - Take me down (NEW)

310. Sendung am 26.08./27.08.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Wacken Open Air Review 2007

Sodom - Agent Orange

Tankard - The Morning After (NEW)

CD der Woche: Dead Soul Tribe “Lullabye for the Devil” - Goodbye City Life / Fear (NEW)

The Blackout Argument - The Used and the Dead (NEW)

Divine Heresy - Failed Creation (NEW)

Widow - Beware the Night (NEW)

Atreyu - Becoming the Bull (NEW)

Amoral - Hang me high (NEW)

Queensryche - Empire

Wet Dog - Heart (NEW)

CD der Woche II: The Vision Bleak “The Wolves go hunt their Prey” - She-Wolf / Evil is of old Date (NEW)

Dexter Jones Circus Orchestra - Feel the Cold (NEW)

Eilera - Addicted (NEW)


Wacken Open Air 2007 Review:

Neara - Armamentarium (NEW)

Sodom - Ausgebombt

Sabbat - Hosanna in Excelsis

JBO - Fränkisches Bier

Enslaved - Jotunblod

Iced Earth - Ten Thousan Strong

Sacred Reich - Surf Nicaragua

In Flames - Only for the Weak


The Order - Mama,  I love Rock´n roll (NEW)

311. Sendung am 02.09./03.09.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Konzertpreview Threshold/Communic Osnabrück 7.9.07

Gotthard - Come alive (NEW)

Hurtlocker - They (NEW)

Kneipenterroristen - Endlich wieder Wochenende (NEW)

Poverty´s no Crime - End in Sight (NEW)

Pig Destroyer - Lesser Animal (NEW)

Vreid - Svart (NEW)

CD der Woche: Heaven and Hell “Live at Radio City Music Hall” - Sign of the Southern Cross / Mob rules (NEW)

Gutworm - Omniscientg Dream (NEW)

Mekong Delta - Society in Dissolution (NEW)


Preview Konzert-Tour Communic / Threshold Osnabrück 7.9.07:

Threshold - Will to give

Communic - Frozen asleep in the Park


Vendetta - Guerilla (NEW)

Tulus - Victim (NEW)

Sworn - Alleviation (NEW)

Zonaria - The Armageddon Anthem (NEW)

Iced Earth - Execution / Order of the Rose (NEW)

Mehida - Wings of Dove (NEW)

In Vein - October´s Monody (NEW)

Iskald - Eden (NEW)

David Readman - Wild in the City (NEW)

66Crusher - Unmasking the Truth (NEW)

Diablo Swing Orchestra - Rag Doll Physics (NEW)

312. Sendung am 09.09./10.09.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Threshold/Communic Live-Review, Preview 14.10.07. Nanowar (of Steel) Gig /Kassel

Biohazard - Tales from the Hard Side

Agonizer - Harmless Hero (NEW)

Desaster - Hellbangers (NEW)

Kneipenterroristen - Hamburg wir steh´n zu Dir (NEW)

Still remains - The River Song (NEW)

Sonic Syndicate - Blue Eye Fiend (NEW)

CD der Woche: Iced Earth “Framing Armageddon” - Something wicked Pt. 1 / Infiltrate & Assimilate / When Stars collide (NEW)

Divine Heresy - Rise of the Scorned (NEW)


Konzertreview Threshold/Communic Osnabrück mit

Communic - They feed on our Fear

Threshold - Pilot in the Sky of Dreams


In Case of Fyr - Bitter and Betrayed (NEW)


Preview Nanowar (of Steel) Live in Kassel mit Livebootleg der Band:

Nanowar (of Steel) - Grandfather, tell me a Story (NEW)

- He Man & Tricycles of Steel (NEW)

- King (NEW)

- Power of the Power of the Power of the Great Sword (NEW)

- The Number of the Bitch (NEW)

- Metal-la-la-la (NEW)

- Odino & Valhalla (NEW)

- Noble Purpose (NEW)

- Metal (NEW)


Lane - Faith

313. Sendung am 16.09./17.09.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Konzertpreview Burden of Grief Kassel K-19, 2 Buchvorstellungen

Sentenced - Beyond the Wall of Sleep

Dreamscape - Borderline (NEW)

Hanoi Rocks - Teenage Revolution (NEW)

Sodom - Burst Command Til War (re-recorded/NEW)

Slough Feg - Galacte Nomad (NEW)

Aeon - Hate them (NEW)

Hemlock - Jacob´s Ladder (NEW)

Vanishing Point - Embodiment (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Astral Doors “New Revelation” - New Revelation / Waiting for the Master (NEW)

