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Alle Playlists 2005

175. Sendung am 02.01.05/03.01.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Die besten Alben 2004

Kreator - Enemy of God (NEW)

Dark Tranquillity - The Endless feed (NEW)

Thrash-Metal CD des Jahres: Death Angel “The Art of Dying” - 5 Steps of Freedom

Exodus “Tempo of the Damned” - War is my Shepherd

NuMetal/HC/Alternative/Crossover CD des Jahres: Ministry “Houses of the Mole” - No W

Shadows Fall “The War within” - The Light that binds

Black Metal CD des Jahres: Cradle of Filth “Nymphvitamine” - Gilded Cunt

Hard Rock CD des Jahres: Magnum “Brand New Morning” - Brand New Morning

Böhse Onkelz “Adios” - Ihr hättet es wissen müssen

DVD des Jahres: Iron Maiden “The Early Years” - Murders in the Rue Morgue (live)

Blind Guardian “Imaginations through the Looking Glass” - Another Holy War (live)

Death Metal CD des Jahres: Deicide “Scars of the Crucifix” - When Heaven burns

Unleashed “Sworn Allegiance” - The Longships are coming

My Cold Embrace - Varnished Reality (NEW)

Prog CD des Jahres: Dead Soul Tribe “The January Tree” - Spiders and Flies

Neal Morse “One” - What is Life?

Power Metal CD des Jahres: Rhapsody “Symphony of Enchanted Lands Pt. II” - Sacred Power of Raging Winds

Edguy “Hellfire Club” - We don´t need a Hero

Live CD des Jahres: Dream Theater “Live at Budokan” - As I am

Heavy Metal CD des Jahres: Symphorce “Twice Second” - Cry on my Shoulder

Iced Earth “The Glorious Burden” - When the Eagle cries

CD des Jahres gesamt: Nightwish “Once” - Planet Hell

Rammstein “Reise Reise” - Amerika

176. Sendung am 09.01.05/10.01.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: Hörerwünsche, CD der Woche

Acheron - Countess Bathory

Aina - Flight of Torek

Alice in Chains - Them bones

Amorphis - The Castaway

Bathory - Under the Runes

Black Sabbath - Illusion of Power

Candlemass - Bearer of Pain

Control Denied - Expect the Unexpected

Dark Funeral - My Dark Desires

Dead Soul Tribe - In a Garden made of Stone

Destroyer 666 - Satans Hammer

Exodus - Deliver us to Evil (live)

Gorgoroth - Possessed by Satan

Guns ´n Roses - Live and let die

CD der Woche: Kreator “Enemy of God” - Suicide Terrorist / Under a total Blackened Sky (NEW)

Magic Kingdom - Child of the Nile

Massacra - Madness remains

Masterplan - Crimson Rider (NEW)

Metallica - Turn the Page

Nevermore - Beyond within

Ozzy Osbourne - Shot in the Dark

Paradise Lost - Falling forever

Rammstein - Engel

Slayer - In the Name of God

177. Sendung am 16.01.05/17.01.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Konzertpreviews, Konzertreview Pungent Stench

UDO - Animal House (+ BYH 2005 Preview)

Dark Seed - Ultimate Darkness (NEW)

Firewind - Tyranny (NEW)

Hammerfall - Blood bound (NEW+Instrumental w voice of DJs)

Pure Inc. - Genius (NEW)

Cradle of Filth - Devil Woman (NEW)

Spock´s Beard - Of the Beauty of all (NEW)

Saltatio Mortis - Theophaurus Tanz (NEW)

Konzertpreview IMPALED NAZARENE / Hildesheim - I.M. - Mötorpenis / Absence of War

CD der Woche: Korpiklaani “The Voice of Wilderness” - Journey Man / Beer Beer (NEW)

Gregorian Dark Side - Close my Eyes forever (NEW)

Konzertreview PUNGENT STENCH - P.S. - Blood, Pus and Gastric Juice (NEW)

Tristania - Shadowman (NEW)

Scala & Kolazny Brothers “Engel” / “Schrei nach Liebe” (NEW)

Konzertpreview GRAVE / Giessen - G. - Into the Grave

Draconian - The Abhorrent Rays (NEW)

Grave Digger - Grave in the No Mans Land (NEW)

Mahavatar - Cult (NEW)

Vero - How does it feel (NEW)

RPWL - Roses (NEW)

178. Sendung am 23.01.05/24.01.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche

CD der Woche I: Dark Tranquillity “Character” - The New Build / Dry Run (NEW)

Glenn Hughes - She moves ghostly (NEW)

Imagika - Hexed (NEW)

Pain - Same Old Song (NEW)

Anger - Feel my Anger (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Arena “Pepper´s Ghost” - Opera Fanatica (NEW)

Arkangel - How we see the World (NEW)

Midnattsol - Enlightenment (NEW)

Asia - Long Way from Home (acoustic/NEW)

CD der Woche III: Grave Digger “The Last Supper” - Desert Rose / Crucified (NEW)

Raising Fear - Merlin (NEW)

Ophis - Convert to Nihilism (NEW)

Graveworm - I - The Machine (NEW)

Rotten Sound - Nation (NEW)

Hatesphere - You´re the Enemy (NEW)

Cloudscape - Everyday is up to you (NEW)

Behind the Scenery - The Architect (NEW)

Fozzy - All that remains (NEW)

Horrorscope - Paranoico (NEW)

After Forever - Sins of Idealism (NEW)

179. Sendung am 30.01.05/31.01.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche

Downset - Anger

Arena - Bedlam Fayre (NEW)

Hand by Hand - The Arson (NEW)

Domain - Last Days of Utopia (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Scar Symmetry “Symmetric in Design” - Chaosweaver / 2012 - The Demise of the 5th Sun (NEW)

Rammstein - Ohne Dich (Schiller Mix/NEW)

Moonsorrow - Jotunheim (NEW)

Primordial - End of all Times (NEW)

Lanfear - The Voice within (NEW)

Marylin Manson - The Nobodies (Remix/NEW)

Tommy Funderburg - The Garden (NEW)

CD der Woche II: 3 Inches of Blood “Advance and Vanquish” - Deadly Sinners / Lord of the Storm (NEW)

High on Fire - Brother in the Wind (NEW)

Five Fifteen - Kashmir (NEW)

Warmen - Alone (NEW)

Buried Inside - Tome as Abjection (NEW)

Equilibrium - Sturm (NEW)

Avulsed - Filth Injected (NEW)

The Provenance - Considering the Gawk, The Drool, the Bitch and the Fool (NEW)

Last Autumn´s Dream - Round and Round (NEW)

180. Sendung am 06.02.05/07.02.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Rammstein Konzertreview, Hörerwünsche, New WOA Bands, Gewinnspiel mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Edel

Bloodbath - Brave New Hell

Machine Man - Against the Freaks

Oomph - Augen auf

Sonata Arctica - Black Sheep

Paradise Lost - Forever after (NEW)

CD der Woche: Masterplan “Aeronautics” - Wounds / Into the Arena (NEW)

Metallica - Frantic (live Key West 2004)

Judas Priest - The Ripper (live)

Guns ´n Roses - Live and let die


Rammstein Konzert Special mit folgenden Songs

- Morgenstern

- Sonne

- Mein Teil

- Links-2-3-4

- Keine Lust (NEW)


Immortal - Withstand the Fall of Time

Arch Enemy - Incarnated Solvent Abuse (NEW)


Gewinnspiel mit Gregorian Dark Side - Engel (NEW)

Astral Doors - Evil is forever (NEW)

Grave Digger - Divided Cross (NEW)

JBO - Gänseblümchen

Saxon - Lionheart

Majesty - Will of the Cobra

Nightingale - Stalingrad

181. Sendung am 13.02.05/14.02.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche

Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast (live Brixton 02/NEW)