Book-Review: “Die Abenteuer von Phil Lynott & Thin Lizzy” von Alan Byrne (NEW)

Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak

Serj Tankian - Empty Walls (NEW)

Crystallic - Severe Punishment (NEW)

Endstille - Der Ketzer (NEW)

In Battle - The Curse (NEW)

Agent Steel - Fashioned from Dust (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Arch Enemy “Rise of the Tyrant” - The Last Enemy / The Day you died (NEW)

Reverend Bizaare - Caesar forever (NEW)


Konzertpreview Burden of Grief, Downtime, Galadriel 21.9. K-19

Burden of Grief - Dead Soul Decline


Bookreview: “Die Chemie von Rush” von Jon Collins (NEW)

Rush - Distant Early Warning

Manngard - Pests in Pools of Stagnant Water

Ritual - The Hemulic Voluntary Band (NEW)

314. Sendung am 23.09./24.09.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche

Slayer - Dead Skin Mask

Serj Tankian - Empty Walls (NEW)

As I lay Dying - Nothing left (NEW)

Depressed Mode - So long (NEW)

Demia - Reciprocity (NEW)

Insision - A Ravenous Discharge (NEW)

CD der Woche: Apocalyptica “Worlds collide” - I´m not Jesus / Worlds collide (NEW)

Flower Kings - Trading my Soul (NEW)

Hollw Corp. - Code (NEW)

The Harrowed - The Inner Thread (NEW)

Spoil Engine - Own Worst Enemy (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Primal Fear “New Religion” - Everytime it rains / Too much Time (NEW)

Saltatio Mortis - Irgendwo in meinem Geiste (NEW)

Eldritch - Heretic Beholder (re-release/NEW)

Axel Rudi Pell - In the Air tonight (NEW)

Fear of Fours - Edge of Insanity (NEW)

Gallhammer - killed by the Queen (NEW)

Enthroned - Pray (NEW)

The Destiny Program - Neurosis and Projection (NEW)

Southern Cross - You shall be damned (NEW)

Lupara - Today is a good day to die (NEW)

Raging Speedhorn - Before the Sea was bulit (NEW)

Jorn - Duke of Love (live/NEW)

315. Sendung am 30.09./01.10.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Buchreviews

Dream Theater - Forsaken (NEW)

Enkelz - Dummheit kennt keine Grenzen (NEW)

Turisas - Rasputin (NEW)

Nuclear Blast Allstars - Out of the Dark - Paper Trail (NEW)

Him - The Kiss of Dawn (NEW)

CD der Woche: Down “Over the Under” - Pillyamyd / The Path (NEW)



Story and Songs kompakt: - Led Zeppelin

- Nirvana - Come as you are


Decline of Humanity - Cult of Blood (NEW)

Wolfpack Unleashed - Religion of Control (NEW)

Black Dahlia Murder - Nocturnal (NEW)

CD der Woche II: JBO “Headbangboing” - Headbangboing / Osama (NEW)

Sieges Even - Eyes wide Open (NEW)

Axel Rudi Pell - Like a Child again (NEW)

Southern Voodoo - Colourblind (NEW)

Kaos Krew - Inflamed (NEW)

Sodom - Outbreak of Evil (re-release/NEW)

Between the Buried and me - The Decade of Statues (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Riverside “” - Rainbow Box / Ultimate Trip (NEW)

Distress - Revealed to Men (NEW)

Soul Doctor - Blood runs cold (NEW)

Apocalyptica - Helden (NEW)

Rob Rock - Garden of Chaos (NEW)

316. Sendung am 07.10./08.10.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review Burden of Grief Kassel, Preview Iced Earth 8.10. + Nanowar (of Steel) 14.10.07

Carcass - Tools of the Trade

Madball - Infiltrate the System (NEW)

Sear Bliss - Blood on the Milky Way (NEW)

The Poodles - Seven Seas (NEW)

Alchemist - Nothing in No Time (NEW)

CD der Woche: Emigrate “Emigrate” - Wake up / Temptation (NEW)

Moonspell - Wolves from the Fog (re-release/NEW)


Konzertpreview Nanowar (of Steel) 14.10.07 K-19, Kassel:

Mesmerized - Stranger

Mortal Terror - All Kinds of Poison

Nanowar (of Steel) - King (live) / Fight the Dragon

Malfeitor - Baphomet (NEW)

Limbonic Art - A Void of Lifeless Dreams (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Darkthrone “F.O.A.D.” - The Church of Real Metal / FOAD (NEW)


Konzertpreview Iced Earth / Annihilator / Turisas 8.10.07, Köln:

Annihilator - Clown Parade

Iced Earth - Infiltrate and Assimilate


R.I.P. - Fade away (NEW)


Konzertreview Burden of Grief / Downtime / Luthien 21.9. Kassel:

Luthien - If I should die ...