Trail of Tears - Frail Expectations (NEW)

Eighteen Visions - Tower of Snakes (NEW)

Black Label Society - What´s in you (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Running Wild “Rogues en vogue” - Skull and Bones / Black Gold (NEW)

Nightrage - Frozen (NEW)

Apocalyptica feat. M.Jandova - Wie weit? (NEW)

Day Fashion Disco - Worm in a Dog´s Heart (live/NEW)

Brainstorm - Before the Dawn (NEW)

SAW Filmsoundtrack: Chimera - Eyes of a Criminal (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Astral Doors “Evil is forever” - Bride of Christ / From the Cradle to the Grave (NEW)

By Night - Unseen Oppression (NEW)

Paradise Lost - Let me drown (NEW)

Rapture - Dreaming of Oblivion (NEW)

Negative - The Moment of our Love (NEW)

Soilwork - One with the Flies (NEW)

Reckless Tide - Reckless Tide (NEW)

Illdisposed - Still same (NEW)

Within´ Temptation - Destroyed (NEW)

Merlons Lichter - Lieb mich (NEW)

Voyager - Time for a Change (NEW)

182. Sendung am 20.02.05./21.02.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Demo Drive, DVD Corner

Gorefest - The Glorious Dead

Impelliteri - Kingdom of Titus (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Ivanhoe “Walk in Mindfields” - Scared / Walk in Mindfields (NEW)

Eternal Reign - Light the Light (NEW)

Sandalinas - Living on the Edge (NEW)

Extol - From the everyday Mountain Trip (NEW)

Alogia - Politics of War (NEW)

Demo Drive: Anodyne 29 - Maximum Pleasure (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Soilwork “Stabbing the Drama” - Stalemate / Blind Eye Halo (NEW)

DVD-Corner: The Donots “10 Years of Noise” - Today (live Hurricane 2004/NEW)

Belphegor - Sepulture of Hypocrisy (NEW)

DVD Corner: Guano Apes “Planet of the Apes” - No Speech (live/NEW)

Dungeon - Against the Wind (NEW)

Impaled - Preservation of Death (NEW)

Insignium - Bulva Stellaris (NEW)

Barathrum - Angelraper (NEW)

Umphrey´s Mc Gee - Anchor Drops (NEW)

Burn the 8 Track - The Ocean (NEW)

Brainstorm - Hollow Hideaway (live Wacken 04/NEW)

Koma - El Muro de Berlin (NEW)

Mevadio - Killaville (NEW)

Open Hand - Tough Guy (NEW)

183. Sendung am 27.02.05/28.02.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Concert+Tour-Previews

Hammerfall - Blood Bound (NEW)

Brainstorm - All those Words (NEW)

Killswitch Engage - Soilborn (re-release/NEW)

Boxset des Monats: Death Angel “Archive & Artifacts” - Thrashers / Silent Killer (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Communic “Conspiracy in Mind” - Communication Sublime / History Reversed (NEW)

Thunder - Amy´s on the Run (NEW)

Concertpreview Reaper 5.3. Kassel Nachthallen: Reaper - Nemesis

Six Feet Under - Wormfood (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Paradise Lost “Paradise Lost” - Don´t belong / Spirit (NEW)

Kino - Swimming in Women (NEW)

Motörhead - We are Motörhead (live Wacken 04/NEW)

Ancient - Sweet Leaf (re-release/NEW)

Toy Dolls - The Death of Barry the Roofer with Vertigo (NEW)

Immolation - Challenge the Storm (NEW)

Black Witchery - Hellstorm of Evil Vengeance (NEW)

Blood has been shed - Technicolor Jacket (re-release/NEW)

Tour-Preview 1.3. Hannover: Dark Tranquillity - Lost to Apathy / Kreator - Impossible Brutality

Crowbar - Slave no More (NEW)

All Shall Perish - The Spreading Disease (NEW)

Twyster - The Storm is back (NEW)

184. Sendung am 06.03.05/07.03.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, Review “Enemy of God”-Tour mit Interview Mille/Kreator, Preview JBO 13.3. Kassel

The Almighty - Free n easy

JBO - Ich liebe Dir / Verteidiger des Blödsinns (+ Preview Konzert 13.3.05)

CD der Woche I: Hammerfall “Chapter V” - Secrets / Fury of the Wind (NEW)

Alter Bridge - Open your Eyes

Hellfueled - Mindbreaker

CD der Woche II: Judas Priest “Angel of Retribution” - Judas Rising / Angel / Revolution (NEW)

Into Eternity - Embraced by Desolation

Brainstorm - All those Words (NEW)

Communic - Ocean Bed

Luca Turilli - The Ancient Forest of Elves


Review “Enemy of God”-Tour plus Inti mit Mille/Kreator:

Kreator - Enemy of God

Interview Part 1

Kreator - One Evil comes, a Million follow

Part 2

Kreator - World Anarchy

Dark Tranquillity - Wonders at your feet / Punish my Heaven


Samael - Till we meet again

Paradise Lost - One Second

185. Sendung am 13.03.05./14.03.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche

Rammstein - Morgenstern

Divine Fire - Never surrender (NEW)

Into the Moat - Guardian (NEW)

Strapping Young Lad - Shitstorm (NEW)

Ayreon - Eyes of Time / Merlins Will (Re-release/NEW)

Joe Lynn Turner - Power of Love (NEW)

Powerwolf - We came to take your Souls (NEW)

Disbelief - Rewind it all (Death or Glory/NEW)

CD der Woche: Kamelot “The Black Halo” - When the Lights are down / March of Mephisto (NEW)

Speed Kill Hate - Setting me off (NEW)

Overload - Trip to the Dreamland (NEW)

Wolverine - Towards Loss (NEW)

Jadis - Sleepwalk (re-release/NEW)

Callisto - Limb Diasporas (NEW)

Hexenhammer - Less than nothing (NEW)

Maledictive Pigs - Genocide (NEW)

Tombthroat - Phobia (NEW)

Lords of Decadence - Apocalypse (NEW)

Winter Solstice - Malice in Wonderland (NEW)

V8 Wankers - Road 2 Ruin (NEW)

Liesegang/White - Snake Eyes (NEW)

Heartbreak Radio - Rockin´ the Night (NEW)

186. Sendung am 20.03.05./21.03.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche I+II, erste Earthshaker Festival-Vorschau

Dio - Holy Diver (live Wacken/NEW)

Doro & Blaze - Fear of the Dark (live Wacken/NEW)

Beyond Twilight - The Dark Side (NEW)

Rhapsody feat. Christopher Lee - The Magic of the Wizards Dream (english/NEW)

Evergrey - End of your Days (live/NEW)

CD der Woche I: Audiovision “The Calling” - The Calling / Show me the Way (NEW)

After all - Deny the Dream (NEW)

Supreme Majesty - Spellbound (NEW)

Manowar - Warriors of the World United

Overkill - Within your Eyes (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Six Feet Under “13” -Somewhere in the Darkness / The Art of Headhunting (NEW)

Force of Evil - Black Empire (NEW)

To/Die/For - Lies (for Fools/NEW)

Freedom Call - Hero Nation (NEW)

And you will... Trail of Dead - And the Rest will follow (NEW)

Neara - Definition of Love (NEW)

Origin - Reciprocal (NEW)

Reviver - Strong (NEW)

Zuul FX - Devil Star (NEW)

Dark Sky - Save our Souls (NEW)

187. Sendung am 27.03.05./28.03.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche I+II, Preview Toy Dolls Konzert 30.3. Kassel

Annihilator - King of the Kill (Ich zahl´ nicht mehr-Sampler/NEW)

Rhapsody feat. Christopher Lee - The Magic of the Wizards Dream (deutsch/NEW)

Dreamtale - New Life (NEW)

R. Anderssons Space Odyssee - Through Dreams & Reality (NEW)

Dynamic Lights - Going to Nowhere (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Circle II Circle “The Middle of Nowhere” - The Middle of Nowhere / Cynical Ride (NEW)

Suicide Watch - In the Mouth of Madness (NEW)

Trivium - A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidition (NEW)

CD der Woche: James La Brie “Elements of Persuasion” - In too deep / Lost (NEW)

Society 1 - Let me live (NEW)

Andralls - Fear is my Ally (NEW)

Starbreaker - Lies (NEW)

Toy Dolls - Terry Talking (+ Preview Gig Kassel 30.3.)