Downtime - My Bleeding you (NEW)

Burden of Grief - The Killer in me


Rock´s Cool 2CD mit Motörhead - Ace of Spades (live)

317. Sendung am 14.10./15.10.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aufgrund einer technischen Problematik wurde die Sendung der vergangenen Woche wiederholt.

318. Sendung am 21.10./22.10.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review Iced Earth/Annihilator/Turisas 8.10. Köln

Avantasia - Lost in Space (NEW)

Ted Nugent - Still raising Hell (NEW)

Elvenking - Lost Hill of Memories (NEW)

The Duskfall - Paradises into Deserts (NEW)

CD der Woche: Nightwish “Dark Passion Play” - Whoever brings the Night / The Islander (NEW)

Shatter Messiah - Pathway (NEW)

Hoochie Coochie Men - Gotta find me some Fire (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Overkill “Immortalis” - Devils in the Mist / Overkill V... The Brand (NEW)

Tephra - Clearance (NEW)

Tarja Turunen - I walk alone (NEW)

Fleshcrawl - Structures of Death (NEW)

Dies Ater - Hail Old Times (NEW)

Whitechapel - The Somatic Defilement (NEW)

Prong - Third Option (NEW)

Delain - Frozen (NEW)

Himsa - Ruin them (NEW)


Review Iced Earth / Annihilator / Turisas Tour 2007:

Annihilator - Set the World on Fire

Iced Earth - Sethian Massacre


High on Fire - Waste of Tiamat (NEW)

Coronatus - Scream of the Butterfly (NEW)

319. Sendung am 28.10./29.10.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review Megadeth “Warchest”

Mystic Prophecies - Dark Forces (NEW)

Paths of Possession - Poisoned Promise Land (NEW)

Kragens - Lake of Fire (NEW)

I-Remain - Brutality of Terror (NEW)

Sinamore - Silence so loud (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Maroon “The Cold Heart of the Sun” - Reach the Sun / Some Goodbyes are Farewells (NEW)

Tokyo Dragons - Keeping the Wolf from the Door (NEW)

Atreyu - Doomsday (NEW)

The Foreshaowing - Last Minute Train (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Serj Tankian “Elect the Dead” - The Unthinking Majority / Baby (NEW)

Review Megadeth Box “Warchest” - Hangar 18 / Ashes in your Mouth (live/NEW)

Blut aus Nord - Odinist (NEW)

Dam - The Difference Engine (NEW)

Demiricous - Expression of Immunity to God (NEW)

Witchcraft - Walk between the Lines (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Impaled Nazarene “Manifest” - You don´t rock hard / Dead Return (NEW)

Ophis - Dead Inside (NEW)

Engel - Casket Closing (NEW)

Jaded Heart - Always on my Mind (NEW)

Syrach - Semper Ardens (NEW)

Oceansize - Trail of Fire (NEW)

320. Sendung am 04.11./05.11.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, DVD Corner, Preview AFM Label Night @ Drowning Sun Metalnight 10.11.07

Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy (NEW)

Monster Magnet - Cyclone (NEW)

Devian - Dressed in Blood (NEW)

Opeth - Night and the Silent Water (live/NEW)

CD der Woche: Alter Bridge “Blackbird” - Ties that bind / Before tomorrow comes (NEW)

Apocalyptica feat. C.Scabbia - SOS (Anything but Love/NEW)


Preview AFM Label Night @ Drowning Sun Metalnight Treibhaus Zierenberg 10. November 2007:

Magica - Turn to Stone (NEW)

Michelle Darkness - Brand new Drug (NEW)

Die Krupps - Fatherland (Best of/NEW)


Helloween - Paint a new World (NEW)

Goat the Head - Bone Throne (NEW)

Benighted - Human Circles (NEW)

October File - In my magnificent Circus (NEW)

V8 Wankers - Hollow Legs (NEW)

Voyager - Sober (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Ministry “The Last Sucker” - Watch yourself / Death and Destruction (NEW)

Ajattara - Madot (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Blackfield “Live in New York City” - The Hole in me / 1000 People (NEW)

Machete - Warmonger (NEW)

Tri State Corner - Ela Na This (NEW)

321. Sendung am 11.11./12.11.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, 2 Buchvorstellungen

Tourettes - Seasond in Destruction (NEW)

Sworn Enemy - Ignorance (NEW)

Electric Wizard - Dunwich (NEW)