With Passion - The Last Scripture (NEW)

Crimson Moonlyght - Embraced to the Beauty of Cold (NEW)

Cephalic Carnage - Counting the Days (NEW)

Scenes - You walk away (NEW)

Crucified Barbara - Losing the Game / Killed by Death (NEW)

Defleshed - Ignorance is Bliss (NEW)

Enuff Z´ Nuff - This Guy (NEW)

Steve Hackett - Severance (NEW)

188. Sendung am 03.04.05./04.04.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Demo Drive, Interview mit Andy B./Brainstorm, Kamelot Gig Preview 4.4. Bochum

Samael - Rebellion

Paragon - Intro/Impaler (NEW)

Rob Rock - Calling Angels (NEW)

In Extremo - Nur ihr allein (NEW)

Mirador - Perfect Plan (NEW)

CD der Woche: Brainstorm “Liquid Monster” - Inside the Monster (NEW)

Interview mit Andy B. Franck/Brainstorm Part 1

Brainstorm - Heavenly (NEW)

Interview Part 2

At Vance - Rising to the Fall (NEW)

Paradise Lost - Grey (NEW)

Kamelot - The Haunting (+ Gig Preview Bochum 4.4.)

Talisman - Break your Chains (live/NEW)


Special Underground-Corner: WtH-Demo Drive mit

Aterial - Survive (NEW)

Gutlock - Brush (NEW)

Sorrowind - Just like a Child (NEW)

Angtoria - Six Feet Under´s not deep enough (NEW)

Tacca Mills - From Hell (NEW)


Fleshcrawl - Inevitable End (NEW)

Divine Empire - Dungeon Mask (NEW)

Mors Principium Est - Parasites of Paradise (NEW)

Final Frontier - Something more than this (NEW)

Snelwar / Manring / Zonder - Torn between Dimensions (NEW)

189. Sendung am 10.04.05./11.04.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Rock Hard Festival 2005 Preview, JBO/Toy Dolls/Kamelot Konzertreviews

Fight - Nailed to the Gun

Corrosion of Conformity - Dirty Hands, Empty Pockets (already gone/NEW)

The Red Death - The Final Sphere (NEW)

Leaves Eyes - Senses capture (NEW)

Kyroburn - Beneath desire (NEW)

Fjoergyn - Vom Tod der Träume (NEW)


Rock Hard Festival 2005 Preview mit

Threshold - Opium

Unleashed - Victims of War

Sonata Arctica - Victoria´s Secret

Communic - They feed on our Fear

Hellfueled - Let me out

The Haunted - Who will deceide

Overkill - In Union we stand

Sentenced - Dead Leaves

Pretty Maids - Savage Heart

Accept - Balls to the Wall

Jon Oliva - Father, Son, Holy Ghost



Kamelot - Center of the Universe / Don´t you cry

Toy Dolls - Lambrusco Kid

JBO - Bolle


Headrush - Fooling myself again (NEW)

Hulk - My Nation (NEW)

190. Sendung am 17.04.05./18.04.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

Aus Sendetechnischen Gründen wurde die letztwöchige Sendung wiederholt.

191. Sendung am 24.04.05./25.04.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Preview Wacken Roadshow, Review Grave Digger WOODBOX

Holy Moses - Angel Cry (NEW/+ Preview WOA Roadshow)

Napalm Death - Silence is Deafening (NEW)

Metalium - Sky is falling (NEW)

Pro-Pain - Operation Blood for Oil (NEW)

Born from Pain - Kill it tonight (NEW)

Such a Surge - Was jetzt? (NEW)

CD der Woche: Böhse Onkelz “Live in Hamburg” - Terpentin / Ihr hättet es wissen müssen (NEW)

Cemetary - Far from God (NEW)

Metal Mike´s Painmuseum - Speak the Name (NEW)

Vanishing Point - If only I (NEW)

Magellan - Every Bullet needs Blood (NEW)

Jack Frost - Me and Dark and you (NEW)

Tunes of Dawn - Back to London (NEW)

Mötley Crüe - If I die tomorrow (NEW)

End of Days - Nothing but Disgust (NEW)

Hell within - Soul Revulsion (NEW)

Catamenia - The Crystal Scream (NEW)

Review Grave Digger WOODBOX “Crate of Death” - Headbangin´ Man / Running free (NEW)

Suidakra - The Alliance (NEW)

Torment - Please don´t touch (NEW)

Death before Disco - Blink, Brake (NEW)

Unchain - Secret Garden (NEW)

192. Sendung am 01.05.05./02.05.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, WOA Roadshow Preview II, Accept Re-Releases Part 1

WOA Roadshow Preview II: Illdisposed - Still same / Regicide - Funeral of Tears

Russell Allans Atomic Soul - We will fly (NEW)

CD der Woche: Epica - The Last Crusade / Trois Vierges (NEW)

Nomansland - Triumph of Winter (NEW)

Hartmann - Alive Again (NEW)

Accept - Seawinds (re-release/NEW)

Accept - I´m a Rebel (re-release/NEW)

CD der Woche II: Morgana Lefay “Grand Materia” - Grand Materia / Only Endless Time remains (NEW)

Falconer - Humanity Overdose (NEW)

El Caco - Someone New (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Porcupine Tree “Deadwing” - Deadwing / Shallow (NEW)

Aborted - Blood fixing the Bled (NEW)

Krabathor - Eternal (Demotrack/NEW)

Arise - Expendable Heroes (NEW)

Rubberslime - Ohne Dich (NEW)

Jacobs Dream - At the Gates (NEW)

Mortal Love - Senses (NEW)

Steve Thorne - Last Line (NEW)

Novact - Nothing worth fighting for (NEW)

193. Sendung am 08.05.05./09.05.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CDs der Woche, DVD Corner, Concertreview Morbid Angel, Accept Re-Releases Part 2

Morbid Angel - Rapture / Where the Slime live (+ Concert Review Münster-Breitefeld)

Elwing - Marching to Glory (NEW)

Contradiction - Break the Oath (NEW)

CD der Woche: Assassin “The Club” - The Club / Insane (NEW)

Gotthard - Lift u´ up (NEW)

Soul Sirkus - New Position (NEW)

GZR - Misfit (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Pain of Salvation - Dea Pecuniae (NEW)

LOSA - From the Ashes of Infancy (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Pagan´s Mind “Enigmatic Calling” - Supremacy, our Kind / Celestial Calling (NEW)

Audioslave - Be yourself (NEW)

Shamaan - Turn away (NEW)

Impaled Nazarene - 1999: Karmageddon Warriors / The Lost Art of Goat Sacrificing (live)

Accept - Burning (re-release/NEW)

Accept - Fast as a Shark (re-release/NEW)

Grind Inc. - Murder & Slaughter Repeat (NEW)

Nokte Obducta - Und Pan spielt die Flöte (NEW)

Criterion - The Slayer (NEW)

Bonfire - Don´t touch the Light (acoustic/NEW)

Slough Feg - Hiberno - Latin Invasion (NEW)

Evil Masquerade - `The Demolition Army (NEW)

194. Sendung am 15.05.05./16.05.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Spirit of Metal Festivalpreview, Brainstorm & WOA Roadshow Review

Dismember - Override of the Overture (NEW)

Jennie Tebler - Silverwings (NEW)