Axxis - Bloodangel (NEW)

Mortal Sin - Deadman Walking (NEW)

Angels and Airwaves - Everything´s magic (NEW)

Helstar - Baptised in Blood (NEW)

Buchvorstellung: “Der stählerne Weg von Judas Priest von Matthias Mader” - Judas Priest - The Sentinel (NEW)

CD der Woche: Pagan´s Mind - United Alliance / Osiris Triumphant Return (NEW)

Svartsot - Festen (NEW)

Necrodeath - Fragments of Insanity (NEW)

Nifelheim - Envoy of Lucifer (NEW)

Crystal Ball - Moondance (NEW)

Lost Dreams - I curse you (NEW)

Transylvanian Beat Club - Die traurige Wahrheit über Werwölfe (NEW)

Concept of God - Past Perfect (NEW)

Buchvorstellung: “Lights out… Spot an: UFO von Martin Popoff” - UFO - Doctor Doctor (NEW)

Nightmare - Conspiracy (NEW)

V8Wankers - Hollow lies (NEW)

322. Sendung am 18.11./19.11.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Konzertpreviews WASP Tour/Black Crusade Tour, Crossover-Special HELGE SCHNEIDER

Still remains - Dancing with the Enemy (NEW)


Preview on the upcoming WASP “Crimson Idol”-Tour:

WASP - The Invisible Boy
- Take me up
- Hold on to my Heart

Atreyu - Doomsday (NEW)

Preview on the upcoming “Black Crusade”-Tour mit Arch Enemy, Dragonforce, Machine Head u.a.

Machine Head - Now I lay thee down
Shadows Fall - Redemption

Gary Moore - The Loner

CD der Woche: Gamma Ray “Land of the Free II” - Empress / Real World / Opportunity (NEW)

Cannibal Corpse - Pulverized

Darkthrone - F.O.A.D. (NEW)

Cynic - Celestial Voyage

Savatage - Gutter Ballet


Crossover Special HELGE SCHNEIDER Preview Kassel, 18.12.07:

Helge Schneider - Sensemann
- Ergebirge-Männchen-Schnitzer-Blues
- Mörchen
- Meisenmann (live)

Paradise Lost - Gothic

323. Sendung am 25.11./26.11.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Buchreviews, DVD Corner

Avantasia -  Return to Avantasia / Promised Land (NEW)

Pain Principle - In Dim Light (NEW)

Avantasia - The Story ain´t over (NEW)

Vesania - Of Bitterness and Clarity (NEW)

Ignitor - Phoenix (NEW)

Twilight Guardians - Bring it on (NEW)

Primordial - As Rome burns (NEW)

Buchreview: “Black Knight” von Jerry Bloom (NEW) plus Rainbow - Lady of the Lake

Agnostic Front - Dead to me (NEW)

Svartsyn - My Sinner (NEW)

Necromantia - Architecture of Exquisite Madness (NEW)

Lyfthrasyr - Rage towards Apathy (NEW)

Buchreview: “Let there be Rock” von Susan Masido (NEW) plus AC/DC - Let there be rock

Unexpect - The Shives: Meet me at the Carroussel (NEW)

Scarpoint - Terminal Treachery (NEW)

Malummeh - Bipolarity (NEW)

3 Headed Monster - The Beast of Odo Island (NEW)

Buchreview: “All Access/All Excess - World Tour 1980-2006” von Andreas Schöwe (NEW)

Ancient Creation - Bringer of Evil (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Bang your Head 2007 - Vicious Rumors “Soldiers of the Night” (NEW)

Fall of Serenity - In Case of Death (NEW)

Glenn Hughes - Nights in White Satin (live)

324. Sendung am 02.12./03.12.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: The Giants of Metal - Specialshow (History + Songmaterial + Interviews + eigene Erlebnisse)


IRON MAIDEN - Phantom of the Opera

- Flight of Icarus

- Caught somewhere in Time

- Fear of the Dark

- Lord of the Flies

- The Wickerman

- The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg


METALLICA - The Four Horseman

- For whom the Bell tolls

- Master of Puppets

- Nothing else matters

- Fuel

- Enter Sandman (from S&M)

- St. Anger



SLAYER - The Antichrist

- Hell awaits

- Angel of Death

- War ensemble

- Divine Intervention

- Gemini

- Disciple

- Fleshstorm

325. Sendung am 09.12./10.12.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Konzertreview WASP Bochum Zeche 27.11.07, DVD Corner, Buchreview

Michelle Darkness - Raging Fire (NEW)

Fury N Grace - The Imp of the Perverse (NEW)