Bruce Dickinson - Devil on a Hog (NEW)

WOA Roadshow Review: Illdisposed - In Search of Souls / Holy Moses - End of Time (NEW)

CD der Woche: Nile “Annihilation of the Wicked” - User-Maat-Re / Von unaussprechlichen Kulten (NEW)

Biss - Pyromania (NEW)



Within Temptation - Mother Earth

Dream Theater - Surrounded / The Test that stumped them all (live)

Iron Maiden - Children of the Damned / The Clairvoyant (live)


Lana Lane - Someone to believe (NEW)

Brainstorm “Inside the Monster-Tour” Review: Brainstorm - All those Words

The Red Chord - Lay the Tarp (NEW)

Beecher - Burning Surface (NEW)

Ben Jackson Group - Eyes of Ice (NEW)

Sunterra - Spirit of the Light (NEW)

195. Sendung am 22.05.05./23.05.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Rock Hard Festival 05 Review, Demo Drive

Sebastian Bach - 18 & Life (live)

Inferno Museum - Ego to Absolve (NEW)

The Crest - Flavour of the Day (NEW)

CD der Woche: Shadow Gallery “Room V” - The Andromeda Strain / Room V (NEW)

Cosmic Ballroom - Painprovider (NEW)

Molly Hatchet - Time keeps slipping away (NEW)

Harem Scarem - Don´t come easy (NEW)


Rock Hard Festival 2005 Review:

Hellfueled - Rock´n Roll

Threshold - Long way home

Unleashed - Legal Rapes

Pretty Maids -Destination Paradise

Masterplan - Wounds

Overkill - Rotten to the Core

Savatage - Tonight he grins again

Sentenced - Ever-Frost / Where Waters fall frozen (NEW)


Soul Demise - Hallucination (NEW)

Demo Drive: Maggot Shoes - Bored with you (NEW)

The Apparatus - Lost: Crossed (NEW)

Candiria - 1000 points of Light (NEW)

Kill the Thrill - Non Existence (NEW)

Godiva - When Lighting strikes (NEW)

Lee Z - Night in Dover (NEW)

196. Sendung am 29.05.05./30.05.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche I+II, Bang your Head Festival 05 Preview

Leaves Eyes - Solemn Sea (NEW)

Brand New Sin - Black and Blue (NEW)


Bang your Head 2005 Preview:

Vicious Rumors - Don´t wait for me

Virgin Steele - Blood and Gasoline

Motörhead - No Class

Candlemass - Seven Silver Keys

Nevermore - Tomorrow turned into Yesterday (re-mixed/NEW)

Axel Rudi Pell - Call her Princess

Dio - Rainbow in the Dark

Twisted Sister - Under the Blade


Wetton/Downes - Please change your Mind (NEW)

Styx - Locomotive Breath (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Bruce Dickinson “Tyranny of Souls” - Abduction / Navigate the Seas of the Sun (NEW)

Raging Speedhorn - Master of Disaster (NEW)

Rebellion - Sword in the Storm (NEW)

Cryonic Temple - In thy Power (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Timeless Miracle “Into the Enchanted Chamber” - Into the Enchanted Chamber / Curse of the Werewolf (NEW)

Loudblast - Days in Black (NEW)

Beyond the Flesh - Darkest Days (NEW)

Thou Art Lord - Hecate Unveiled (NEW)

Midnight - Pain (NEW)

197. Sendung am 05.06.05./06.06.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche I+II, Hörerwünsche

Fear Factory - Bite the Hand that bleeds

Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales

Evidence One - Slave to the Machine

Savage Circus - Evil Eyes (NEW)

CD der Woche I: In Extremo “Mein rasend Herz” - Raue See / Fonlaine la jolie / Horizont (NEW)

Bruce Dickinson - River of No Return (NEW)

Guns n Roses - Live and let die

CD der Woche II: Dream Theater “Octavarium” - I walk beside you / Never enough / Root of all Evil (NEW)

Dimmu Borgir - Allegiance

Entombed - Wolverine Blues

Gorefest - State of Mind

Iron Maiden - Wrathchild

Within Temptation - Stand my Ground

Threshold - Choices

Space Odyssee - Through Dreams and Reality

Megadeth - Skin o my Teeth

Kreator - Under a total blackened Sky

Down - Stained Glass Cross

Benediction - Painted Skulls

Dark Tranqullity - Punish my Heaven

Cinderella - Heartbreak Station

198. Sendung am 12.06.05./13.06.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Iron Angel Re-Releases

Sonata Arctica - Replica

Betzefer - Early Grave (NEW)

Grand Magus - Ashes (NEW)

Mesmerize - Princess of the Wolves (NEW)

Atlain - Hallowed by the Priest (re-release/NEW)

Gjallarhorn - Chaos Unleashed (NEW)

CD der Woche: Life of Agony “Broken Valley” - Love to let you down / Broken Valley (NEW)

Presto Ballet - Slave (NEW)

Carnival in Coal - Fuckable (NEW)

Iron Angel - Legions of Evil (re-release/NEW)

Iron Angel - See of Flames (re-release/NEW)

Cradle to Grave - Southern Oak (NEW)

Nomenta - The End of the Century (NEW)

Phobos - Gregarious (NEW)

Grabnebelfürsten - Schwarz gegen Weiß (NEW)

Gorerotted - Faible of Filth (NEW)

Dam - Come to Dust (NEW)

Killer - The Mirror (NEW)

Kaipa - Timebomb (NEW)

Octavia - Hunting Eye (NEW)

Cannon - Back in Business (NEW)

Audrey Horne - Confessions and Alcohol (NEW)

199. Sendung am 19.06.05./20.06.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Gravestone + Doctor Butcher Re-Releases, DVD-Corner

Mötley Crüe - Shout at the Devil (best of/NEW)

Kayser - Noble is your blood (NEW)

Saidian - Silent Killer (NEW)

Ayreon - When I´m sixty-four (NEW)

Naglfar - Revelations carved in Flesh (NEW)

Royal Hunt - Never give up (NEW)

Artimus Pyledriver - Dirt Road White Girl (NEW)

CD der Woche: Spiritual Beggars “Demons” - Throwing your Life away / Dying everyday (NEW)

Negative - My My Hey Hey (out of the Blue/NEW)

DVD-Corner: Iced Earth “Gettysburgh” - Part 2: Hold at all costs (NEW)

Gravestone - Fly like an Eagle (re-releaseNEW)

Gravestone - Danger (re-releaseNEW)

Casus Belli - Diamond Crown (NEW)

Evergreen Terrace - The Smell of Summer (NEW)

Doctor Butcher - Inspector Highway (re-release/NEW)

Hate Eternal - I, Monarch (NEW)

Paimon - Phobia (NEW)

Deadlock - Earth - Revolt (NEW)

Kinrick - Dressed up as God (NEW)

Circus Maximus - Alive (NEW)

Vanguard - Excarnation (NEW)

Angel - Lead you through Fire (NEW)

200. Sendung am 26.06.05./27.06.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Earthshaker Festival Vorschau, Spirit of Music Festival Review, Noise Hunter Re-Releases, Iron Maiden Run to the Hills Biography

Böhse Onkelz - Danke für Nichts (live Hamburg/NEW)

On broken Wings - Frozen over (NEW)

Demons & Wizards - Crimson King (NEW)

Wizard - Death is my Life (NEW)


Earthshaker Festival Preview:

Powergod - Total Desaster (NEW)

Die Apokalyptischen Reiter - We will never die

JBO - Der Star Track

Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire

Nightwish - Planet Hell

Rhapsody - The Magic of the Wizards Dream (german)

Hypocrisy - Roswell 47

Grave Digger - Circle of the Witches

Dimmu Borgir - Progenic of the Great Apocalypse

Manowar - Fighting the World (live)


Agents of Man - No Tomorrow (NEW)

CD der Woche: Black Majesty “Silent Company” - Six Ribbons / Firestorm (NEW)

Totenmond - Im schwarzen Kreis (NEW)

Noise Hunter - Time to Fight (re-releaseNEW)

Noise Hunter - Metal Lover (re-releaseNEW)

Spirit of Music 2005 Review:

Dream Theater - Root of all Evil (NEW)

Iron Maiden - Remember tomorrow (live)

Iron Maiden Biography Review “Run to the Hills” Iron Maiden - Sanctuary (live)

As I lay dying - Reflection (NEW)

Tomas Bodin - I (reprise/NEW)

201. Sendung am 03.07.05./04.07.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Bang your Head Review, Bruce Dickinson Re-Releases Special

Commit Suicide - Open Casket (NEW)

Misery Index - My Untold Apocalypse (NEW)

Slowgate - Feeling dead (NEW)

Kiwas - Warrior Soul (NEW)

Brazon Abbot - More than money (NEW)

Mistress - Static (NEW)


Bang your Head 2005 Review:

Kamelot - When the Lights are down

Gammy Ray - Land of the Free

Saxon - 747 Strangers in the Night

Motörhead - Stay clean

Demon - Night of the Demon

Vicious Rumors - Don´t wait for me

Axel Rudi Pell - Casbah

Sebastian Bach - Slave to the Grind (live)

White Lion - Hungry

Dio - Egypt (the chains are on)

Twisted Sister - We´re not gonna take it


Hypnos - Drowned in Burial Mud (NEW)

Bruce Dickinson Back-Catalogue Re-Releases (NEW):

B.D. - Winds of Change

B.D. - Tears of the Dragon (First bit, last bit...)

B.D. - Gods not coming back

B.D. - The Ghost of Cain

B.D. - Return of the King

B.D. - Tattooed Millionaire (live)

B.D. - Road to Hell (live)

202. Sendung am 10.07.05./11.07.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, CD der Woche, Wacken Open Air 2005 Preview, Asia Re-Releases

Malevolent Creation - Fine Art of Murder (Best of/NEW)

Avenged Sevenfold - Thrashed & Scattered (NEW)

10 Fold Blow - Free at last (NEW)

Alice Cooper - The Saga of Jesse James (NEW)

Evereve - I´m not afraid (of loving you again/NEW)

CD der Woche: Iommi “Fused” - Grace / Saviour of the Real (NEW)


Wacken Open Air 2005 Preview:

Oomph - Augen auf

Bloodbath - Brave New Hell

Machine Head - 10 Ton Hammer

Nightwish - Dead to the World

Cataract - As we speak

Obituary - Insane (NEW)

Hammerfall - Way of the Warrior (live)

Marduk - Those of the Unlight

Kreator - People of the Lie

Accept - TV War


Windfall -Asylum Grace (NEW)

Watchmaker - Conference Call Immolation (NEW)

Ritual Carnage - Thirst for Blood (NEW)

Carpharnaum - Perpetuate Catania (NEW)

Asia - Heat of the Moment (re-release/NEW)

Asia - Little Rich Boy (re-release/NEW)

Insania - Common Ground (NEW)

Lumsk - Allus (NEW)

203. Sendung am 17.07.05./18.07.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: Aus krankheitsbedingten Gründen wurde die letztwöchige Sendung wiederholt.

204. Sendung am 24.07.05./25.07.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, News, DVD Corner

Manowar - Gloves of Metal

Gizmachi - Burn (NEW)

Redemption - III: Release (NEW)

Battlelore - Storm of the Blades (NEW)

Machine Man - October (NEW)

Neuraxis - Xenobiotic (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Obituary “Frozen in Time” - Back inside / Stand alone (NEW)

We have seen the Enemy ... and the Enemy is us - Dead Last (NEW)

Static X - Skinnyman (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Evergrey “A Night to Remember” - As I lie here bleeding (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Nevermore “The Godless Endeavor” - Born / Sentinent 6 (NEW)

Pain Confessor - Waste of Good Suffering (NEW)

Custard - Chance (NEW)

Nocta - Wicked Woman (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Frameshift “An Absence of Empathy” - Just one more / Miseducation (NEW)

XIV. Dark Centuries - Auf zur Schlacht (NEW)

Soilent Green - Pretty smiles and Shattered Teeth (NEW)

Leng´tche - Overkill Bill (NEW)

Goddess of Desire - Majesty of Metal (NEW)

Blanc Faces - Beneath the Heart (NEW)

Zan Clan - Silver Bullet Toy (NEW)

205. Sendung am 31.07.05./01.08.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: Earthshaker Fest Review, News, DVD Corner

Nevermore - Bittersweet Feast (NEW)

UDO - 24/7 (NEW)

Subway to Sally - Sieben (NEW)

Heaven shall burn - Unleash Enlightenment (NEW)

Caliban - One more Lie (NEW)

Earthshaker Review 2005:

Symphorce - Nowhere (NEW)

Rhapsody - Guardiani del Destino

Powergod - Fall out / Long live the Loud (NEW)

Primal Fear - Nuclear Fire

Dimmu Borgir - Mourning Palace

DVD-Corner: Manowar “Hell on Earth Pt.4” - Ascension / King of the Kings + House of Death (live/NEW)

Vesaria - Legions of me (NEW)

Samael - Auf der Erde (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Twisted Sister “Live at Wacken” - I wanna rock (live/NEW)

Tarantula - Never be forgotten (NEW)

Apophis - Sick at Heart (NEW)

Satariel - Be your Angel, be your Beast (NEW)

Alarum - Sustained Connection (NEW)

Fear my Thoughts - Dying Eyes (NEW)

M. Luppi´s Heaven - Stars (NEW)

206. Sendung am 07.08.05./08.08.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, News, DVD Corner

Judas Priest - Judas rising

Xandria - In Love with Darkness (NEW)

Novembers Doom - The Pale Haunt Departure (NEW)

Chris Caffery - Iraq Attack (NEW)

Terasbetöni - Taivas lyo tulta (NEW)

Arch Enemy - My Apocalypse (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Motörhead “Stage Fright” - In the Name of Tragedy (live/NEW)

CD der Woche: Tribuzy “Execution” - Beast in the Light / Absolution (NEW)

Endstille - Navigator (NEW)

Yngwie Malmsteen - Cracking the Whip (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Biomechanical “The Empires of the Worlds” - Empires of the Worlds / Long Time Dead (NEW)

Ram-Zet - Left behind as Pieces (NEW)

Under Eden - The Savage Circle (NEW)

Centinex - Synthetic Sin Zero (NEW)

Luna Field - Kill Bastard Kill (NEW)

Karelia - The Hermit (NEW)

Coram Lethe - Shouts of Cowards (NEW)

Sargatonas Reign - Come greet me Crawlers (NEW)

Naer Materon - Blast Furnace (NEW)

Opeth - Ghost of Perdition (NEW)

Reverend Bizarre - The Devil rides out (NEW)

207. Sendung am 14.08.05./15.08.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CD der Woche, News, Running Wild Tribute, WOA Review 2005

Dark Tranquillity - Of Chaos and eternal Night

Helloween - Mrs. God (NEW)

Desaster - Ghouls to strike (NEW)

Iron Maiden - Caught somewhere in Time


WACKEN OPEN AIR 2005 Review:

Sonata Arctica - Weballergy

Bloodbath - Breeding Death

Obituary - Infected (live 1991 Dynamo)

Apocalyptica - Creeping Death

Gorefest - Low

CD der Woche: Madball “Legacy” - Behind these Walls / For my Enemies (NEW)

Epoch of Delight - Under Starside Skies (NEW)

Thine Eyes Bleed - Corpse you up (NEW)


The Revivalry - A Tribute to Running Wild Special:

Paragon - Iron Heads

Dark Age - Adrian (S.O.S.)