Enemy of the Sun - Twenty Three Feet (NEW)

Asrai - Sour Ground (NEW)

Review WASP Bochum Zeche 27.11.07: WASP - Wild Child / I am One

Who´s my Saviour - Knochenmühle (NEW)

Soundtrack In the Name of the King: Pantera - Cemetary Gates (NEW)

The Ocean - Tonian (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Torfrock “30 Jahre Torfrock” - Presslifthammer B-B-Bernhard (live/NEW)

Shamrain - Passing Shadows (NEW)

Bombstrike - Born into this (NEW)

Obligatorisk Tortyr - Life is fucked (NEW)

Putrescence - Kill yourself, shit your Pants (NEW)

Novembre - Iridiscence (NEW)

DVD der Woche im DVD-Corner: Saxon “To hell and back again” - Backs to the Wall / Dogs of War (NEW)

Lana Lane - Shine (NEW)

Threshold - Best of / The Ravages of Times: Pressure / Exposed (NEW)

Buchreview: “Slayer - No Mercy” von Jarek Szubrycht plus Slayer . Expendable Youth (NEW)

Seven Tears - Hollow Ground (NEW)

Indigo Dying - Breathe in Water” (NEW)

Action - All I never wanted (NEW)

326. Sendung am 16.12./17.12.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aus sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die Show vom 28./29.10. wiederholt

327. Sendung am 23.12./24.12.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: The Best of  2007, Preview Masters of Cassel 2007, Mega-Weihnachtsgewinnspiel - Dank an alle Sponsoren

In Quest - Asynchrous Transmission


THE VERY BEST OF 2007: (Frank & Dirk presents their Albums of the year)

FOLK/GOTHIC METAL: (D) Therion “Gothic Kabbalah” - Gothic Kabbalah

(F) Paradise Lost “In Requiem” - Ash & Degree

ALTERNATIVE/HARDCORE/X-OVER/METALCORE: (D) Alter Bridge “Blackbird” - Come to Life

(F) Volbeat “Rock the Rebel - Metal the Devil” - Dead Man´s Tongue

DEATH METAL: (D) Gorefest “Rise to ruin” - Rise to ruin

(F) Arch Enemy “Rise of the Tyrant” - Blood on your Hands

THRASH/SPEED METAL: (F) Overkill “Immortalis” - Skull and Bones

(D) Megadeth “United Abominations” - Washington is next

BLACK METAL: (D) Darkthrone “F.O.A.D.” - F.O.A.D.

ROCK/HARD ROCK: (D) Riverside “Rapid Eye Movement” - Rainbow Box

(F) Magnum “Princess Alice...” - When we were younger

POWER METAL: (F) Nightwish “Dark Passion Play” - Bye Bye Beautiful

(D) Kamelot “Ghost Opera” - The Human Srain

PROG METAL: (D+F) Threshold “Dead Reckoning” - Slipstream

LIVE CD: (D) Manowar “Gods of War-Live” - Odin

(F) Heaven and Hell “Live at Radio City Music Hall” - Die young

HEAVY METAL: (F) WASP “Dominator” - Take me up

(D) Gamma Ray “Land of the Free II” - Empress

CD DES JAHRES: (F) Scorpions “Humanity Hour I” - Three to One

(D) Iced Earth “Framing Armageddon - Something wicked Pt. I” - Something wicked Part 1


The Answer - Never too late (NEW)


Masters of Cassel 2007 Preview (Nachthallen 25.12.2007):

White Dwarf - Planet War

Destination Chaos - Escape from here

Orden Ogan - Angels War

Gutlock - Lorn

Downtime - The Legion

Today Forever - Identity

Debauchery - Blood for the Bloodgod

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark at the Moon


328. Sendung am 30.12./31.12.07 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: Heavy Metal Party Show - BEST OF

White Lion - When the Children cry

Saxon - Crusader

Nightwish - Wishmaster

Moonspell - Opium

Deicide - Dead but Dreaming

Napalm Death - Suffer the Children

Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace

Kreator - Extreme Aggression

Sepultura - Arise

Metallica - Sad but true

Manowar - Blood of my Enemies

Iron Maiden - Killers

Sodom - Ausgebombt

Böhse Onkelz - Finde die Wahrheit

Motörhead - Overkill

Black Sabbath - War Pigs

Halford - Metal Gods (live)

Exodus - Bonded by Blood

Slayer - Chemical Warfare

Obituary - Don´t care

Satyricon - Mother North

Emperor - The Loss and Curse of Reverence

Dissection - Where dead Angels lie

Morgoth - Cursed

Death - Painkiller

Nevermore - Born