Predator - Under Jolly Roger

Burden of Grief - Raise your Fist

Twisted Tower Dire - Port Royal

Reviver - Pile of Skulls

Perzonal War - White Masque

P. Kaminski & J. Kapellev - Riding the Storm

Airborn - Ballad of William Kidd

Stormwarrior - Warchild


Running Wild - Branded and Exiled

Running Wild - Fight the Oppression

208. Sendung am 21.08.05./22.08.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CD der Woche, News, Demo Drive

Bolt Thrower - Spearhead

End of Green - Dead End Hero (NEW)

Kragens - Darkness (NEW)

The Agony Scene - Suffer (NEW)

Forty Deuce - Start it up (NEW)

CD der Woche: Arch Enemy “Doomsday Machine” - Taking back my Soul / Nemesis (NEW)

Los Los - Vamos a la playa (NEW)

Destruction - Soul Collector / The Alliance of Hellhounds (NEW)

The Anti Doctrine - Vanished and left wreckage (NEW)

Saltatio Mortis - Rette mich (NEW)

Carptree - Burn to something new (NEW)

Evildoer - Right Hand Servant (NEW)

Braindeadz - Hang ´em Highschool (NEW)

Devil Lee Rot - Man Made of Steel (NEW)

Dreamlike Horror - A Solitary Moment (NEW)

Black Daliah Murder - A Vulgar Picture (NEW)

Massemord - Take me back to Hell (NEW)

Zed Yago - To the Top of the Mountain (NEW)

Demo Drive: Grenquer - Clonetwigs / Devil´s Eye (NEW)

Terra Nova - War on War (NEW)

Smaxone - If you could (NEW)

Journey - The Place in your Heart (NEW)

Edguy - Superheroes (NEW)

209. Sendung am 28.08.05./29.08.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, News, DVD Corner

CD der Woche I: Iron Maiden “Death on the Road” - The Trooper / Journeyman (NEW)

Siebenbürgen - Rebellion (NEW)

Eisblut .#- Sag: Ich will tot sein (NEW)

Dyecrest - Banished (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Savage Circus “Dreamland Manor” - Waltz of the Demon / Between the Devil and the Seas (NEW)

The Machete - Turned to Dust (NEW)

Criminal - The Root of all Evil (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Biohazard “Means to an End” - My Life, my Way / The Fire burns inside (NEW)

Beseech - Last Obsession (NEW)

A Life once Lost - A Rush and Siege (NEW)

CD der Woche IV: Xandria “India” - Winterhearted / Like a Rose on the Grave of Love (NEW)

Armistice - Leaving the Battlefield (NEW)

Everytime I die - Easy Tiger (NEW)

Presence of Mind - Dig me out (NEW)

CD der Woche V: Subway to Sally “Nord Nord Ost” - Feuerland / Schneekönigin (NEW)

Frost - Crucifixation (NEW)

Pendragon - No Place for the Innocent (NEW)

210. Sendung am 04.09.05./05.09.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, News, Pink Cream 69 & Brazon Abbot Re-Releases, Demo Drive

Kataklysm - Vision the Chaos (re-release/NEW)

Nuclear Assault - Fractured Minds (NEW)

LA Guns - Hollywood´s Burning (NEW)

Morning - Hour of Joy (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Opeth “Ghost Reveries” - Beneath the Mire / Reverie Harlequin Forest (NEW)

Erotica - Song of the Black Bird (NEW)

Taproot - Facepeeler (NEW)

Re-Release: Pink Cream 69 - Big Shot (NEW)

PC 69 - Welcome the Night (live/NEW)

PC 69 - Shame (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Symphorce “Godspeed” - Everlasting Life / Crawling Walls for you (NEW)

Violent Work of Art - Sharing my Disease (NEW)

Hidden in the Fog - Miasmic Foreboding (NEW)

CD der Woche III (Demo Drive): Nanowar “Other Bands play - Nanowar gay” - Power of the ... / Tricycles of Steel / Number of the Bitch (NEW)

Scum - The Perfect Mistake (NEW)

Re-Release: Brazon Abbot - Miracle (NEW)

BA - Eye of the Storm (NEW)

BA - Baby we don´t talk anymore (NW)

211. Sendung am 11.09.05./12.09.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CD der Woche, News, Asia Re-Releases

Edguy - Superheroes (NEW)

Helloween - Mrs. God (NEW)

The Duskfall - A Stubborn Soul (NEW)

Amorphis - Black Winter Day

Municipal Waste - Black Ice (NEW)

Bai Bang - Rock´n Roll City (NEW)

CD der Woche: Hypocisy “Virus” - Warpath / A Thousand Lies (NEW)

Mike Portnoy - Acid Rain (NEW)

Dream Theater - New Millennium

Nocturnal Rites - Cuts like a Knife (NEW)

Brides of Destruction - Lord of the Mind (NEW)

Fear Factory - Contagion (NEW)

The Awakening - Payment in Skin (NEW)

Biohazard - Punishment

Burden of Grief - The Nightmare within

Re-Releases: ASIA - Love under Fire (NEW)

Asia - Desire (NEW)

Asia - Fight against the Tide (NEW)

Asia - Two Sides of the Moon (NEW)

Asia - Who will stop the Rain? (NEW)

212. Sendung am 18.09.05./19.09.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Konzertpreview 1. Death Camp Kassel, Demo Drive, Massacra Re-Release

Gamma Ray - My Temple (NEW)

Dritte Wahl - Zeit bleib stehn (NEW)

Lullacry - Stranger in you (NEW)

Withered - Fear and Pain that cripples me (NEW)

Stratovarius - Götterdämmerung (Zenith of Power/NEW)

Hanker - The Search (NEW)

Children of Bodom - If you want Peace... Prepare for War (NEW)

Asphyx - Crush the Cenotaph

Konzertpreview 1. Death Camp Kassel:

My Cold Embrace - Reborn in Fire

Damage Done - More than a Word

Rapture - Zombie Queen

Demo Drive: Twilight Prophecies - Cryptic Life / Cold burning Soul (NEW)

Absolute Steel -Kick (NEW)

Massacra - The Day of Massacra (re-release/NEW)

Speckmann - The Link to Kill (NEW)

God Forbid - Chains of Humanity (NEW)

After Forever - Free of Doubt (NEW)

Warmen - Puppet (NEW)

Allen/Lande - My own Way (NEW)

Die Happy - Love to hate you (NEW)

Loudness - Exultation (NEW)

Griffin - Utopia (NEW)

Philipp Bardowell - In the Cut (NEW)

213. Sendung am 25.09.05./26.09.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, News, Coverversions-Special

Moonspell - Mr. Crowley

CD der Woche I: Arcturus “Sideshow Symphonies” - Hibernation Sickness Complete / Deamonpainter (NEW)

Bloodbath - Bathe in Blood

Bruce Dickinson - Trumpets of Jericho

Communic - Ocean Bed

CD der Woche II: System of a Down “Mezmerize” - Revenga / Violent Pornography / Lost in Hollywood (NEW)

Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger

Exodus - Kharma´s Messenger (NEW)

Hellfueled - Mindbreaker

Cathedral - North Berwick Witch Trials (NEW)

Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds (NEW)

Slayer - Divine Intervention

Symphorce - Black Water (NEW)

Soulfly - Moses

Bullring Brummies - The Wizard

Elekeläiset - Humppa (Jump/live)

Gregorians - Nothing else matters

Mago de Oz - Strangeworld

Mercyful Fate - The Ripper

Ugly Kid Joe - NIB

Nightwish - Symphony of Destruction (live)

Roadkill - Stranger in a Strange Land

Philipp Bardowell - In the Cut (NEW)

214. Sendung am 02.10.05./03.10.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CD der Woche, News, DVD Corner

Dark Throne - A Blaze in the Northern Sky

Mägo de Oz - La Danca del Fuego (live/NEW)

Ill Nino - Turns to Gray (NEW)

Bongzilla - Tri-Pack Master (NEW)

Centurion - New Freedom (NEW)

Bon Jovi - Have a Nice Day (NEW)

CD der Woche: Fish “Bouillabaisse - The Best of” - Incommunicado / Scattering Crows (NEW)

Requiem - Painting the Wind (NEW)

Ministry - Psalm 69 (live/NEW)

DVD-Corner: Mob rules - The End of all Days (NEW)

The Absence - From your Grave (NEW)

Scorpions - Bad Boys running Wild / Alien Nation (Best of/NEW)

Anubis Gate - The Wanton Blades of Lust (NEW)

Hatesphere - Murderous Intent (NEW)

Höllentor - Murderer of all Gods (NEW)

Devil Driver - Sin & Sacrifice (NEW)

Verdict - Trail of Terror (NEW)

Burst - The Immateria (NEW)

Morbid Mind - Justice (NEW)

Sieges Even - To the Ones who have failed (NEW)

Gojira - Unicorn (NEW)

Doomfox - Piece of me (NEW)

Skylark - I´m the Evil (NEW)

215. Sendung am 09.10.05./10.10.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, News, DVD Corner, Holy Moses Re-Releases

Primal Fear - Seven Seals (NEW)

UDO - Mean Streets (NEW)

Highland Glory - Mindgame Masquerade (NEW)

Exodus - Shovel Headed Kill Machine (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Gamma Ray “Majestic” - Fight / Blood Religion (NEW)

Jaded Heart - Love to live (NEW)

Richard Andersson - Attar of Roses (NEW)

Astral Doors - Far beyond the Astral Doors (NEW)

Spock´s Beard - At the End of the Day (live/NEW)

CD der Woche II: Disturbed “Ten Thousand Fists” - Ten Thousand Fists / Overburdened (NEW)

Flotsam & Jetsam - Straight to Hell (NEW)

Majestic Vanguard - Tears in Neverland (NEW)

Nightmare - Temple of Tears (NEW)

Him - Dark Light (NEW)

Holy Moses - Roadcrew (re-release/NEW)

Holy Moses - Near Dark (re-release/NEW)

Searing I - A Treacherous Ride (NEW)

Apostasy - Vengeance (NEW)

Charon - Ride on Tears (NEW)

Kings X - Fly (NEW)

Forever Slave - In the Forest (NEW)

Shakra - Chains of Temptation (NEW)

Flagship - You are (NEW)

216. Sendung am 16.10.05./17.10.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, News

Iron Maiden - Wrathchild (live)

Paths of Possession - In my Eyes (NEW)

Dragonlord - Until the End (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Soulfly “Dark Ages” - Babylon / Arise again (NEW)

Wig Wam - In my Dreams (NEW)

Thy Majestie - Time to die (NEW)

Old Man´s Child - War of Fidelity (NEW)

Cryptopsy - Corroshine (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Roadrunner United “The All Star Sessions” - Constitution Down / I don´t wanna be a Superhero / Indepentant (Voice of the Voiceless/NEW)

Bronx Casket Co. - Little Dead Girl (NEW)

Manntis - Reflection of you (NEW)

Place Vendome - Right here (NEW)

Galloglass - Burden of Grief (NEW)

In Disgrace - Whispering Dread (NEW)

Terror 2000 - King Kong Song (NEW)

Kult of Azazel - The Glorification of Evil (NEW)

Since the Flood - In my Eyes (NEW)

Saer - Lobotomy with a Crucifix (NEW)

The Tea Party - Stargazer (NEW)

Hatesphere - Reaper of Life (NEW)

Deathbound - For the Rats (NEW)

RPWL - Roses (live/NEW)

217. Sendung am 23.10.05./24.10.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, News, Preview Art of Darkness 2005, Review Nevermore + Dream Theater Tour 2005

Iron Maiden - Revelations

Confessor - Blueprint Soul (NEW)

Helloween - Occasion Avenue (NEW)


Preview ART OF DARKNESS Vol.11 29.10.05:

Hatesphere - Chamber Master

Burden of Grief - Smashed to Pieces

Holy Moses - World Chaos (live Wacken)


Dark Illusion - Warrior (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Primal Fear “Seven Seals” - Demons and Angels / All for One (NEW)

Stream of Passion - Haunted (NEW)

Eddie Ojeda - Eleanor Rigby (NEW)

Gig-Review Osnabrück 11.10. Nevermore - Bittersweet Feast

Gig Review 7.10. Dream Theater - The Root of all Evil

Grimfist - The Power (NEW)

Dark Funeral - Feed on the Mortals (NEW)

Svartskogg - New World Order (NEW)

Riverside - I turned you down (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Akercocke “Words that go unspoken...” - Verdelet / Seraphs & Silence (NEW)

Battleroar - Sword of Crom (NEW)

Circle of Dead Children - Born on a Bombshell (NEW)

Khold - Midvinterblod (NEW)

Sigh - The Tranquilizer Song (NEW)

218. Sendung am 30.10.05./31.10.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: DVD Corner, News, DVD der Woche

System of a Down - Revenga

Gun Barrel - The Fallen One (NEW)

Dawn Rider - Gift of Dawn (NEW)

Deathchain - Venom Preacher (NEW)

Deep Purple - Rapture of the Deep (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Candlemass “The Curse of...” - Ancient Dreams (live/NEW)

Neal Morse - Deliverance (NEW)

Nashville Pussy - Pussy Time (NEW)

Widow - An american Werewolf in Raleigh (NEW)

DVD der Woche: JBO “TV-Blödsinn” - Ich wil Lärm (live) / Kickers of Ass (live/NEW)

Solefald - Sun I call (NEW)

Dungeon - No Way out (NEW)

Mistress - Stunt Cock (re-release/NEW)

Darkmoon - Bitter End (NEW)

Mistress - Wanker Colony (re-release/NEW)

Spellbound - Incoming Destiny (NEW)

Wolfcry - Semper Casta (NEW)

Tenebre - Mistress of the Dark (NEW)

Subterranean Masquerade - Six Strings to Cover Fear (NEW)

Chalice - Hollywood Daze (NEW)

Pallas - Mr. Wolfe (NEW)

Wet Animal - Outside a Hole (NEW)

219. Sendung am 06.11/07.11.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, DVD Corner, News

Rammstein - Benzin (NEW)

Vader - This is the War (NEW)

Numbers from the Beast: Flight of Icarus (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Slipknot -9.0: live - Pulse of the Maggots / Heretic Anthem (NEW)

DVD/CD Review: Sepultura “Live in Sao Paolo”- Live: Arise/Dead Embryonic Cells (NEW)

JBO - Könige (Best of/NEW)

Crashdiet - Knokk ´em down (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Gorefest “La Muerte” - For the Masses / Malicious Intent (NEW)

Gutlock - Disinclination of the Broussels Sprouts (+ Gigpreview)

Non Human Level - Personal Hell (NEW)

Sevendust - Pieces (NEW)

Vision Divine - Land of Fear (NEW)

Wojczech - Tunnel (NEW)

Hurtlocker - No one, now what? (NEW)

Catheter - Miserable Existence (NEW)

Ephel Duath - Crystalline Whirl (NEW)

CD der Woche III: Dead Soul Tribe “The Dead Word” - A Flight on an Angels Wing / A Fistful of Bended Nails (NEW)

1349 - Sculpture of Flesh (NEW)

Antigama - How (NEW)

Phantom X - Metal Warrior (NEW)

Infliction - Poisonradio (NEW)

Razorback - The Flame still burns (NEW)

Avain - Time is all we need (NEW)

220. Sendung am 20.11/21.11.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, DVD Corner, News

Dimmu Borgir - Stormblast / Sorgens Kammer Del 2 (NEW)

Wig Wam - Hard to be a Rock´n Roller (NEW)

Clawfinger - Hate yourself with Style (NEW)

Gotthard - Anytime, Anywhere (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Annihilator “Schizo Deluxe” - Plama Zombies / Invite it (NEW)

Tony Martin - Bitter Sweet (NEW)

The Wake - One more Day (NEW)

Rammstein - Stirb nicht vor mir (NEW)

Testament - Electric Crown (live/NEW)

DVD-Corner: Magnum “Livin´ the Dream”- Soldier of the Line (NEW)

CD der Woche II: Bolt Thrower “Those Once Loyal” - The Killchain / Salvo (NEW)

Perzonal War - For the Last Time (NEW)

Nikki Puppet - Puppet on a String (NEW)

Enemies Swe - Mainstream King (NEW)

Severe Torture - Sawn off (NEW)

Callenish Circle - Guess again (NEW)

Most Precious Blood - Shark Ethic (NEW)

Yargos - The Guided Cage (NEW)

The Piano Tribute to Iron Maiden - Run to the Hills (NEW)

Zero Hour - Losing Control (NEW)

Roine Stolt - Head above Water (NEW)

221. Sendung am 27.11./28.11.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CDs der Woche, DVD Corner, News, DVD der Woche, Buchbesprechungen

Fear Factory - Scapegoat (Pigfuck Mix)

DVD-Corner: Testament - The Preacher (live/NEW)

The Ocean - Swoon (NEW)

CD der Woche I: Hellfueled “Born 2 Rock” - Born 2 Rock / Look out (NEW)

DVD der Woche: Sodom “Lords of Depravity” - Wachturm / Agent Orange (live/NEW)

Swedish Erotica - Too Daze Gone (NEW)

Falkenbach - Skirnir (NEW)

Buchbesprechung: Till Burgwächter “Die Wahrheit über Wacken” - Autogrammstunde / Gribbohm (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Europe “Live from the Dark” - Rock the Night (live/NEW)

Thyrfing - Jäg spar för darv (NEW)

The Storyteller - The Fiddler (NEW)

Lord Belial - Insufferable Rituals (NEW)

Malignant Tumor - Obsessed by Hell (NEW)

Scars of Tomorrow - The Hidden Grudge (NEW)

Buchbesprechung Rock Hard: Best of Rock & Metal - Die stärksten 500 Alben mit

Metallica - Master of Puppets

AC/DC - Back in Black

CD der Woche II: Helrunar “Frostnacht” - ...bis die Seele gefriert / Frostnacht (NEW)

Darkest Hate Warfront - Satanik Annihilation Kommando (NEW)

Sky of Avalon - Bridge to Heaven (NEW)

Face down - Blood Tiles (NEW)

222. Sendung am 04.12/05.12.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CD der Woche, DVD Corner, News, DVD der Woche

Ozzy Osbourne - In my Life (NEW)

Hanoi Rocks - Eternal Optimist (NEW)

Becoming the Archetype - Elegy (NEW)

Massacra - Ultimate Antichrist (re-release/NEW)

Amoral - Bleeder (NEW)

Doro Pesch - In Liebe und Freundschaft (NEW)

DVD der Woche: Within Temptation “The Silent Force Tour” - Jilian (I´d give you my Heart/live Java) / Angels (live Finland/NEW)

Sheavy - Hangman (NEW)

Holy Moses - Queen of Siam (re-release/NEW)

CD der Woche: Zakk Wylde´s Black Label Society “Kings of Damnation” - Between Heaven and Hell / Heart of Gold (NEW)

Runamok - Invisible Man (NEW)

Trendkill - Headshot (NEW)

Taint - The Sound-Out Competition (NEW)

The Vision Bleak - Carpathia (NEW)

Negator - Gloomy Sunday (NEW)

Thyrane - Nox Diaboli (NEW)

Wolfchant - I am War (NEW)

DVD-Corner: Fates Warning “Live in Athens” - Point of View (NEW)

Divine Fire - Leaving the Shadows (NEW)

Sick of Society - Raise your Voice (NEW)

DVD-Corner: UFO “Showtime” - Doctor Doctor (NEW)

Dornenreich - Der Hexe nächtlich Ritt´ (NEW)

223. Sendung am 11.12/12.12.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: News, Twisted Sister Re-Releases, CD der Woche

System of a Down - Soldier Side (NEW)

Ravage - Masque of Black Death (NEW)

By Brute Force - Reborn in Storm (NEW)

Khymera - Let it burn (NEW)

In Flames - Take this Life (NEW)

Peter & the Test Tube Babies - Driven to Beers (NEW)

CD der Woche: Soul Doctor “For a fistful of Dollars” - Remember / Eatin´ on me (NEW)

Stormage - They play to be like God (NEW)

Mörk Gryning - The Aurora (NEW)

Edguy - Rocket Ride (NEW)

Duskmachine - Antepartum (NEW)

Silencer - Fracture (NEW)

Hellsaw - Endless (NEW)

Liv Kristine - Fake a Smile (NEW)

Eisregen - Elektro Hexe (NEW)

Twisted Sister Re-Release Special:

Twisted Sister - Bad Boys (of Rock´n Roll)

T.S. - I´ll never grow up now

T.S. - Like a Knife in the Back

T.S. - You can´t stop Rock´n Roll

T.S. - Stay hungry

T.S. - The Price

T.S. - Leader of the Pack

T.S. - The Fire still burns

T.S. - I believe in Rock´n Roll

T.S. - Love is for Suckers

224. Sendung am 18.12/19.12.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: CD der Woche, News, DVD der Woche, Masters of Cassel Preview, Demo Drive

Bolt Thrower - When Glory beckons

DVD der Woche: Rush “R30” - Between the Wheels / Animate (NEW)


1. Masters of Cassel - Preview:

Downtime - We are (NEW)

Twilight Prophecies - Recurrent War

Backstep - This Pill

Mesmerized - Am I

Gutlock - Drowning

My Cold Embrace - Senseless Game

Burden of Grief - Prowler / Engaged with Desity

Reaper - Rising from the Sea / Flight of the Nazgul


Nai Ssaion - Blah Blah (NEW)

The Project Hate - I see nothing but Flesh (NEW)

Demo Drive: The Atmosfear - Warmachine (NEW)

CD der Woche: Terra Nova “Best of +5” - Holding on / Break away (NEW)

Astaroth - Perpetual Spirit (NEW)

Isolated - In Time (NEW)

Soulrelic - Hollow Craving (NEW)

Nightmission - Mother Nature (NEW)

Bad Machine - Evil Freak (NEW)

Bad Habit - All that I want (NEW)

225. Sendung am 25.12/26.12.05 (Sonntag 22-0:05 Uhr/Montag 15-16 Uhr nur 1. Stunde)

1. + 2. Stunde: Mega-Weihnachtsverlosung und Best of Sendung

Iron Maiden - No Prayer for the Dying

Saxon - Never surrender

Kino - Swimming in Women

Moonspell - Vampiria

Spiritual Beggars - Dying every Day

Disturbed - Ten thousand Fists

Rammstein - Spring

Life of Agony - River runs red

Burden of Grief - The Nightmare within

Fleshcrawl - After Obliteration / Stiffen Souls

Nightmare - Heretic

Bruce Dickinson - Navigate the Seas of the Sun

Falconer - Enter the Glade

Heaven - Lasst uns froh und munter sein

Arcade - Cry no More

Sodom - Witching Metal (live)

Cryptopsy - The Kingdom where everything dies...

Iommi - Don´t drag the River

Arcturus - The Chaos Path

Heaven - Ihr Kinderlein kommet

Toy Dolls - Spiders in the Dressing Room

Victory - Standing like a Rock

Slayer - At Dawn they sleep (live)